The Orb of Eternal Fire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The Imaginarium

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Submitted: November 09, 2017



It is said that the Orb of Eternal Fire is a sacred treasure of Underworld, though none have yet to see it as truth. Many have tried to enter the Temple of Amaranth to see if the legend is true, but none have successfully been able to do so. So it still remains legend. As legend puts it, the temple is rigged with traps making it impenetrable. The temple lies a great distance from the Land of the Condemned, across the burning oceans and rivers of hot lava where slaves and new comers of this fiery world of chaos and destruction, live out their immortal lives to an unknown master. In Underworld they are called the low class. Medium class is all the guards at the Temple of Amaranth. Last you have the higher class; this is where you’ll find all the favorites to the master. Mostly consumed of women, the higher class has unlimited rights to do whatever they want to the other classes as a way of reminding them that they are forever in Underworld. Lucifer on the other hand, he was the right hand man of the master. He was like that stupid archangel in heaven, Michael, but he served the darkness. But this isn’t the time to talk about heaven.



The day was scorching as usual and the master was holding a party in his castle to all classes except for the low class. The master never attended the parties but it was full of raw parts of animals that they ate for the meal, and as for entertainment, the hunters had brought hellhounds. They were put in a ring where new comers were crying to be released from the ring, but for every new comer, they were tortured by the hellhounds welcoming them to the Underworld. Though they cried in agony, the wounds that the hellhounds made would soon heal and become a memory. The new comers when they first come down here, they are hunted down and brought here to the party, and were pawns to this sort of entertainment. Though Lucifer can’t say he like it, it did bring somewhat of a smile to his face as the hellhounds attacked. It reminded him of the days he was a hunter a long, long time ago but Lucifer was eventually made the right hand man of the unknown master after the Great War between Heaven and the Underworld. Many died but he refuses to watch his brothers die repetitively in his head. Even as he slept, the memories became his nightmares and he would wake gasping for air.

The party continued with the crying of new comers in the air mixed with the sadistic laughter of others watching. Lucifer refused to eat anything for his stomach didn’t have an appetite after watching the new comers get shredded and bitten. When the entertainment was over, the women danced for the few men that were at the party. The men were ease to seduce but Lucifer on the other hand wasn’t. He let a couple dance for him but he kept his hands to himself unlike the pigs. He guessed that fits the description of them in Underworld. They had no manners. Lucifer left after a while before everything got out of hand and he walked out to the balcony to look at the temple. Though it was far away, he still liked to look at it. From behind him, he heard footsteps and he turned to see Erika, the master’s daughter looking at him. Lucifer loved her but he didn’t show it to her because if the master caught him having an affair with the daughter of Underworld, he would be in the ring with the new comers crying and screaming like they did. She came beside him looking out towards the temple with her long brown hair flying in the blistering wind. Pits from afar shot strings of lava out where it ran into a nearby river or the ocean.

“How is your father princess?” Lucifer asked her.

“Lucifer, how many times do I have to tell you to call me by my name?”

“You know I can’t do that princess. Your father…..”

“I don’t care about what my father thinks, it’s what I want.” She replied. “When are you going to tell me the truth about how you feel about me, because I know in your eyes that there is something there, but I want you to tell me.”

“You know your father will have me thrown to the hounds if he knew I had any affection towards you. That’s why I keep my distance from you.” He told her. Erika looked down.

“Though you may not have a heart Lucifer, I know there is something deep inside you. Though you refuse it, I know it’s there.” Erika said before walking away. She was right about it and it was tearing him apart not telling, but when you’re down there you only have two choices, you either avoid the master or  be torture for the rest of your life down here. He stood for a moment thinking about her, but he threw it away and returned to his chamber at the top of castle. While he slept, Lucifer couldn’t stop thinking about her. He tossed and turned trying to get her out of his mind but she was tormenting him, taunting him, and he woke up staring at the ceiling of stone. He sat on the edge of the bed with his hands covering his face. The room was baking him as the fire outside heated the room like an oven. Sweat dropped from Lucifer’s face but evaporated in mid air. Lucifer stood from the bed and looked at the polished armor that sat in the corner of the room. Its silver plating shined with the etched eyes of the demon heads glowing bright red. A red ribbon illuminated on the hilt of the sword while the blade sat in flames. He walked out of my room and headed to a nearby window where the temple was in sight. Mesmerized by it he hopped onto the ledge with his knees bent and closed his eyes. Lucifer concentrated on all his energy, the heat, the screams of the lower class that worked. All of a sudden he leaped into the air flying over the blazing rivers and ocean and landed hard against the land with his knee touching the ground and fist punching the surface.

