Hatred is a Desire

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I wrote this poem to thank somebody special. Somebody who means the universe to me, whom I would sacrifice anything for. It's the story of how I found beauty in a dark, dark world.

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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Submitted: September 29, 2013



Beauty isn't a given standard
This unheavenly Earth is demonic
Torturing the weak,
Maiming the innocent,
Destroying the strong, 
Killing the evil

Beauty isn't a given desire
I stuttered in a shadowy whisper
As the blade bit into my skin,
Devouring rotten flesh
And tore open my sadness,
Freed from within

Beauty isn't a given saviour
The darkness pleaded with me 
As my eyes melted,
Releasing inner agony
And flowed down my dirtied face,
Pooling around the tiredsome head

Hatred isn't given either
I realised as I set my gaze
As I stared into her deep blue eyes,
A part of me knotted inside
And smiled a beautiful smile
Happiness recreated

Hatred isn't a given reality
I announced to the world four months later
As I kissed her lushous lips,
A surge of energy ran within
And I trusted her to say,
Beauty is a rewarding pleasure

Beauty is your reality
She spoke into my ear
As she calmed me once again
A feeling of warmth arose
And I fell in love that day

Beauty is all around us
I screamed at the darkness
As it retreated into the corners
A sense of hope promised
And I looked down at the scars
That was all in the past

She is beauty
I understand now
As I held her in my arms
A moment of fulfillment 
And she gazed into my eyes
This is eternity,
I spoke at last

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