It was just a hug

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I was diagnosed with diabetes during my first month of pregnancy. I almost collapsed until a kind hearted nurse took me in her arms and lessened my worries. Now, I have a healthy baby girl called Maya who was born in that hospital because of that nurse who works there.

Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



The day the gynecologist called me and informed me of my high sugar level, I collapsed. I am now pregnant in my thirteenth week and it was during my third week when I got the bad news. I just felt like booking a ticket and running back home if not for a nurse's simple support that gave me a little strength.

It was just before New Year's Eve and I was at my office preparing for my class when the cell phone rang. The doctor recommended that I should see a specialist concerning my case, and I started tearing as she was genuinely describing my case. The conversation ended from here and I started crying like a big baby, feeling bewildered of what to do and how to deal with my situation after a wave of emotional obstacles I have gone through and that I have to deal with this new matter for the next eight months and a half if not forever!

I went to class feeling down, but tried to be normal in front of my students especially that their final exams were around the corner. I know much about diabetes from my sick mother and my siblings who have just got the disease in the near past, and they have gone through the same emotional trauma once they knew that they are diabetic. My thoughts shifted from what to who and how, but when it settled to the thoughts of a baby growing inside of me, I almost lost my breath! I wrapped up my class patiently and normally and drove hysterically to the Oasis Hospital.

I usually love listening to music while driving, but that wasn't my mood and I kept on mumbling things in my mind like "how would my husband take this is", "what will happen to the baby", "how dangerous is my situation and can I make it???"  This is not my first pregnancy, but I did not experience this before and I was home with family and friends during the early stages of pregnancy. I was simply in an emotional mess!


As I arrived to the hospital, I did not know who to ask for and nurses were just moving in and out of rooms until a nurse eyed me and read my worries. I just blurted out like a little girl and she gave me that sweet smile that just made me smile back even before hearing her consolations. The nurse, Priscilla, put aside her files and took me in with warmth explaining to me easily and nicely of how normal my situation is and that there is an answer to what I am about to experience. She told me how important that the doctor should inform me, the procedures I should follow and the positive consequences about to come with positive thinking.

A few minutes later she took me to a room and gave me a diet sheet for pregnant women with diabetes. Her patience and deep elaboration as she explained again of how to run and control my diet lifted up my spirit. All that I needed was a cheer up moment from someone, and that what Priscilla has given me. Actually, my specialist turned from giving me the 500 mg of Glucophage to the intake of insulin four times daily, and that did not make me upset. Moreover, the gynecologist asked me if I wanted to do a special kind of ultra sound called the sonogram to check upon the baby's condition, of course I freaked out and had sleepless nights, but I was stronger now in dealing with hardships during my pregnancy, and I know I can find Priscilla when I need someone to hold my hand again.

I am an educated person and researcher, I always fish around for information and I could have done that on the day I got that call, but I was down and had many problems to worry about, and I really did not want any other extra glitch in my life at that time. For the time being, I am just trying my best to control my diet, looking after my unborn baby and spending quality times with my daughter. It was just that moment that turned me back to normal, a simple smile, a tap on my back and a warm hug that really made me know the world still has beautiful people. God bless you Priscilla and the rest of the Oasis staff for a united teamwork and moral support throughout my hospital visits.

'Smile from the heart to keep the other hearts pumping.'



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