After The Storm

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true story of a young teen who experienced drama, but with her faith she over came...the storm

Submitted: November 29, 2006

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Submitted: November 29, 2006



After The Storm


Some people look at her strange, because they don't understand her.

A lonely young girl in a very wild state. She prays for strength and

happiness, she wishes as she cries her heart out. it seem like the tears

brought more pain.Watching all the crimes as she walked down her block.


introduction to her broken heart, scared walking alone on those streets.

she drops out of school, due to lack of family. while her family's at home

laughing, screaming you'll never make it;she's behind those doors trying to

furfill her dreams. as she continue to scroll with no were to go, she begs

her family, please do it for me. Her family denied her with so many lies

why. She scream, but because she's strong,she leaves. Then it happened,

she turns her head, to look away as he slowly feel dead. sad to say it's

true, her homie really died. she don't know what to do,so she asks the hand

that feeds her,but that hand sent her running, racing at a fast speed,behind

drama she really didn't need. She keeps on pushing, wishing she had her mother.

as she wished voices screamed (no-longer) no longer, will you let your family

bring stress. She decides to go back to school, as she learned and got older,the

storm grew closer. many people talked down on her, but she never gave up.

She returned to school every day,not letting any of the toxic family get in her way


graduation time, and she's so happy! as she walked across that stage, continuing

her journey, she looks out to the crowd(watching) as she heard the voice of her

homie," i knew you was gone make it." she's happy. not even worring about the

pain that smashed her, yes, that girl is me! after the storm................................


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