The Heartbroken Angel

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Angels and Demons have been enemies ever since Lucifer turned from heaven. Now with the doomed love of an angel and a demon they have been forced to fight. But will the demon control his violent tendencies? Or will their love end in blood shed?

Submitted: September 27, 2013

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Submitted: September 27, 2013



"Don't do this!" She cried.

It had begun. The two lovers squared off. A boy was there and he was a demon wearing all black. The girl wore a pure white angel dress and the most pure wings were elegantly strewn behind her back. It was fitting for these were the stereotypical angel and demon.

The wasteland around them was devoid of people and cities yet you could also see the barest amount of scraps as if shortly before there had been some kind of civilization. Canyons shown up in the horizon nearly blotting up the night sky and if that didn't the smoke that formed everywhere around the angel and demon did. Cracks and fissures crept along the ground as if scarring the unnaturally bare earth. Even the sun, which shouldn't have been touched by this destruction was unnaturally big and red. Why it looked like it would explode any minute.

The angel held a bow in her hand though her hands slid around the handle in a death grip as she stared at the demon. Her eyes held disbelief as if she couldn't believe he had done what he did. But how could she not? The boy was a demon after all. The demon boy held fire within his hands as if he held the fires of hell and his eyes were red. They held no recognition for the girl he had once loved enough to tear out his beating heart should this have happened.

Then the demon struck. He threw the fire in one of his hands then launched himself close behind the fire ball as if he expected the girl to dodge it. But she didn't. Lifting herself into the air she flew in the opposite direction away from the fire ball and from the demon. She honestly didn't want to fight this demon even though he'd caused all of this destruction. She thought that surely there must be a way to bring him back to his original self.

A shout full of pain revealed itself from behind her and the angel risked a look back and wished she didn't. Because what she saw was the demon boy holding both hands to his head as fangs grew from his jaws and huge black bat like wings sprout from his back. A strangled scream made its way from the boys throat as this happened. Blood splattered the already ravaged ground as the boy tested his wings.

It was then that the angel had noticed that she had stopped and was hovering in mid air with her mouth gaping open. Her hands went slack as panic took over her mind. She had to catch her bow before it fell through her fingers. With a look back she saw that the demon was indeed beginning to continue the chase.

I can't let him catch me, was her thought as she pumped her wings fast and hard to catch what little air there was. There was hardly enough air for a glide but the girl knew her life was in danger so she put all of her strength behind each thrust of her wings and finally managed to fly out of the demon's reach.

The demon gave a yell of pure rage then shortly after the angel felt heat licking at her feet and she screamed, pumping her wings harder to stay out of reach of a fire ball. But she had panicked and careened to the side, the tips of her right wing had nearly skimmed along the side of a cliff wall.

The demon's shout of triumph echoed awkwardly out in this empty air, devoid of air, people, and civilization period.

Finally after all of this chasing the angel's temper had flared and she turned around to face the demon head on. She; however, didn't intend to fight the demon. Lifting her bow she placed her arm in position and aimed the bow. An arrow of pure light alighted on the bow and she pulled back the arrow, waiting for the demon to get closer.

It was mere seconds but it seemed like an eternity to the poor girl. Her eyes were wide and fixed with rapt concentration and a stray red-gold lock blew in her eyes but she cared not at all because she knew when he had entered her aim.

As she fired she knew the arrow would miss but that wasn't what she was aiming for. The demon's red eyes went wide as he saw the arrow. The demon tried to dodge the arrow but wasn't quite successful as the arrow burned the top of his right wing. The arrow left a scorch mark and even though that shouldn't have affected his ability to fly the demon boy collapsed on to the ground as he skimmed along its surface.

Counting this as a victory the angel girl kept on flying, to try to formulate a plan. She did not know what to do yet she also didn't want to kill the demon. She loved him with all of her heart and she swore she'd kill herself should she have to kill him.

The angel cried out in shock as she ran- or flew to be more precise- in to the demon. The demon grabbed her wrist and flung her into the ground. A fissure opened up where the girl fell and she would have fell in had her wings been damaged enough. As it was she flew out despite the rest of her body being seriously scarred or shaking from pain.

Wiping both hands over her face, the angel realized just then a tragic mistake. Her bow was no where to be seen. Searching frantically for the bow she saw it was on the edge of the fissure and she dove for it. The bow teetered on the edge as the girl came closer and closer and finally... The bow fell in but by then she had caught the bow between two clammy hands. As she brought the bow out a hand clasped over hers and squeezed her hands. Mind you the person holding her hands wasn't giving her hands a nice squeeze. No the person was giving her hands bone crushing squeezes that forced her to let go of the bow, down into the abyss beyond.

