Visitor in the Night

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A man shows up at a castle one day claiming to be a safe person but who is he? And what is with that mind control of his? Diana isn't able to see how wrong his very presence is but with time will she notice and start questioning?

Submitted: April 01, 2015

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Submitted: April 01, 2015



"Ah... So this is the castle," he breathed. The castle was truly extravagant; it truly was one fit for royals. This was where his target was. What was her name again? Oh yes... Diana.

He'd only heard stories of her. His boss had said that like her name she retained her dark beauty like that of the goddess herself. With cheeks as pale as a dove's wing and eyes grey like thunder clouds. Not to mention her hair was black as night. His boss thought that surely through all these years she had not changed.

That was why Nokken was here now. With hands thrust in his pockets he regarded the castle with a quiet sense of curiosity. From the looks of him you wouldn't have guessed that he was a man with any ill intentions.

His hair was practically golden; it glimmered that way in any light that caught it just right. Despite the chilling icy blue of his eyes they were kind and crinkled slightly with mirth. His lips were full and tilted just as cupid's bow would be. And his voice... Well...

It was beautiful. When he spoke the words themselves seemed to glimmer with light and filled the night to bursting with the flare of a humming bird's song. The seraph's themselves could be weeping with joy at this moment and no one would notice.

Foot steps scuffled behind him and he turned his head to notice a servant coming up from behind. May be the servant had been getting back late from town.

Nokken smiled and stepped into the servant's path. The servant flinched suddenly and ducked his head. Nokken raised his hand not as a threat but as a surrender,"Calm sir! I mean you no harm!" His smile grew slightly and when he next spoke the beauty of his voice was more intense,"Pray sir... How much are those apples?" There were two apples in the servant's hands.

The second the servant had heard his voice he was a goner. The servant's eyes glazed over and slowly, and with no emotion he held the apples out,"Free... For you..."

Nokken smiled kindly and reached out, plucking the apples from the man's hands. As the man blinked away the trance Nokken grinned and told him,"Thank you for the apples!" He turned and, perhaps leaving the man in utter confusion, headed towards the castle.

Wiping one of the apples down once on his white T-shirt he bit into it and savored the sweet juicy taste. Nokken hoped that the success of his mission was as sweet as this apple.
For some reason or other she was awake. Diana couldn't sleep a wink that night and for some reason her darkness was restless. After some prodding Sapphire, a gentle blue dragon, had gotten Dana to sleep in a separate bed room instead of creepily watching them sleep. But now she was wide awake.

What could be done about that?

Thinking for a moment she threw aside her covers and stood. She was beginning to crave her moon lit strolls in increasing frequency. Was the full moon having an effect on her desires?

Entirely possible, she thought with a nod.

Silent as an after thought she fled the room in search of night time entertainment. The castle could be really creepy at night. Shadows would jump out at her from no where as she wandered the castle. But she wasn't scared; she craved things such as that. Her footsteps fell silent even upon the tiled floor. Maybe it was the fact she was connected to the darkness, the dark and shadows were stealthy and crafty after all.

It took her a moment to realize that her darkness was more restless than usual. It was trying to tell her something.. Then all at once the darkness fled. It was just that; none of it was at once. The darkness fled her body as though chased by some hidden specter. She watched the darkness flow into what ever shadow was available and she watched the shadows quiver with anticipation.

What had gotten into them? Surprised that her darkness would act that way she turned around, looking for the thing that had made her darkness act like that. She was completely alone in her observation in the area.

Foot steps interrupted her observation. Diana turned to look behind her as the foot steps grew rapidly closer. There wasn't much time at all but quickly she darted behind a corner and waited. The foot steps were closing in on her. Logically she knew that the person attached to that set of foot steps hadn't heard her but still there were other path ways the person could've gone down. Why this way?

He was right behind the corner. With that in mind she struck, pulling a dagger out of her sleeves she leaped out an pressed the blade to the person's neck. Diana didn't mean to, she'd been staring at the blade but when he spoke her eyes lifted to his. Could such kind eyes be so icy?

The voice however was like velvet,"I would say that this is rude but the woman attached to the blade is quite beautiful!" He was a mere boy. The boy didn't look like he'd hurt a fly but she knew better. Her hand tightened on the hilt of the dagger.

His voice is like an angel's... She shook the thought away and glared at him,"Who are you and why are you here?!" She watched her blade digging into his neck as much as it could without actually hurting him.

When she looked up she saw the surprise that fluttered across his face; although it disappeared so fast even she doubted it'd really happened. When he spoke somehow, maybe she'd imagined it, the beauty of his voice grew less intense,"I'm sorry if I've offended you my dear... I've come here to ask Talis and Rayne if I may be able to spend a while here." He shrugged slightly and shot her a kind smile,"I'm a merchant and my bones are weary from travel!"

Diana realized then that his hands had been raised as though being arrested by a human. He hadn't moved the whole time she'd interrogated him yet he didn't even seem worried that he could get killed. Almost against her will she loosened her hold on the dagger. For a moment she stared at him, trying to gauge whether or not he was a danger to Sapphire or to the castle.

For the first time ever her mind went blank with shock. She tried to reign in her mounting surprise but it was no use. She couldn't feel his heart. There was no light or darkness TO feel. It was almost as if there was a gaping abyss where his heart should have been and that sent shivers of unease up her spine. What did it mean?

Slowly, ever so slowly she drew back her arm holding the dagger and stared him down with an intense stare, almost as though she could kill him alone with her stare,"I will take you to them but don't even think about hurting any one of them!" She wasn't referring to Talis and Rayne.

Diana wouldn't admit it to anyone but this castle had begun to feel like home to her and there were a few residents of this castle, besides Sapphire, that had begun to feel like family.

Slowly the boy lowered his arms as though to keep a frightened animal from attacking. Even then though he threw his hands back into his pockets, further trying to keep from provoking a poor animal it seemed. A smile curled his gentle lips and he told her,"I wouldn't dare! They must be too important to you..." She didn't think he knew who she was referring to but it still came as a surprise when he said that. Diana turned away to lead him to Talis and Rayne but his next comment stopped her,"My name's...Nokken. Might I have the pleasure of yours?"

The way he spoke was old fashioned to say the least but she didn't give any inkling that she'd thought that. Without turning around she spoke,"Diana... Its Diana." And without looking to see if he was following her she hurried off.

For some odd reason her senses were extremely tuned into him so she knew when he followed her.

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