White Wings

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It's a true story about a child that was drowned in a swimming pool in one of the private schools in Amman, Jordan. The purpose of this story is to raise public awareness to the schools around the world by taking extreme measures when dealing with children. This would be accomplished if the careless school is shut down and to establish a new non-profit organisation called Yazeed Amanat Madrasati for the sake of Yazeed's soul.

Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012



That was my day to leave Daddy and Mummy forever, but I didn't know that fact because I wasn't going to a risky place. I was just going to school! I want you to hear my story and to help Khalid and Ola to get through this trauma by not letting this to happen again to another child at our schools.

As any little boy, I was too excited to get dressed up and to go to my second home where I always had met my friends. We usually played and ate together. I was beginning to learn the rules, but I was just 3.5 years old. The only rule I knew was LOVE. My teachers were about to explain to me the school rules. But all rules were broken when they broke my parents' hearts.

I didn't do anything wrong. I wasn't naughty. I was just too proud that my school had this amazing swimming pool, which I couldn't resist indulging into it.

Now I am gone, but don't blame me for leaving the bus queue. Don't blame me for running into the pool area. Don't blame me if no adult had seen me. Don't blame me for enjoying my last time on earth. Don't blame me for becoming an angel with white wings. Where were my teachers? Where were the hall supervisors? Why weren't the pool doors locked since there was no lifeguard on duty? I was part of you. I was your child. My parents told me to listen to you, so I had faith in you. But you turned me down by stealing my soul.


Mummy, I thank you for bearing me in you for nine months and giving me all the tender as any loving mother would do.

Daddy, be strong for Mummy, my brothers and my sweet sister, Talia. The whole world will back you up because you are a wonderful Dad and will always be.


Listen as my hearts sing to you White Wings:

Beauty of Eternity enlightens the lost souls

Glowing the path to where the angels lie

Ensuring their safety to never drop in black holes

As they elevate into the crystal clear sky

I am not dead as you think I am

I am waiting for Mum and Dad

On my own little tram

Where you will always be glad

I love my new world of purity

No worries over dignity

No need to always feel guilty

There are just love and simplicity

Mummy, Daddy, I am right here too close

To whisper in your ears 'I love you most.'


Yazeed, the son of all Jordanians......



"Scholars live to learn, not live to die."








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