Her heart plummeted along with the bow as a hand whipped around her waist, forcing the girl to stare in to the crimson eyes of the demon.

"Its over. Don't you understand?"

The masculine yet gutteral growl of the demon sent shivers of fear down the angel's spine. She had absolutely no way to fight this demon now.

Not like I would have anyway, she thought and out loud she said,"Its never over so long as there's hope!" Despite her voice sounding strong there was a slight quiver in her voice, after all who wouldn't be afraid to stare into the face of death?

The demon detected the slight tremor in her voice and smirked but... Did the red eyes switch to brown for a second there?

The angel took this chance and grabbed his face with both hands, forcing him to look into her eyes.

"I know you're still there! You can still fight!"

The angel had a determined look in her eyes, which meant that things should be over for the demon. When the girl got that look in her eyes she usually got everything her way.

The demon had by then become as stiff as a stone, it was noticeable how the war raged in his eyes and how the hand tightened around her waist yet he did nothing to harm her. Yet.

The angel whispered,"Please..."

And with that its almost as if all of the fight leaves the poor broken demon. His crimson eyes change back to their usual chocolate brown color and his fangs sank back into his jaws. The wings on his back vanish, retreating in to his back.

The boy's eyes looked so sad as they gazed in to the angel's. She knew how sad he was and wanted to amend it, to heal his broken soul, to take back words she knew could never be taken back. She wished like heck she could take everything she'd said back but she knew that it was impossible.

Her heart plummeted as far down as her bow went and she only whispered,"I'm sorry."

The boy's thumb caressed her cheek and his eyes softened,"Please don't apologize. You couldn't help it."

"Yes I could-" She couldn't finish her sentence because she noticed how the boy's eyes turned crimson and her face paled with what she suddenly realized. The war within this boy was not nearly finished.

The hand around her waist tightened and she could feel how his fingernails sharpened to feel like claws, as the hand tightened wounds opened on her waist and she winced as blood seeped from the wounds. The boy realized what he was doing, she'd seen it in his eyes. The demon didn't want to hurt her or anyone else any longer and so with nearly the last of his strength he tossed her away from him. He didn't realize where he tossed her however and he cried out in dismay as she tumbled over the edge of the fissure.

The demon didn't digest in time that she was a angel and could simply fly out of the fissure.Out of his pocket came a dagger with jagged edges and a dragon entwining around the hilt. Before he could think he plunged the knife towards his heart.

Just then the said angel had flown out of the fissure and was watching in horror as his dagger flew true and struck his heart. The dagger sliced cleanly through his skin and with great difficulty the slain demon looked up to his angelic Juliet and whispered,"I'm sorry...My love."

The angel watched as her love fell to the ground. Blood was slowly pooling around him as the life he'd had was bleeding out. The girl glided to him and laid his head on her lap, she was vaguely aware of the tears falling down her cheeks and the scream that was begging to tear out of her throat. She refused to let the tears fall off her cheeks just like she refused to have the scream rip out of her throat.

The boy held a grim smile on his face as he stared at her it seemed like it was difficult for him to say,"At least I won't hurt anyone else..."

He winced and turned his head away to cough up blood. As he turned his head back to look in to the angel girl's eyes blood dribbled down his chin. The angel wiped the blood up the best she could with the sleeve of her dress.

"Don't say that. Don't you dare..."

Her voice was full of the sadness and heart ache she felt for him. Her heart was surely breaking with the knowledge that he wouldn't live through this.

"I'm sorry..." Was his only response. He knew as well as she did that the dagger he used could kill off not just humans but angels and demons too. That was why the dagger was made. Legend had it that it was made for a human that hunted angels and demons, no one knows for sure whether or not this is true of course.

"D-Don't be, please."

The demon tried to say something but only closed his eyes as a response. She knew when he was gone because she sensed how his energy just vanished. When it did she finally gave herself time to let out her tears and to scream out to the heavens. Her tears fell to the ground and in their place sprouted plants but she never knew this. She was too lost in her grief. Her grief too new to see much of anything else.

Miraculously she began to feel the cold kisses of rain on her skin and she looked up in wonder at the sky. There were blackish grey clouds in the sky that was steadly pouring down bucketfuls of rain. She looked down at the ground and a smile lit up her face as she noticed the plants that had sprouted because of her tears. Yes her heart was still full of the sadness she felt at the loss of her love but the planet had not died yet and for that she was greatful.

She wiped away her tears and stood up. The rain had made her hair and clothes wet. Her hair flattened and clung to her body along with her dress.

She only said...

"Miracles do come true, don't they?"

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