Unity of the six

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Six different people from six different worlds are put together. There is six different stories each from a point of veiw of one of the six characters. Come on an adventure and share the experiences of these people.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



The story of number one

It was cold last night too. I opened my eyes slightly and saw others fighting over the few blankets the slave diver gave to us. But I guess I understand it we wore nothing more than the thin and worn out clothes we were given when we were sold into this. “Get back in line!” the familiar crack of the whip and the voice of the new driver of this section rang out. Everyone scurried back to their places except for one who yanked a blanket free. “Didn’t you hear me? Get back in line!” he yelled he stomped on the person. “Listen when I tell you what to do!” he continued to stomp on him endlessly. No one moved to help him but they sat silently watching for the right time to take what they could when he was dead. I would usually sit out of these kinds of things and wait for them to blow over but after what he said next is when I finally snapped. “You worthless piece of trash! This is why your parents sold you! Because you don’t listen to what you are told! You deserve to die! Why do I have to babysit you horrible kids?” I caught his foot before he stomped on him again. “W-What are you doing! Get back in place runt!” My blood was boiling and his words weren’t helping him. I shoved him onto the ground ruthlessly “Who do you think you-?!” I glared at him and he stopped. “Shut up. We suffer this cold weather silently and you have a fur coat to wear yet you complain like a child.” I punched the stone wall inches from his head to vent out some of the anger I had; I leaned in closer to him “Next time you complain you’re dead.” I said in a low threatening voice. I stood back up to see his face drained of blood “Get out of here. Before I change my mind.” He ran out of there as fast as he could back to his camp. I should have hit him. Well too late now. “Why’d you help me?” I forgot about the person that was beaten. I turned around and found out that it was a girl with brown hair and sharp brown eyes. Half her face was bruised and she was bleeding from the other half. “You should you worry about yourself.” I approached her and got down to eye level with her and examined her wounds. “What? You wanna fight or somethin’?” The cut wasn’t that big and the bruises weren’t that severe as I thought. I grabbed a hand full of snow and put it on her face. “Ahh!” she screamed “What are-” “this will help the bruise on your face not swell.” I tore off a piece of my shirt and wiped off the blood from her face. She looked at me confused and shocked and I think angry. I smiled apologetically “Sorry. I won’t bother you anymore.” I got up and walked back to my spot which was now covered in a thin layer of snow. I brushed it away and sat back into the small creator and went back to sleep shivering.

When I woke up the next morning I was wrapped in a blanket. I was confused when did I get a blanket. I realized that was the reason I was warm while I slept but who gave it to me? I looked around to see if I could find the person who gave it to me. “Everyone up! Time to get going!” Everyone got up and into line. I got into place and noticed that the lady that was in front of me wasn’t there. I looked back at where we were sleeping and there were a few people that still lay in the snow. The drivers checked each of them some were pushed back in line and some were thrown back in the snow and saw the lady that was in front of me tossed back into the snow like a dirty rag. I should have known; there are always people that never wake up during this season. But at least they are in a better place than we are now. We walked a good eight miles when the sun reached the highest point in the sky. We took a break and received our portion of food for the day. As expected my amount was smaller than usually but at least I get to eat. I drank the warm soup and stuck the rest of my bread in my shirt pocket. The soup felt good in my stomach; it warmed me up. There was an old lady that went back up for more but was pushed back. The food man left for the next section. I sighed and walked over to the old lady “Here” I poured the rest of my soup into her bowl. “Go ahead and eat it.” The old lady’s eyes weld up in tears; I patted her head comfortingly. Out here no one showed kindness because it showed weakness and people here will take advantage of you. We were made to walk again the same distance the next few days and still I had the blanket tucked under my shirt to keep it from being taken. I still haven’t found who gave it to me yet.

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