A twisted Christmas

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A mother of law from satin.

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



It was a cold, stormy night. James and Mary were cuddling by the chimney, drinking eggnog by the gallons. James and Mary were married but they were a queer couple. Mary was only twenty-five years old and going through college. She only had two more years until she could become a full-time teacher; her husband James was excited. Mary had curly, dark brown hair, down past her shoulders. She always wore nice, beautiful, and expensive clothes. She was sometimes sweet as a strawberry, and a lot of the time sour as a lemon. She also loved the smell of pine & dislike happy times with families, because she never had any happy times when she was little. James on the other hand was very different from his wife. He was very plain, and a lot like a polar bear that hasn’t ate for years. He was really sweet and very charming. He always loved the holidays. James had a great childhood memories. James always had something nice and caring to say. James and Mary have been married for six years now; ever since she turned nine-teen, and when he turned twenty. James and Mary seemed to live a happy-ever-after, like in a fairy-tale, but people that knew James and Mary better, knew that they butted heads a lot of the time.  What James and Mary didn’t know was that there friends have been betting on if their marriage would last past the month of December.


James and Mary really didn’t have plans for the day of the Winter Solstice. Their parents always took them while they were little; that was one thing they found out when they first meet. James and Mary laid their heads on the top of the couch and talked about all they cared for and why they cared about it.


“James, my dear can you tell me why you care for me?” Mary asked. Mary looked at her husband with caution eyes, knowing that she is about to get a yes answer, then they will have to begin an argument.


“Yes sweetheart.” James said. James looked at Mary with a smile. A smile that said “Don’t start this again.”


“You know that I don’t want to argue right?” Mary asked, with her eyes narrow and biting on her lip.


“I know. Honey are we caroling this year?” James asked, with a face blank as a ninth grader looking at a test he or she didn’t study for.


“Yes dear, don’t we always.” Mary said with her grumpy, nasty voice, that showed she hated singing in the cold and the snow.


James and Mary sat on the couch for another thirty minutes until the phone rang. It was Mary’s mother-in-law. James mother wanted to know what she was going to make for Mary’s nieces, and nephews.


“I’m going to make gingerbread, candy canes.” Mary said. Mary made a face to James because he knew she hated making gingerbread because she always burned them.


“Good, very good. We are getting an ice sculpture, for a little piece of art in the room.” James mother said.


“Ok but make sure you do some shoveling outside. The snow is very deep. Oh and don’t forget mother. It is very slippery outside to. Please don’t fall and break something.” Mary said trying to sound as nice as she can, because James’s mother and her never got along. James’s mother was like an evil step mother from Cinderella, but instead of him being the prince. James is Cinderella. You see James’s mother tried to stop the wedding from happening because she thought that Mary was a hatred human being, and should be not loved at all. Mary hanged up the phone with James mother-in-law. Mary walked over to the couch and gave her husband a kiss of forgiveness. James got up and took his wife by the hand and took her over to the window. He wanted his wife to see the joy that the winter, Christmas and so much more gave to the world. Mary saw children playing in a snow bank. She saw parents and children walking around looking at all the lights with an awe look on every single one of their faces. Mary was awe as well, looking at all the lights from her window on the top floor of her two story house. James and Mary turned on the TV very quickly to see if anymore snow would come this evening.


“The precipitation for this evening is six-eight inches of snow.” the Weather Man said.


 The night went on. Mary and James went to bed while everyone played in the snow; they slept waiting to get up at eleven the next morning to go to

James’s mothers. They got up the next morning with a little difficulties. Mary and James’s car was stuck in the snow. They had to dig it out, which took a few hours give or take. Then Mary and James were on their way. They got to James’s mother’s house a few hours late. When Mary walked in the door before James. James’s mother through a plate at Mary. Mary starting fishtailing when her mother-in-law started throwing her fit. Then Mary just hurried and closed the door.


“Your mother is throwing plates at me.” Mary said to James with no hurt or feeling in her eyes, or expression.


James entered the room and heard a hullabaloo in the kitchen. He entered the kitchen to find his mother in a chair throwing forks, spoons, and knives at the wall.


“I don’t like that woman. She will be the death of me.” James’s mother said to her son, with a lot of anger and feeling in her face.


James just looked at his mother with very little happiness, and started to think about what have he done. He went into the living room to see Mary was playing with his nieces and nephews. He was glad to see this. James little niece, Emily was doing acrobatics. She has been doing them since she was four, which has been for ten years. Then there was the little boy. That was only twelve and was very elfish and love it. James mother entered the room, with sad, sorrow, sweetness in her face but just some. He looked over to his wife with hope but Mary looked at him with nothing, no feeling, no hope. All she had left was fear and depression.


It was time for the children to open presents. The oldest boy got a tobogganing. The children thought it was grand, and the oldest boy said he would share it with all his brothers and sisters. James got up and turned the TV on. It showed a grizzly bear in hibernate, and a lot of festivity in a lot of cities around the country. He flipped on the movie, The Year Without A Santa Claus and the children saw what was supposed to be the Aurora Borealis. The children were in awe of the movie. Then all of sudden everyone heard a big Thump! Everyone looked out the window were they thought it came from. It was boughs, and they were falling from the snow. They broke Mary and James care. Mary looked at James knowing they will have to stay here for the rest of the week to the car is fixed, because the car’s windshield is broken. Then James mother looked at the fire and said,


“Okay now we Yuletide by the fireside.” She said with a wondrous, scary, evil smile, that only Mary knows.  Mary and James’s mother looked at each other like a drug addict looking at a drug looking that one of them has to go.


“Okay mother.” Mary said with a smile


The night went on. Mary and James had a great time. Mary tired, and she really tired to have a Season of Philanthropy. Then Mary and James kissed all the children to sleep, fast, friendly, and fled from the living room to the bedroom to sleep and get away from the mother. In the end Mary and James had a great time. While Mary was lying in bed wide awake she heard a noise, and went downstairs. She saw her mother-in-law downstairs on the couch. Mary went and sat on the floor, crossing her legs and looking right at her.


“What do you what Mary?” James’s mother asked nicely but with caution.


“An Apology. For all those hateful things all these years.” Mary said.


“I’m sorry sweetie pie, I understand everything now sweetie. I want the best for James, and when I saw you guys tonight together. I realized it was you. For all the stuff I did to you, you were always so nice back. I’m so happy you’re my daughter-in-law Mary.” James’s mother said, with a lot of feeling and accumulation.


“Thank you Mom.” Mary said with a smile.


Well Mary and James’s car was fixed on a Friday and they left their mothers house. When Mary and James got home, they had a note on their door. Saying,


Dear Mary and James

We didn’t get a call or a note, or anything in the mail that you too didn’t last this Christmas, so we guess you guys are still married, so Merry Christmas guys, we love you, and by the way. I won the bet.


 Cordially Your friends, Destiny, and Faith, Michael.

PS: I knew you guys would last.

James and Mary stood there looking at the note and Mary turns to James and asked,

“What bet dear?” Mary asked with so much confusion on her face.


“I have no idea, lets open presents.” James said with so much excitement in his voice.


“Oh and Sweetheart? Merry Christmas, and I love you.” Mary said with a smile.  In the end Mary got her sprit back. She never knew that a true family gathering would do that to her. She was so grateful she can’t even wait to next year.


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