The Haunted Mansion

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3 kids named Karina, Joey, and Owen go into a house. A haunted house. they meet 2 evil spirits sinister wood and his daughter Sreya. It's a live or death situation. Will they make it out alive or die by the hands of Sinister Wood and Sreya.

Submitted: April 12, 2016

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Submitted: April 12, 2016




By: Joey and Karina


On a cold October night, 3 kids were trick or treating, and they come upon a mysterious mansion

Chapter One: A wicked Fright

“Hey Joe,” Said Karina joyously. “What are you supposed to be?”

“I’m a skeleton, and you?” Asked Joey.

“A Fairy,” Karina answered with a hint of sass.

“Where's Owen he was supposed to meet me here,” Asked Joey with worry.

“Who’s Owen?” Asked Karina.

“Uh…  An old friend.” Answered Joey.

“Fine, Enough fun and games, let’s go beat the record from last year.”

3 hours later…

“Let’s go to BF wangs I’m starving” Whined Joey.

“We’ll eat the candy when we’re done,”said Karina.

“No I want BF Wangs NOW!,” whined Joey. “I’m getting hungrier by the second.”

“But don’t you wanna beat the record? ” Whimpered Karina.

Joey showed Karina her biggest weakness. Puppy dog eyes.

“You know you wanna say yes,” said Joey in baby talk.

Karina couldn’t resist.

“Fine,” Karina sighed, “let’s go.”

“YAY” Joey cheered. As they walked to the restaurant Joey experienced a nightmare come to life.

“Man I forgot my money!” Joey exclaimed. “Karina can I borrow money?”

“Oh no, I am not wasting my money on fried chicken,” said Karina.

“No, I’m hungry…” Joey whimpered, “Plus they close soon!!!”

“Let’s just keep going” said Karina.



“*sigh* Ok…” Joey said sadly.

Then as they were walking Joey tripped on a stone and bumps into someone.

“Hey watch where you’re going, Yee odd fellow!” said the child.

“Sorry,”murmured Joey.

“Hey dude. I mean ALL MIGHTY PIRATE!” said Joey.

“Hey what are you doing here?” asked Owen.

“What are we doing here? What are you doing here? You were supposed to meet me at my place,” Joey said angrily.

Owen got up and saw Karina the fairy.

“And what is your name?”asked Owen, trying to act cool.

“Oh that's-”Joey said.

“I’m Karina,” Karina interrupted.

As they got up they realized something strange.

“Hey was that house there before?” Joey asked.

“No, I don’t think so” Karina answered.

Owen trembled in fear.

“I think my mom is calling me,” squeaked Owen. “Bye!”

“Don’t be such a baby,” Karina said.

“Should we see what’s inside?” Joey asked.

“DUH!” Karina exclaimed.

“I don’t think we should do it, he/she is probably sleeping we wouldn”t wanna wake them up plu-” Owen said.

“Let's go in Karina he is obviously going to go cry to his Mommy.” interrupted Joey.

“No I’m not,” Owen said, in a squeaky voice, “I mean, psh I bet you’re gonna cry on the first step in.”

“O.K. you first,” said Karina.

“Alright, but if you cry once we’re leaving,” Owen chuckled nervously.


Chapter Two: The house

“Great the front door is locked,” Joey said.

“Ok then let's go,” Owen coughed.

“We can just go through a window.” Karina said.

“But how, all the windows are shut?” spoke Joey.

But out of nowhere a sudden crash appears. SHATTER. Owen threw a loose brick at the window.

“Let's go through here, bet I’m cool, eh” Owen pointed out.

“Dude you just broke a window, so not cool.” Joey said.

“Plus there is a hatch right there!” Karina pointed out.

“Dummy,” she mumbled.

The kids proceeded to enter.

“Ladies first” said Owen.

“Whatever Chicken,” Karina said.

Karina jumped through the window that Owen has created, creek, her heart beating faster every step. THUD, Karina and Owen quickly turned around.

“SHHHHHHHHHH,” Karina and Owen whispered loudly.

“Sorry,” whispered Joey.

The house was as dark as a shadow and was covered with webs.

“Oh no I HATE spiders,” whimpered Owen.

As Joey picked up a glob of gummy worms out of his pocket, he wiggled them in Owen's face.

