An Angel's Nightmare

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An Angel dreams that her friends have been killed by a demon Queen named Lillith.

Submitted: April 01, 2015

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Submitted: April 01, 2015



I can't believe it. Why did this have to happen? It was because of her that they were dead, the people she loved most. Thanks to her Eliot was dead; so was Joey and Samantha. Heck they'd been killed by Anna. But it wasn't Anna's fault!

Anna was being possessed by Lillith, her ancestor. Laya wondered why Anna was torturing her by keeping her the last one alive. They'd tried so hard to make sure Lillith would never get to Anna, with so many close calls but this time... They'd failed.

She fell to her knees and looked at the destruction Anna had unwillingly caused, Its my fault. All of this is my fault... Tears formed in her eyes as memories of their deaths appeared in her head; Joey's, Eliot's, and Samantha's that is. Now it was thanks to Laya that Lillith was getting her revenge. And when all was said and done Lillith would kill Anna herself and throw the body away.

By the gods wasn't there anything she could do?

"There you are Laya." That voice sent chills racing down her spine. She knew that voice, knew it like the back of her hand. With increasing dread she stood and turned and became face to face with Anna. Her supposed best friend's crimson eyes met her own and a chilling echoey tone filled her voice,"I've been looking for you every where."

She couldn't speak. Desperately she hoped that there was a way to get through to her. Laya knew that Anna had come specifically to kill her and once she was killed there was no one left who'd be able to stand against her. Laya couldn't kill her though! Anna was like her sister. There must be another way to stop Lillith!

Her mind, however; supplied, That's what Eliot thought and look at him.

Then there was no other way was there? She had to kill her best friend. As she stared at Anna a lump filled her throat. Finally she whispered,"Well you don't have to look any further. Because I'm here." Her voice was raspy. It wasn't long before that she'd been screaming after all.

Her body was moving for her. Her training as an angel was taking over. It almost felt as if all of this had happened before. Laya spread her wings out to their full height and the light of the full moon fell upon her wings, giving them a glowing quality. She let her wings hold her and pull her up into the air.

Clenching her hands into fists and with tears in her eyes she yelled,"I have to stop you! Anna I'm sorry but Lillith has to die now!" For a second there she saw Anna's face flicker from menacing to light hearted. Her usual smile was shining through and she gave Laya an almost imperceptible nod.

Then her face flickered back to menacing and she hissed,"Do you really thing you can stop me?! The very same Devil that once brought this world to its knees?!"

Laya didn't answer. Instead her eyes were down cast and the glow her wings were displaying grew and grew. When it seemed like she wouldn't speak she finally said,"I will. Because you've killed everyone I ever loved." Without wasting another second she dashed towards Lillith, her wings cutting through the very air itself. As she neared Lillith she threw out her hands and bright fires, blazing white filled her hands.

She didn't get the chance to kill Lillith though.

"Hey! Laya! Wake up!"

Someone was shaking her shoulder and yelling out her name. For a second there she didn't recognize the voice. But as she came back to herself she realized that not only was it all one horrible dream but Joey was right there beside her, alive and kicking. It wasn't until his finger came and gently stroked her cheek that she realized she'd been crying.

"Are you okay?" His voice was gentle and kind. Something you don't hear too much from a devil. Laya remembered thinking once that he was a special devil.

She sighed and mumbled,"I had a horrible nightmare." When she looked down she found that Joey was sitting in a chair and she was sitting in his lap. He must have pulled her into his arms when he noticed her having a nightmare.

"Oh? Is that right? Do you want to tell me about it?" His voice was sympathetic now. Normally she wouldn't accept sympathy from anyone but from Joey she kind of craved it and expected it. One of his arms was wrapped around her waist and the other one moved over to grip her hand.

Slowly her eyes moved up and stared into his. They were a set of eyes that she could spend an eternity trying to memorize. Her lips twitched slightly in joy that she had this guy, this boy that loved her. Then her expression turned somber as she thought about her nightmare,"Well Joey, you see..."

She carefully explained the nightmare to him, leaving no parts out. She explained that while she didn't exactly see him or Eliot or Samantha die she'd felt it. Just as surely as she felt the destruction of all life thanks to Lillith, who'd possessed Anna. She also admitted having tried to kill Lillith at the end though he woke her up right then, thankfully.

When she finished a silence filled the air. She didn't want to look up and see what Joey thought about that. But then surprisingly one of his hands reached up and pulled her head to his shoulder. As he spoke he stroked her hair soothingly,"That's all it was, a nightmare. We're not going to die and we'll keep Anna safe. Alright?" Laya pulled back slightly to look at him but he hadn't finished yet. He gripped her chin between thumb and fore finger and finished,"I promise you I'm not going to die. I won't leave you alone like that!"

Her breath caught at his tender gestures and she nodded. Both Laya and Joey found their selves incapable of moving as they stared into one another's eyes. Laya found herself leaning down and it seemed like it took an eternity for her lips to reach his but when they did she knew true happiness.

Laya knew as long as Joey was by her side she could always hang onto that happiness. Sure there was going to be some trouble down the road, what with them dealing with devils and Anna fighting the possession of Lillith and even Eliot acting weirdly but she knew she was going to be okay!

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