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A little girl's running in a forest, trying to escape a beast that will just not give up. Can she make it to the next village before the beast tears her limb from limb?

Submitted: April 01, 2015

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Submitted: April 01, 2015



She ran. From what she didn't know.

All that was known was the feel of the grass beneath her feet and the branches ripping at her fear stricken face. It was dark enough so that a inky blackness covered everything within sights reach.

The trees cast ugly and grotesque shadows everywhere her eyes landed on. It seemed there was no end to the forest the poor girl had unwillingly entered.

She was eight at the most, with bright red hair that seemed unusually damp at the moment. Even as she ran there was a grace to her that was inhuman and the girl's eyes with their hazel color seemed too wise. The dress attire the girl wore was a baby-blue and white checkered dress that stopped just below her knees, the dress kept getting caught on unseen branches which would not only slow her down but it would trip her up as well.

Happening upon a clearing, she turned in slow circles, as the underbrush buzzed and roared with life. There was another sound to join this chorus of music. Branches and twigs snapping, leaves crackling in a way that made you think of a fire. It wasn't just this, but the smell of things burning and smoke entrapping the girl into the clearing.

However, this had no effect on the girl. She couldn't suffocate like everybody else. As it was she breathed in the smoke like it was clean air. The smoke curled around her and the clearing making it incredibly hard to see through.

The only thing that was clear through this haze of smoke was the moon shining up on everything as if it were a beacon of light.

A minute of silence passed - a minute over agonizing what the next course of action should be.

A figure taking shape in the smoke sent the girl fleeing to the forest again. Her hair whip-lashed behind her but she didn't even stop to see if the monster was still following her.

It was then that the forest had given way to a small dirt road. There were trees on both sides so thick that you truly couldn't see through them. It was only then that the girl began to slow then to stop entirely. Standing still she closed her eyes trying to determine one noise amidst all others. The particular noise that was being sought was unheard.

Then the girl turned around slowly and peered into the pitch black darkness. Despite her wary, cautiousness she was beginning to relax once she saw nothing out to get her.

The girl gave a nearly inaudible sigh and continued on through the dirt road, watching the forest on both sides to see if anything would come out in to the open.

When she was sure she was alone, the girl pulled something out of the pocket over her heart. It was a black bow that held a pearl seemingly stitched or sowed in to the center. It was truly the only thing that gave away who and what she was. She clipped it on to her hair and sighed in content.

She was coming to a rather large hill and as she climbed it, she had to glance behind her, towards where the fire was. She could see as far as the eye could see yet there was no sign of the fires and the monster she had ran from. Staring in complete silence she realized this didn't make sense. After all wasn't it really easy to see fires in the night? Especially to normal people? The only explanation the girl had was that the person following her wasn't a normal person after all.

Nevertheless she continued on up the hill hoping to see the next town despite it being nearly pitch black. So you can imagine her happiness when she stared out into the darkness and saw a town twinkling with lights, it was seen easily up on the night sky. Judging from how the town looked from this hill the girl could only deduce that the town was at least a few miles away. The only problem was, from here on out the road was set in to a plain filled with green. She didn't know what she liked more, the forest or getting away from it. She surely didn't want to be out in the open. As it was there was really no choice, now was there?

The girl began to talk to herself,"Its not much farther now...Don't chicken out Mali."

Her name was Mali and there was a few things not right about her. Such as the abilities she had and her past.

Like now she was peering in to the plains to see if there were any bandits, or if the guy had some how got ahead of her. It was light enough from the town's lights that she saw that there were no bandits or anything lying in wait.

Her neck prickled with the sensation that she was being watched, however a glance behind her proved little as the prickling sensation in her neck continued.

Mali's body burned with the exertion of walking on for nearly all night, yet she forced herself to continue in to the plains anyway. It was doubtful that she'd stop walking for a long time. She was desperate to get to that town before the guy found her.

It was a while later when Mali's moves started to grow sluggish, after everything that had happened in the space of one night exhaustion was finally beginning to catch up with her. But even then her feet refused to stop even as her eyes grew heavy. To stop herself from collapsing Mali started turning thoughts over and over in her head.

Suddenly her eyes caught a shadow in the darkness, and the shadow started moving towards her. Mali froze in fear as the shadow crept ever closer to her so she was quite surprised and dismayed when a rabbit hopped up close to her to sniff her leg.

Sighing she leaned down to pet the rabbit,"Oh dear, you gave me quite a fright!"

The rabbit sniffed and licked her hand which brought a smile to the young girl's face. It was a tan colored rabbit with white paws, and its pink nose was quivering with all the smells she was sure were being tasted by the rabbit. One of the senses most likely hers, Mali was sure she didn't smell like other people. And she was also sure that animals sensed this.

A growling noise interrupted the silence, this made the rabbit hop off no doubt knowing what this had meant. Mali looked down at her stomach and realized for the first time that night that she had not had a bite to eat since all of this began, and that meant since she was being chased, which was roughly a couple of nights ago.

She continued across the plain with one hand pressed to her stomach and her feet aching with all the walking she had done. Her stomach grumbled every few minutes or so as she grew weaker and weaker. However she refused to stop even then, very stubborn was she.

Mali looked around at the emptiness, she knew she was getting closer. After all the sky was turning pink as the sun began its slow rise. The wind rustled stray trees and high grass, also brushing against Mali, making her break out in to shivers. It wasn't yet winter but already the wind had grown frighteningly cold.

Mali thought to herself, So I'm in danger of starving myself, dying of hypothermia, and exhaustion? Granted I could rest...

Her thoughts stuttered to a stop as she collapsed to her knees. Mali looked up, vision wavering a little but she saw that the town was just over the next hill. So with a strength Mali didn't know she had she picked herself up and staggered over to the hill, climbed up it then stood at the top staring at the town which was almost right under the hill.

Taking a step Mali lost her footing and tumbled down the hill landing on her back. The sun was high enough in to the sky so that the heat beat in to her despite the cold chill of the air. Mali stood again with difficulty and staggered to a sign just outside of the town, she read:


She had made it...

Now that she made it though, she didn't know what to do. Mali had always thought of finally making it to town but now that she had she didn't know what to do. And so it may not come as a surprise that Mali collapsed to her knees and fell face first into the dirt and grass. Mali vaguely heard shouts of alarm among the town's people but she couldn't care less. Not when she was so tired and hungry...

She was out like a light.

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