“AHHHHHH,” yelled Owen.

Owen slapped Joey's hand and the colorful worms go soaring through the sky. plop.

“Dude, Really?!” said Joey angrily.

“Oh, sorry man I thought that was a spider” apologized Owen.

Joey snarled at Owen.

“Joe you comin’ or what?” echoed Karina. Joey and Karina ran up a pair of stairs and Owen tagged along.

“Hey dude why are you holding my hand?” asked Joey.

Owen quickly pulled away.

“Uh…” Owen stuttered, “Why are you holding mine…?”

“Dude just don’t do it again.” Joey said cooly.

While the boys were too busy holding hands with each other they didn’t realize that it was just the 2 of them.

“Hey where’s Karina?” asked Owen.

“HEY (cough) DOWN HERE!” yelled Karina.

Karina fell through a weak wooden floor.

“Are you ok?,” Owen asked.

“Do you see anything?” asked Joey.

“Yeah I’m ok thanks for asking,” said Karina, sarcastically.

“Haha real funny now get serious” said Joey insecurely.

“Wait I see something moving…” said Karina worriedly, “It’s getting closer.”

“It’s probably Owen trying to scare us. He’s a Jerk.” Joey said.

“Dude I’m right here” said Owen.

“So if it’s not Owen then who is - AAAAAAAAA,”.

Karina’s scream flew in a distance as if an echo was trying to fly away.

“KARINA!!” Owen screamed, “OMG! How are we going to find her!”

“Don’t worry dude we’re gonna find her,” said Joey heroically.

“Yeah right after she’s dead hanging in a closet!” worried Owen.

“Hey drama queen don’t be like that she’s not dead, besides, she has a black belt in karate,” Joey said nervously.“C’mon let’s keep going”

“Ok, but if this is a trick I'll kill you, literally! Kill you!” Snarled Owen.

Joey pulled a flashlight out of his bag full of candy.

“Ok, Tough guy.” Joey said rolling his eyes. “What the, Oh dear lord…”

The flashlight Joey was carrying has died.

“JOEY! JOEY! WEAR ARE YOU?!” Owen screeched in fright. “Yuck I peed my pants!” Owen said, in disgust.

“Whoa where am I? Wait why was I talking to myself, couldn’t I have just thought it. Stupid writer..” Owen said.


“Wait this house is haunted!” Owen shivered.

“Um…. Get him boys!” Commanded the writer.

Then everything went black……


Chapter Three: The Chicken Crushes on the Chick

“Dude, what happened you passed out?” Joey asked.

“What's on me, Wait.. Did you go and get B.F  Wangs!” Owen asked angrily.

“What I was hungry…” Joey said.

“Why didn’t you call the police!” Owen yelled.

“The sheriff is sick and everyone thinks i'm playing a joke! And how did you know I got wings.” Joey answered.

“Wait how did you buy that?” Owen asked.

“I took your wallet..” Joey said. “But seriously how did you know that I got wings!” Joey asked.

“You have a huge hot sauce stain on your shirt, there is a box of wings next to you that fricken says B.F WANGS! Why didn’t you get me any I’m starving!” Owen whined.

“I had a box for you, But the Police stole it.”

“HAHA, The police stole your wings. Too good!” Owen laughed.

“HEY! At least I didn’t pee my pants! And they were YOUR wings, so who’s laughing now?” Joey said

“I had the strangest dream.” Owen said.

“What about!” Joey said.

“Un-”Owen was interrupted by Joey.

“No wait let me guess, babes on a beach with B.F Wangs,” said Joey.

“Uh yeah sure that's it, hot babes and hot wings,” Owen said nervously.

Joey helped up Owen and they continued to search for Karina.

“Dude at first I thought you were ignoring me but now… Nah you’re still ditching me for a girl, like on Elm st., do you remember Sophie?”

“Oh yeah her. I broke up with her,” said Owen.

“Why, she was hot?” Asked Joey.

“Exactly she got real bad sunburn and her skin was peeling, so I didn’t wanna get embarrassed,” said Owen.

“You are… Are a… Guy who likes girls for their looks!” Said Joey, angrily.

“Wow that really hurts my feelings,” said Owen, sarcastically.

