I'll Keep On Searching Till I've Found You.

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Mia is a very short tempered girl with an awful attitude, her past will forever haunt her. But will a sweet and charming boy Nathan help her to get through her troubled times?

-Includes swearing, violence and descriptive language-

Chapter One – Bad Girl.

 “Mia sit down!” Miss Levy shouted at me. “Sorry Miss” I mumbled jumping down from Liam’s desk and walking over to my own. “Right everyone, books!” She shouted at the class as I pulled the seat from out of the table and sat down. I sighed and started fiddling with my hands.

 “Mia, get your book out now!” She shouted again. I sighed before slowly opening my bag and slamming my book down on the desk. Luckily I had no one next to me so I wouldn’t be kicking off at them. There was a light tap at the door when a teacher walked in with a boy.

 “Sorry to interrupt” She said before whispering to the teacher. The whole class just watched them talk in hushed tones together. The other teacher walked out before Miss Levy started talking. “Right guys, this is Nathan and he is new” She said placing a hand on his shoulder.

 “You can go and sit at the back with Mia” She said as I shot my head up from the desk. I rolled my eyes. “Be nice Mia!” She said pointing at me as Nathan walked over. His fringe perfectly sat on his forehead and his piercing green eyes. I just watched him as he took a seat he looked at me and smiled weakly.

 “Right, Shakespeare page 45” Miss said picking up her book. “Nathan, just try your best” She smiled at him as he nodded. The Romeo and Juliet book sat on our table stayed shut as she began to read it out to the class. I slipped my blackberry out of my pocket and started BBMing Kayla under the desk.

 I looked down trying to see what I was typing. “Mia Taylor!” She shouted. I groaned and quickly put my phone back in my pocket. “Yes” I smiled at her as if I had no idea why she was shouting at me. “Phone now” She said walking over to me and placing her hands on her hips. “Why?” I asked. “Don't pretend like I didn’t see you” She said looking down at me. “Hand me your phone now or get out of my class” She said pointing to the door.

 “I’m not giving you my phone” I laughed crossing my arms. “Get out then! I don't want you in my class” She said. I stood up and grabbed my bag. “This is a fucking joke” I mumbled underneath my breath. “Oh a joke is it?” Miss laughed walking after me as I made my way over to the door.

 “Go to the head masters office now and come back when the bell goes” She said opening the door for me. “You’ll be lucky” I laughed. “Bye Mia!” I heard Liam shout. “Bye Liam” I laughed saluting off as I walked out of the class.

 I decided to go and see Kayla in her lesson and bring her out. Kayla was my best friend; she had been since I joined this school 5 years ago. I walked through the corridors of the school before I came across the classroom. I knocked on the door as Mr Jones opened the door. He was a young, male, maths teacher. He understood me than any other teacher in the school.

 “Alright Mia, how can I help you?” He smiled as the whole class stood to look at me. “I was wondering if I could talk to Kayla for a second it’s really important” I smiled looking at the class trying to find her. “I’m not buying that” He laughed. “Oh please!” I begged. “You got sent out again didn’t you” He chuckled. “Yes” I sighed. “Come on go back Mia, I’ve got a lesson to get on with” He said moving me further out the door. “I was sent to the headmaster’s office” I shrugged. “Oh Mia, that’s the third time this week!” He said. “I know, I'm going to get expelled soon” I rolled my eyes huffing. “Well you need to change your attitude Mia” He gave me a sympathetic look. “I know” I sighed.

 "Okay, well I’m going to go to the headmaster’s office” I spoke. “Okay, good luck” He smiled at me closing the door behind me. I slowly made my way to her office until I came across her door. I stood still for a minute until I knocked on the door.

 “Come in” I heard. I grabbed hold of the door handle and pushed it. “Miss Taylor” She said looking up from her work. “Hello Miss Young” I smiled weakly. “Take a seat” She said putting her hand out towards one of the chairs in front of her desk. I placed my bag on the floor and sat down. “Now what trouble have you gotten in today?” She asked placing her elbows on her desk.

 “I had my phone out in class, I wouldn’t hand it over to Miss Levy so she told me to wait outside, then I swore under my breath and then she told me to come here” I shrugged lowering my head. Whenever I was sent here I always told the truth because I would get in more trouble for lying or for not saying anything at all.

 “Mia, you seriously need to start acting up! You’re 16, you’re in year eleven. This is not the time to be acting immature” She raised her voice slightly. “You know nothing” I spat folding my arms and looking away. “I know you have had a tough past Mia, but you need to move on from that” She said softly. I sighed trying to not let the tears form in my eyes.

 I heard the bell ring as I got up. “Where are you going Miss Taylor?” She said looking up to me. “Miss told me to go back to hers after the bell went” I shrugged. “Well we will need a talk about your place here” She huffed dismissing me.

