RealBrokenHeart: Reminiscing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Another poem from my broken heart

Feelings that choke me day-by-day
emotions that invoke me everyday
I can feel your spirit breathing down my neck
Haunting me ,taunting me
asking me to play

I pursue you, you give in
We make love, a forbidden sin
We both had flaws

other lovers
other brawls

Losers win
Summers' fling?
No, it was more than just a "thing"

It was romance

A love affair at its kindest
Authenticity at it's finest
My desires burned the skies highest
We created something meaningful so much more
foolishly we let it wash ashore
I mourn the death of what could've been yours

But so grateful for the life I chose to live
So many mistakes so many lies to give
How can I forgive?

Words can only describe
why after all this time
At the drop of the dime,
You want to be mine?
I feel like a lunatic
All frazzled and interwined

help me unwind
help me find a way
Life is so unkind
my feelings where true
I threw us away the day I left you
But here I am looking like the fool
Still loving a person that only knows how to abuse
Never showing, had me going, only for amuse
Silly me, I've gotten all confused
Good sex is not an excuse
Passions , erotica, euphoria all of the above
I look in his eyes , I still love him so much
And can't stop thinking of our touch

Never felt so alone
Only time can show me the unknown

Reminiscing of your cologne

Submitted: November 23, 2012

© Copyright 2020 RealBrooklynheart. All rights reserved.

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