“Thats was, hey that’s my sister! Dude let’s just find a bathroom I gotta use the can,” Said Joey.

Owen and Joey were silent.

“OK, we should split up!  You go down the hall. You will go West I’ll go East. Do I make myself clear?” Said Joey.

“Crystal,” Owen answered.


Owen walked north of the hallway and every step he took the hallway got narrower and harder for him to breathe.

Joey didn’t notice anything around him, then suddenly. The ghost pulled him through a spruce wood wall.

“Joey this was a bad idea!” Owen said to himself.

“AAAAAAAAAAAA!,” Joey screamed girlishly.

“Joey are you ok?” Owen asked worriedly.

“ Nobody want to see us together it don’t matter, “ A weird Jamaican man sang.


“Who said that!....Must have been the wind!” Owen said uncertain.

Owen crawled out of the tiny hallway and Joey wasn’t where he was supposed to go.

“Aw... Poop I'm alone,” said Owen.

Owen walked closer to where Joey was taken and he stepped in a puddle. SQUISH.

“Ew… dude I get you were scared but it seems like it went through your pants like a river. bleh. ,” Owen shivered. “This explains it, he got a diet Coke in a SUPER EXTREME SIZE cup. They flow through very quickly.”

Owen was terrified, but at least he found a bathroom. But he seems like he might puke. Owen scurried into the bathrooms and threw up yesterday's tacos. Owen walked out of the stall and stared into the mirror, but something wasn’t right about the mirror. In a fade he saw someone in his reflection.


“HELP ME!” yelled the figure.

Suddenly the face became more clear. It was, Karina?! But she wasn’t just standing there, she was in trouble. Karina was hanging at the edge of a cliff in windy, foggy, night and at the bottom of the cliff was her death. Rocks as sharp as knives.

“NO!” Screeched Owen.

Owen thought his mind was playing tricks on him so he smashed his hand in the mirror and his fist flew through. He was happy but scared at the grabbed Karina and yanked her out of his reflection and pulled her into his arms with a tight hug, they stared into into eachothers eyes and Owen went in for a kiss. Karina backed up and put her hand in front of his lips and slapped him.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Yelled Karina.

“Uh… just about to ask you how my breath smells”said owen awkwardly.

“Oh, well then truth. It reeks like your lying skills” Snapped Karina.

“Harsh,” Owen spoke.

“Whatever, we have to get out of here. Quick,” said Karina.

“Wait there is something you need to know,”said Owen

Owen stood up and helped Karina get back on her feet.

“Where is Joey?” asked Karina.

“That’s the thing the creature kinda sorta took him,” Owen said nervously.

“Well then let’s go get him! Why are you standing there GO GO GO!” yelled Karina.

Karina and Owen ran out of the bathroom and ran to the main hall.

“Oh and thanks for pulling me out of the mirror,” Karina said awkwardly.

“Oh. Uh. No prob.,” spoke Owen.

“And sorry for slapping you,”Karina apologized.

“It’s ok, I guess I kinda Deserved it,” stuttered Owen.

“Can I ask you a question?” asked Karina.

“Ask away,”murmured Owen.

“Why?” asked Karina.

“Why what?” Owen questioned.

“Why were you gonna-you know,”said Karina.

“Oh. That. Just gonna say I kinda got caught into to the moment. But for now can we just not talk about it?,” favored Owen.

“Oh. Ok,” muttered Karina.


Chapter four: The Mystery

“So since you found me in a mirror Joey can be inside of something also,” Said Karina.

“That seems legit…” Owen said “Come on let's go down the west wing.”

“How did u know there is a west wing?” Asked Karina.

“There is always some kind of wing in a mansion,” Answered Owen

“Hey why haven’t you been talking?” Asked Owen.

“I miss Joey, he is my best friend,” Karina said sadley.

“And… Nevermind,” Karina stuttered.

“No keep going…” Owen said

“No really it’s nothing,” said Karina shyly.

“Don’t be scared…. AAAAAHHH,” Owen yelled, “RUN!”

Karina and Owen ran to the dining hall as they approached the Ghost that kidnapped Joey. They thought the ghost needed a name. They thought of SINISTER WOOD, because the ghost took Karina and Joey from places made of wood.

“No way. He’s real!” Karina said surprised.