 No one understands what I go through. My past has been horrible. I can’t trust anyone, I can’t go to someone for help, and I can’t be myself.

 Chapter Two - My Past.

 I opened the door to Miss Levy’s classroom. She was standing by her desk with the new boy Nathan. “One minute Mia” She said shooing me away. I rolled my eyes before closing the door and leaning against it.

 I tapped my foot against the cold marble floors until the door fell beneath me as I stumbled backwards into the classroom. “Come in” She said bluntly. I walked in noticing Nathan sat down at one of the desks writing stuff down.

 “Don't mind Nathan, take a seat” She said pointing to the desk in front of hers. I slouched on the chair. “You really need to start buckling down Mia, your records aren’t good at the moment due to your attitude” She said sympathetically. I rolled my eyes. “I know” I huffed.

 “I know you’ve gone through a lot, but you need to really start focusing now. Next year you’re leaving for collage” She said. “No one understands what I went through” I mumbled. “We are only trying to help Mia” She sighed.

“Yeah? Well you’re not helping” I snapped. “Mia, you are so talented. Why would you want to throw that all away?” She asked softly. “I’m not talented” I mumbled. “How did you get into this schoolthen? Its for the best and only the best” She said raising her eyebrow. “I’ve seen you perform Mia, you dance effortlessly and your voice is stunning!” She said. I sighed, she was right why was I throwing away such a great opportunity.

 “And tell me about you on the piano, it’s beautiful” She smiled at me. The boy a few desks over from me shot his head up at the word of ‘piano’ I turned to him and looked at him which came across cold, very cold.

 “Miss Young wants us to go to her office and discuss your placement here” She said standing up. “I’m not going” I groaned turning my head towards the window watching everyone outside enjoying their break. “Mia, I am not arguing with you” She said strongly. I shook my head at her.

 “Fine then, I’ll bring Miss Young here now then, and if you dare go anywhere, I doubt you will have a place left here by the end of the day” She spoke before opening the door and slamming it shut.

 I groaned out loud. “Why are you such a bitch?” I heard Nathan say from the other side of me. I looked at him and gave him a deathly glare. “You don't even know me” I laughed. “Personally, I wouldn’t want too” Nathan laughed. “Oh wow you’re hilarious” I said sarcastically. “I know right” He said cockily.

 I rolled my eyes and looked forward. “Wonder what’s happened in your life that’s so bad” He laughed. “Why would I tell you?” I snapped. “Being nosy” He said smirking at me.   “Just fuck off yeah?” I said placing my head in my hands.

 “Wow your attitude is awful, god who raised you?” He laughed. “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” I screamed at him pushing my chair out from beneath me and storming out. I walked straight into the girls toilets when my body collided with someone else. “Woah! Mia are you alright?” Kayla asked me. “Yeah, I’m fine” I said wiping my tears from my face.

 “No Mia, you’re not” She said looking at me sympathetically. “They are going to kick me out Kay, I’m going to have nowhere to go” I sobbed as she pulled me into a hug. “Don't say that” She whispered into my ear. “I’m meant to be in Miss Levy’s classroom waiting for Miss Young, but that stupid fucking dickhead new boy was pushing me too far” I scrunched up my face.

 “What was he saying?” She looked at me worried. “Just mocking me about my past” I said wiping my face free from tears. “Dickhead” She spat as I laughed at her.

 “C’mon lets go back to that classroom” She said taking my hand and I nodded knowing it would be the best thing to do. We walked back to Miss Levy’s room where Nathan was sitting. “Is that him?” Kay whispered in my ear and I nodded.

 I sat down back in my seat when Kayla walked over to Nathans desk. She slammed her hands down on the table looking down at him as he looked up. “Listen up new boy, you fucking dare make fun of Mia’s past ever again and I’ll make sure my face is the last you’ll see, you got that?” She snapped in his face.

 He looked at her a little taken back. “Kay, just leave it” I sighed slouching further into my seat. She turned her head to my face slightly as she pulled back up off his desk. The door opened as both Miss Levy and Miss Young stepped in. “Kayla, please can you wait outside?” Miss Young asked. Kayla turned to look at me and smiled before walking out closing the door behind her.

 “Okay Mia” Miss Young smiled at me. “We are going to do a deal?” She said putting her hands together as I nodded at her. “You stay out of trouble for a week and I will reconsider your place, step out of line and your gone okay?” She said softly. I sighed and nodded. “It’s just hard for me you know” I shrugged. Why did I just say that they will never know?

 Chapter Three - Sneak out.

 I rang the doorbell as Eleanor answered the door. “The school rang” She said sternly. “Great” I said sarcastically walking in and placing my bag down. “What’s going on Mia?” She asked closing the door and leaning on the stair banister.

 “Nothing” I shrugged walking upstairs to my room. I reached the landing as I felt something wrap around my lower body. “MIA!” I heard Isabella, but I just called her Bella. “Hello baby” I smiled down at her.