The temple towered over him and at the doorway two guards looked at him and got on their knees. They stayed on their knees for a second and stood back to their feet and went back to guarding the temple. Out from the door, a girl dressed in a black dress with long black hair stepped out with a smile on her face. Lucifer could see her but the guards didn’t seem to notice her. He couldn’t tell if what he was seeing was true or just some figment of his imagination. She was beautiful, maybe too beautiful as the fire within him started to burn. The weird thing was, was that she didn’t seem to have any cuts or bruises from the traps, and it confused him but that soon vanished. Their eyes locked onto each other and she slowly walked to him keeping eye contact. As she approached she pressed her hand against his face and started to circle him. Lucifer’s eyes couldn’t help but follow this magnificent, no, godly figure. It was as if Aphrodite herself was here playing with his mind.

“Hello warrior.” She said placing her mouth next to my ear. He couldn’t answer for he was mesmerized by her. “What’s wrong warrior, can’t say hello back.”

“What are you doing here?” Lucifer finally said to her.

“Can’t a beautiful young and innocent girl just take a stroll?”

“Not near the temple.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Then can you point me to the right place?” She asked sarcastically and came from around him.

“Just go back from where you came from.” He replied pointing off into the distance behind her.

“How sad. But if you insist….” The girl said placing her hand on his forehead. “Sleep.” Out of nowhere he fell to the ground with his eyes shut with a dream entering his head.


It was dark. It was a place filled with emptiness and as he looked around to see any sign of life, he couldn’t find any. From the distance in front of him, a shadowy figure approached him. When Lucifer could see them visibly, he could see that it was the girl who made him enter this dark place.

“Where am I?” He asked.

“You’re in a dream.” She replied.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Dawn.” She told him.

“What were you doing at the temple, Dawn?” He commanded.

“Mundus te cresere frigus Hellion. Omnes vos scandalum.” She said in Black Speech. Before Lucifer could ask any further questions, she started fading away and he yelled for Dawn to come back, but she was already gone.


He woke up with the guards standing above him with confused faces.

“Who is Dawn sir?” One of them asked.

“No one. Now help me up you fools.” He took both of their hands and they lifted him to his feet where he brushed the dust off his clothing. Leaving them behind, Lucifer leaped back to the balcony and entered his room and lied back on the bed. He covered his eyes with his hands knowing that his mind was playing with him all that time with Dawn. He didn’t even know if that was her real name. Then Erika busted through the door in her gown with her eyes drenched in dried tears and came to sit on the bed with him.

“What’s wrong Erika?” Lucifer asked her.

“My father Lucifer. He has grown very ill. No medicine or magic can help with his condition and that leaves me to believe that the Orb of Eternal Fire has been stolen.” She replied.

“Omnes vos scandalum.” He repeated to himself.


“It’s something I heard from this girl Dawn. She said that to me in my dream but I didn’t take it literally. I thought that it was only a dream. It looks like I was wrong.” He stood from the bed and grabbed his armor and placed it on his body. When he was finished, the armor burst into flames and he could feel his eyes release the fires of the Underworld as the helmet was placed on his head. The sword turned to scorching red fire as his hand grabbed the hilt.

“Where are you going?” Erika asked.

“I’m going to go find the Orb.”

“But you don’t know where it could be.”

“No, but there is the oracle.” He said. Erika walked over beside him and pulled a golden bracelet from out of her gown. “What’s this?”

“It’s the Wings of Icarus.” She replied handing him the bracelet. Lucifer placed the bracelet around his wrist and demonic wings sprouted from his back drenched in flames. He walked out of the room and stood on the balcony once again but turned to look into Erika’s eyes. “Be careful Lucifer.” He jumped off the balcony falling fast to the ground and in mid dive, he unfurled the wings and flapped them to raise himself up into the darkened sky. Lucifer flew through the firing tornados of Typhon and flew through the blistering desserts of Tartarus. Through the Mountains of Hades and over the Sea of Souls until he finally reached the oracle. Along the two week travel, the air started growing cold as the Underworld started dying.

On the steps that lead to the oracle through the Forest of the Dead, snow fell from the sky and every bone in his body started to shiver as the cold blanketed him. Upon her door, he through it open and there she sat waiting for him in her black gown.