“Real as the GHOSTBUSTERS,” Owen said “Pass me that vacuum!” Owen said.

Then Owen vacuumed up SINISTER WOOD. Karina fell in love with Owen and Joey died. The End

“Huh, what happened,” Owen said.

“Dude you passed out on the floor and I had to give you CPR , but good news. SINISTER WOOD is gone,” Karina said.

“How did you know I dreamed that… his name was that!” Owen said.

“He said his name was Sinister Wood.” Karina exclaimed.

Oh, Really Karina why would you let him go,” Owen said.

“Couldn’t let you get in a coma,” Karina said with a smile. “You're my 2nd best friend!”

Owen smiled back at Karina, but then realized what Karina really meant.

“Hey! You're mean. I considered you my best friend” Owen said angrily.

Karina chuckled at Owen and let out a gasp of realization.

“We’re getting off track.” said Karina angrily.


Chapter Five: KILLER Instinct

Joey was in a deep sleep but then he woke up after he found himself stuck on top of the ceiling.

“I hope Owen is having a better time than I am,” Said Joey to himself. “But first I have to get off this dumb ceiling,”said Joey. “Oh my god a ghost!”

“My Name is Zule” she or he said.

“Ok didn’t ask for your name, but ok” Joey said

Joey is struggling to break free of the ceiling when he spots Karina and Owen walking under him. Now that is when Joey’s inner animal broke free. The sharkbearigator. Joey snaps the string that was wrapped around him and then Owen takes the biggest PWN of his life.

“OW…!,” Owen yelled.

“OMG, what is wrong with you Joey?!,” Karina questioned.

“Whats wrong with me!? Whats wrong with you holding hands with this. This. Dingus!?” Joey yelled angrily.

“What he just woke up after he passed out seeing the ghost! You really think he can walk and also you fell right on top of him!” yelled Karina. “And right now Joey we have bigger issues than jealousy”

“First, he looks fine to me, second, I’m not JEALOUS!” Joey screeched. “And I have the right to be…. I still get jealous,”Sang Owen.

“In what world would I be jealous?” Joey said, “And shut up Owen I really hate that song!”

“In what world is there a haunted house or a ghost!?” Karina asked angrily.

“Um let me think, halloween town maybe,” Said Owen.

Joey and Karina looked at like he was stupid.

“ O.K. Werewolves, vampires, the boogie man, and even frankenstein, might as well be real since we’re walking on the floor of a haunted house with a ghost snatching us one by one and trying to kill us!.” Screamed Karina.

“Well th- What is Owen doing?” Asked Joey.

Owen stands in the corner looking in the sky petrified. Karina and Joey wondered what Owen is looking at and they had to see what it was.

“You look first,”trembled Karina.

“No you,”whispered Joey.

“Fine on the count of 3 we both look,” said Karina. “1… 2… 3!”.

In an instant they turned their heads to see the most horrifyingly ugly SINISTER WOOD! floating in mid air with the smile scarier than the grinch.

“Welcome children to my home, now can I tell you I really hate surprises especially  when a guest is coming over. Now I am gonna try to get rid of my guests but the lady must suffer through seeing you guys get cut in half,” Said the ugly Sinister Wood. “Ha! I got you there I bet you thought that was my very evil plan. Well guess what, IT’S NOT! Like I’m EVER gonna tell you my great amazing plans for you. Now shall we get started?” .

Karina and Joey ran into the corner with Owen and used him as a human shield.

“How are we going to get out of here!? Before you and Owen start kissing!” Joey said, disgusted

“That would be nice…” Owen said, weakly.

“What the heck Joey! And Owen that is gross!” Yelled Karina, quietly.

“Now children wait here while I get your surprise ready.” Sinister wood’s  voice faded and so did he.

“How are we getting out of here?” Karina said.

“Here’s the plan, we throw Owen and run,” Said Joey.

“Wh- NO!” Shouted Owen.

“Well then I’m out of plans,”Spoke Joey, sadly.

“Oh man we’re gonna die in a house with a ghost trying to murder 3 innocent children. If I come out alive my mom is flip out!” Yelled Owen.

“Ow- Owen calm down, we will get out of here and you can see your mom again. Sooner or later,”Karina said, camley.


