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Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018



Hello fellow members of Booksie. I bring a challenge for all to join in for and hope you find it fun and entertaining. For this challenge, I will post a poem every two weeks and your job as the reader is to try and dig the meaning out of the poem. Now, this challenge is for all the writers out there that want to add an extra tally on their read board on their stories. If this becomes a big hit, I will have other poets add in with their own poems or collab. Poems so that way readers can try and dig the meanings out of your own fellow member's poetry. Now if it is a collab. keep this in mind, if someone gets it right, The writers and myself will read something of the writers who get it right.


Now for the rules.

1.) You can not have help figuring it out.

2.) You only get 4 chances of getting it right on each poem posted.

3.) Message me your answer.

4.) If you leave a comment, I will not respond to it. MESSAGE ONLY.

5,) Have fun.

Keep in mind that these poems will not be easy and take a great thinking about. I will be keeping track of chances for each individual who embarks on this journey. If you get right on your first try, do not send the same answer again. This challenge is unending meaning that there is no end to it. Like I said, a poem will be posted every 2 weeks for the challenge and the poem will be marked like this *CHALLENGE*. 

The first poem to be posted is called, "Hells Desire".

I wish you the best of luck and enjoy. 


Time starts..................NOW!

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