Soft Indents

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Thought I'd write a short story. This was supposed to be for October but it was finished a little late. The idea came to me a while ago and as always I have to them down.
So enjoy this short story.

Its still snowing outside. I opened the window and popped

my head out. Cold flakes melted against my warm skin. My breath was visible. Just the usual routine.

But what I found odd was every time, on the corner of my eye something would disturb the air around a specific spot on the road.

“ Perhaps the wind”, was what I would always say. I tried going outside once to that spot. I would look around for anything to cause this. And as always I would find nothing. I decided to give up after a while.

The next day, I was walking back from a friends house. I was only 2 blocks away from my apartment. Then again, in the corner of my eye, the snow flakes danced oddly. I stopped walking and stared at the spot. After a moment I decided to look into it at a closer distance. I had forgotten about the cold, focusing on that one spot. Careful to watch out for cars. Strange the road was desolate. It was quiet, and still, a somehow calming atmosphere. The only noise I could hear was the distant rattling of train. When I looked back at the spot. I dropped my bag in disbelief.

“ Foot prints”. My voice was a whisper. Surely they weren't mine. They were too large to be. I stood there in amazement. Normally one would be spooked out but, instead I found it interesting. I bent down to touch it, only slightly careful not to ruin it in any way. By the way it curved whoever did this was a man. There were no marks of the type of shoe it was. I noticed that my hand began to tremble. I guess the cold was beginning to get to me. A bit saddened, I jogged my way back into my apartment. I tried again the day after, the results; the same as yesterday. Except the prints had moved a couple steps the direction to my apartment.

The day after that, the closer they got. I wasn't scared. For some reason, somewhere in my mind I knew there wasn't a reason to be.

After a couple of days, the prints stopped. They were only two steps away from my front window. See, I lived on the first floor. Not that high from the ground. I kept on checking but they always stayed the same. Then my routine started up again. I would either read a book or go on the computer to work. I was so engrossed in work that I totally forgot about the foot prints.

Then one day, as I was about to finished some paperwork. My phone vibrated. A very soft melodic tune began to play from its small speaker. I looked at it for a while and sigh. Picking it up I turned the alarm off, I made my way to the kitchen to check the calender. Flipping the page, caressing the circled day made in green. December 20th. A day I mark each and every year, the day thats been embedded into my memory. I settle the page back in place and walk to the living room. The air is comforting, its warmth wraps around me, yet this chill creeps up my spine. But, as before it doesn't scare me at all. Almost as if my body is on autopilot it slowly starts for the wide glass windows. Nonexistent wisps of air stir against my cheek. The window isn't open. My fingers stretch forward and gently grasp the thin fabric of the window curtain.

My heart pounds heavily against my chest, for some strange reason I am nervous. What awaits me on the other side? My voice leaves me, and when I couldn't stand the strange feeling anymore, I whipped the curtains against the sides. I step back in shock, in...some feeling I couldn't express. The air leaves the room then, my body begins to shake and before I know it my eyes well with tears, tears that have been kept inside me for 4 years. For 4 years, each time I remember the crash, the accident that ended my whole world. A constant struggle I've tried to fight by myself. But somehow, I knew. I knew that there was something keeping me together, something keeping the pieces in place. That he's around me. All the time. Holding me up from falling. That the very words I've longed to hear each year, appear right before my eyes, written in tight neat lettering on the cold fogged window, and I knew that it was him.


“Happy Anniversary, Blue Jay”.  

Submitted: November 05, 2014

© Copyright 2021 RealWriter1092 . All rights reserved.

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