“Oh, shut up Karina, Owen we’re dying and none of us are gonna see our parents EVER again!” Joey yelled.

“Ahh… I mean I’m cool never was a mama’s boy and never will be,” Faked Owen.

“Joey stop, that's not helping, even though it's funny to mess with him, and Owen tuff guy, not working!” Karina said, laughing.

“So can I start panicking now?"Asked Owen.

“Yes,” said Karina.

Owen then passed out and fell on his face.

“Ok now he’s out let’s ditch him,” said Joey.

“I would be into that…. But we can’t leave him here! It’s first MURDER, second it can also be attempt of MURDER!” Karina said.

“AAAAAAAAH!” Yelled a person.

“Who was that?” Asked Karina.

“I don’t know,” answered Joey.


Chapter Six: New Killer Frienemy!

Karina and Joey went to check out who was screaming.

“Hold up, forgot Owen,” said Joey. Joey ran back to get Owen and carried him on his shoulders.
“Oh my God why is he so heavy?!” Cried Joey.

“Just drag him,” said Karina. Joey tossed Owen off of his shoulders and he dragged him by the hair.

“Hello, who’s there?” Karina said.

“Stupid ghost,” someone muttered. Joey leans on a wall and A sharp knife impaled his hand, while another dagger cuts his cheek with a drop of blood the shade of a rotten apple.

“Oh my god! How!” Karina said.

A drop of blood fell to the ground

“AHHHHHHHH!” Joey screamed, girlishly.

“Wait a second… Are you a ghost?” A girl asked.

“Umm… What Do you think!??!” Joey screamed angrily. “AND THANKS FOR THE SCAR!!”

“I thought you were a ghost.” The girl said.

“Seriously!” Joey said “Do I look like one!?”

“Yes”, she said.

“I’m not pale. By the way I would like to know the person who tried to kill me!” Joey said.

“No, you mean will kill you if you keep asking stupid questions!,” the girl growled.

Joey shivered in fear, unsuccessfully hiding it.

“(huph) BTW name’s Sreya but you can call me Medusa, if you have a death wish.”

“Hi Medusa…”Joey said nervously.

“That's it I’m going to kill him” Sreya said as she lunged toward him. “And your last words are…”

“Tell my family I love them” He sobbed dramatically. “But not my sister Chloe. I despise her. She stole my pop tart this morning.”

“NO” Karina yelled as she drop kicked Sreya.

“Wow your karate classes are really paying off, black belt girl ” spoke Joey impressed.

“What classes?” Said Karina with a smirk.

“ Dude, I take the classes with you,” Joey said

“Shut up!” Karina said.

“Seriously, Idiots, I’m IMMORTAL. Do I need to spell it out for you?” Sreya exclaimed.

“No, but kill my friend Owen instead, ” insisted Joey. “I’m too sexy to die!”.

Chapter 7: Sinister Who

Meanwhile with SINISTER WOOD…

“You know what I shouldn’t have left the kids alone,” spoke SINISTER WOOD.

 As SINISTER WOOD walked to the spot he left the 3 kids, he spotted that they were missing.

“GAHHHH!” Yelled Sin. Wood. “I need to kill those kids!”


 “OUCH,” A voice said, “Stop stabbing me. STOOOOOP!”

“I’m IMMORTAL, why do you try to kill me!” another voice echoed.


“Is that my daughter, Sreya!?” Sin. Wood asked with excitement.



“I spoiled her didn’t I?,” Sin. Wood asked himself.

“What’s that supposed to mean!?” Sreya asked in anger.

“Nothing sweetheart, ugh,” lied Sin. Wood.


“Great. Do my job because I’m tired,” said Sin. Wood.


“Said so yourself, you’re going to kill all humans,” Sin. Wood said with joy.

Then the next thing you know they turn into giant monsters that breaks the house. The kids made it out alive, the girl Sreya well she is not in her own body so the girl she possessed died.

“Joey we’re never going trick or treating again.”Karina said.

“Ya, but what about those too they are fighting to the death what if it kills us!” Joey said.

“We don’t have to worry, just me, you and Owen…. Oh great where is Owen!”Karina said.

“Well that explosion was big. So, let's prepare  a funeral.” Joey said sadly but with a hint of joy.

   The End


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