Poisonous Faith

Status: Finished

Poisonous Faith

Status: Finished

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Poisonous Faith  Poisonous Faith

Book by: realitychic55


Genre: Romance



please enjoy CHAPTER ONE!!!


please enjoy CHAPTER ONE!!!

Author Chapter Note

please enjoy CHAPTER ONE!!!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 03, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 03, 2009



poisonus faith

i sighed heavily well walking along the halls of my school. Being 13 was never harder when your life was on the edge moving every month or so and never gathering the hope i ever needed. My name is Violet colegen, im a 13 year old girl with a life of fire, not as bad as some people i would guess but it didnt matter anyway. My hazelnut eyes glanced side to side of the grd.7 private school. I had no idea what to do exactly, this private school in england was never what i so called 'planed' most things weren't....the uniform contained plaid skirts and a black shrug with a white shirt. I brushed my fading light brown hair to the side and spequezzed my books againest my chest. "Ello there? Need some directions?" i shifted my head noticing a boy around my age with dirt golden hair clasping his crisp blue eyes ask happily in his accent. "Um...that would help..." "Mkay..well may i be so bold to see your schelduel?" i nodded slightly passing him the snow white paper. "Mmmm...your next class is with me, id be honered to asscort you." i rolled my eyes caustiously and followed him in the empty halls. There was the row of moving placed in my life::

Canada. To new mexico, to America. To places like even japan, now here i was in some private school in england with snobby little spoilt brats giving me dirty looks every so often.

"Excuse me but i didnt quit hear your name?" the boy asked still smiling gladly unlike my blank emotioned face. "Erm...Violet." "Well hello violet my names is James...." "Hm." i answered unthoughtfully. Making friends never occered to me when i moved so much and it wasted time with the goodbyes i knew i would have to make. "Ah! here we are....mrs.strongs home room." James opened the door gesturing me inside it. It was not like the other schools i had been to, the chairs were padded with a soft cloth and rimmed with wood, the desks werent metal like the crap i used to have but it looked to be almost anteque wood ingraved cherry wood with the names of students. "Ah! mrs.colegen you must be?" I nodded still gaped by the room. "Well your lucky your ascort is also the one who will be placed beside you, please take a seat Violet." I sat myself beside James who smiled warmly at me as some girls coughed rudely and glared with what seemed to be envey which i questioned. I turned my head at the girl beside me; her hair was a fiery red with a wavey texture and electric green eyes. "Hi.." i whispered. "Sh! Your going to get me in trouble." "Oh..sorry.." I intwined my fingers. "You must be the new girl....my names katherine and you better stay away from my boy friend.." I gave her a quizzacal expression as she passed me a line peice of paper with graphit on it.  Violet? that must be your name am i right? james is MY boy friend do you here?! stay away...because hes mine, you canadain girls dont belong here, or if your American either way. I shook my head and crumbled the letter letting it slide for now.


 I sat at the computer annoyed by the people who lingered at my school, they were all stupid i decided and james wasnt my type. i signed on my msn my friend !!EnglandGotTheBeat!! which was a friend i had met over the web. hi i typed laizly. ::::

!!EnglandGotTheBeat!! says: o hey

**JustTakeMeAwayFromHere*** says: we dont really know each other ya no

!!EngalndGotTheBeat!! says: ya, i no we just say hey and hi some lets talk, whats your real name

**JustTakeMeAwayFromHere*** says: well er.....violet you??

!!EnglandGotTheBeat!! says: not telling,  you'll figure out one day i hope

**JustTakeMeAwayFromHere*** says: lol i guess so, whats your hobbies?

!!EnglandGotTheBeat!! says: other then talking to you? ha, i like writing, poetry, and my friends u??

**JustTakeMeAwayFromHere*** says: Ha, your sweet, well i like the same, but i move like every month so its hard to keep friends, where do you live?

!!EnglandGotTheBeat!! says: where do you think?! lol i live in England yay!!

**JustTakeMeAwayFromHere*** says: omg?! seriously?! i live there too!!! but were poebably going to leave one day so0n.

!!EnglandGotTheBeat!! says: oo? well thtz 2 bad......maybe one day we can meet?

**JustTakeMeAwayFromHere*** says: maybe i dont make friends easy tho

!!EnglandGotTheBeat!! says: i dont know why anyone wouldnt want to be your friend, your a great person as far as i no..

**JustTakeMeAwayFromHere*** says: i no u hae friends, cause ur super sweet

!!EnglandGotBeat!! says: lol thxx i have to go but ttyl?

**JustTakeMeAwayFromHere*** says: mkayz bi bi

i smiled warmly he was super sweet....but i was never going to know him and for now i was stuck with katherine threathing me and my school being amazing but the students being a wreck, i think tomorrow was going to be worse as my mom came into the door. "GO TO BED VIOLET!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, every since my dad died in a fire last year and we were the only ones to get out......

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