 Anyone would think Bella was my sister but she wasn’t. She was the most adorable girl I have ever met. She was a beautiful 4 years old. She had light blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She was completely different to me. I had brown hair and brown eyes, nothing special at all.

 I opened my bedroom door as Bella followed me. I sat down on my bed as she climbed onto it. “How was your day buttercup?” I asked like you would to a 4 year old. “It was amazing, me and Riley made these coloured plates at school” She grinned at me.

 Riley was her best friend and she made Bella happy. “Aw, that’s lovely you will have to show me them!” I said enthusiastically. “I will” She smiled at me. “Mia, Bella, Brooke, Daniel, Luke! Get down here” Eleanor shouted.

 “Come on” I smiled to Bella picking her up and placing her on my hip. I walked downstairs into the living room where the others were. I sat down on the sofa placing Bella next to me. “Budge up!” Brooke screamed at Luke as she walked into the living room. Daniel walked in and sighed standing there placing his hands in his pockets.

 Brooke was 13; she was very bossy and moody. She had light brown hair and green eyes. Luke was 10 he was lovely and looked out for all of us no matter how old or young we were. He had dark blonde hair with green eyes. Daniel was 17, he was quite distant from us he was very independent and didn’t need anyone else. He had brown hair and brown eyes like me.

 If you hadn't already guessed yes; I live in a foster home. More things will make sense as this story goes on. Eleanor was our carer, she was lovely when she wanted to be and a right bitch when she wanted to be.

 “Right everyone, as you know Daniel is moving out in a few months” She paused as we all looked up to Daniel and nodded. “We are getting in a new child to take Daniels space” She smiled at us. “Does that mean I’m going away?” Bella asked. “No baby, you are staying here” I said stroking her fair hair on her head and kissing it lightly. “Oh good” She laughed as I smiled at her.

 “I just thought you all should know that” She smiled before dismissing us. I took Bella up with me to my room; thank god it was a Friday because I couldn’t hack school tomorrow. My blackberry vibrated on the side as I picked it up. It was a text from Kayla.

 Sender: Kayla baby xxx.

Time: 7:21PM

 Hey babe, want to go out tonight? Liam is having a party at 8 you should come :-) xxxxxxx.

 I laughed at the name of the sender, obviously Kayla wrote it herself, little bitch but then I sighed as I read over it. “What’s that Mi?” Bella asked. I found it cute how she always called me Mi, it made me smile. “Kayla just text me” I smiled at her. “Oh” She giggled. “I like Kayla” She said smiling like a loon.

 “Go on and play in your room, I’ll come and see you in a bit” I smiled at her as she jumped down my bed and skipped to her own room.

 I walked downstairs looking for Eleanor. “Eleanor” I said sweetly. “Yes?” She said laying out the stuff on the table. “Can I go out to Kayla’s tonight?” I asked. “No” She said not even looking at me. “Please?” I begged.

 “No, the school phoned today telling me about your little mishap today so, no sorry” She sighed putting the spoons down on the table. “Fuck it I’m going anyway” I snapped storming out of the room. “Mia if you dare go you will have some serious consequences” She shouted after me. “Well tough I will have to live with them!” I screamed back.

 I got changed out of the school uniform and into a pair of jeans, a floral blouse and my white converse high tops. I let my brown semi straight hair dangle over my shoulders as I quickly grabbed a bag and went into Bella’s room.

 “I’m going out Bell, good night babe” I said kissing the top of her head. “Have a good time” She smiled at me. I protected Bella like she was my own daughter or my own sister.

 I have been at this foster home for 2 years now and she came along just after I was. When she gets adopted, I will actually cry my heart out. I have now accepted the fact no one wants me and I will have to wait till I am 18 to move out and move on from there.

 It’s crazy to think, Bella is one of the closest people to me apart from my best friend Kayla. I can tell Bella anything and she will just sit there like she understands. I know she doesn't but it’s nice to have someone there to talk to weather they understand you or not.

 If I was older I would defiantly adopt her, she is the loveliest 4 year old I have ever met. I snapped out of my little day dream and walked downstairs and straight out the door. I quickly text Kayla so she knew I was coming to hers.

 To: Kayla baby xxx.

Time: 7:34PM

 On the way to yours now bub, I wasn’t allowed to come so I just walked out can I stay at yours tonight? xxxxx.

 I slid my phone into my pocket and power walked down the road ignoring people around me. It wasn’t that cold so I was alright. Kayla’s house wasn’t far from the care home so it was alright. I made a quick dash for her house before it got too dark. I knocked on her door as she stood there looking gorgeous. She had a pair of teal leggings on with a nice black crop top on.

 “Hiya” She smiled at me pulling me into a tight hug. “Hey” I smiled giving her a hug back. “Right lets go, Liam has a free house all night and it’s going to be banging!” She squealed shutting her front door.

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