wat i want for you

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love is what i feel for you

Submitted: April 01, 2009

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Submitted: April 01, 2009




I want him, to be happy.

i want him to be in love with the person that loves him back.

I need him to be in love.

I want him to be in love.

When i look in your eyes it feels like i'm in love.

Cant explain the feeling its just there.

I wish and wish a upon a star that if you were mine my soul would be complete forever.

No one can replace the way i feel

If you cant deal with the way i feel then i will deal with it my own way.

When you look at me in the hall i smile you frown.

When i am paired with you. You ask for a new parter.

I cant believe you dont want me at all as a friend or lover.

Its depressing and i cant bear.

I cut because of you i cut because of the depressing thought that you will never be mine.

I dont like you i love you . I wouldnt be happy if you move i would die. I would kill for you . If i couldnt have you i would kill myself as well.

I do love you but sometimes as they say Love is sometimes but not all the time a Happy After Some of a Happy Never After.

I cant believe im saying this but i am deeply and truely in love with you with all my heart and soul..

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