Zelda Takes a Walk

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It's a short walk.

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



Zelda was so bored she actually considered taking a walk. It was three in the afternoon, it was her day off, her friends were all at work and the internet was down. Do people still do that – take walks? The day was nice enough for it, and the sky offered no hostility.


Zelda got up, stretched her long legs, twisted her back, picked up her shoes and walked out the door.

Already it felt better to be outside. The breeze was breezy, the sun was sunny, and just observing the people around her was interesting enough.

They shuffled and plodded and their faces ranged from boredom to euphoria. She began conjuring up backstories for them and silently amused herself by making them either disgustingly perverted or hilariously ridiculous. All the old, darling-faced ladies were secretly gimp-whipping BDSM dominatrices, and all the muscled, angry-looking bearded guys were on their way home to watch My Little Pony.

The sun shared in her joy as she bopped and strode merrily. Why, even that boy walking his dog-

She tripped over and her head smacked against the concrete, and then there was nothing.

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