“Hello Lucifer, I’ve been expecting you.” She said.

“I bet you have.” Lucifer replied shivering.

“Come take a seat next to the fire and warm up.” She said patting a pillow that sat next to the fire. He sat on the floor next to her feeling the comforting feeling of the fire and she knew what was on my mind. “You wish to find the Orb.”


“Before I can tell you where it is, there is something you need to know.” She paused before continuing. “The master you serve knows about your feelings for Erika. As soon as you hand him the Orb Lucifer, death is your new home. Erika is chained in his torture chamber feeling the wrath of her father. You need to decide what you have to do. You either let this world die with you along with it or you risk your life to save hers. Whatever you choose, there is no turning back.”

The thought of Erika being beaten by her father sickened him. Her cries and screams he could hear in his ears as he imagined it. The rage built up within and the fires of hatred consumed him. Lucifer tried to control the anger that dwelled within but he couldn’t hold it back. He stood and punched at the wall repeatedly until his hand became numb and his flesh was eaten by the stone.

“Tell me where the Orb is oracle.” He demanded.

“It’s with the dark sorcerer in the Mountains of Hades. You understand there is no going back.” She asked but Lucifer was already out the door and in the air. Again Lucifer flew over the Sea of Souls as he headed into the mountains. Half way through the mountains, a large hole on the left side of the mountains was lit and he rushed through the opening and found the sorcerer standing at a table with a black cloak and bones scattered among the table. The sorcerer turned and saw Lucifer standing behind him consumed by the fire of the Underworld.

“Ah, welcome Lucifer. I was wondering when you might arrive.” The sorcerer said.

“Where is the Orb sorcerer?” Lucifer demanded.

“If you want it, then come and get it.” The sorcerer said laughing. Lucifer held his sword over his head and charged at the sorcerer but demons from the ceiling fell on him and pinned him to the ground. In anger, Lucifer struggled to free himself. As he realized that he wasn’t strong enough, a burst of rage exited him and he flung the demons against the wall. He stood to his feet finding that more than a dozen demons were surrounding him and through the crowd, he heard the sorcerer laughing. “It seems you are surrounded Hellion. Kill him.”

One after another the demons charged at Lucifer who was slashing and slicing through their bodies with the flamed sword. As it ran through them a sizzle was released and the smell of cooked flesh filled the room. The demons fell to the ground and turned to ash as they were cut with the sword. The Wings of Icarus stabbed the demons with its fine tips as Lucifer commanded them. When they were all dead, the sorcerer summoned more and the blade went to work. Spinning and jabbing the demons with the sword and the wings, Lucifer killed them all and he approached the sorcerer who was shaking in fear.

“I’m only going to ask one more time. WHERE IS THE ORB?” He yelled at the sorcerer. The sorcerer materialized the orb in front of Lucifer’s face and he grabbed it. Before leaving the cave, Lucifer spun in a full 360 circle and sliced the head of the sorcerer clean off. Lucifer flew back into the sky heading back to the Temple of Amaranth but he decided to wait. In front of the temple he hovered above the ground with the orb in his hands and the orb already knew want he wanted to see. In the orb he saw Erika being slashed by a whip on her bare back that was bleeding immensely. Lucifer’s eyes became drenched in fire and he shot straight for the castle. He flew over the top of it and dipped into a dive and rushed down to the bottom of the castle and busted through the walls. When the dust cleared, Lucifer saw a giant demon holding a whip with hatred in its eyes. The demon whipped Lucifer across the face with the whip and he felt a sting as the end of the whip clipped his nose through the helmet.

The rage grew within and he rushed at the demon and shouldered it into the wall behind it. The demon fell to the ground but it didn’t stop it from getting back up. When it rose to its feet, it rushed at him but Lucifer dodged out of the way and brought the sword down on the demon’s neck. The blade cut right through with a sizzle of the flames burning the flesh. Satisfied that the demon was dead, Lucifer rushed over to Erika where she dangled hardly breathing. He swiped the blades across the chains and cut right through them and she fell to the ground. Lucifer knelt down to her with tears in his eyes that evaporated leaving grains of salt on his cheeks.

“Erika?” He said. She weakly looked at him for a second before her head rocked backwards and her last breath was drawn. Footsteps from behind echoed in his ears as he hovered over Erika.

“You were too late to save her Lucifer.” The master had said. “You did this to her and now you’ll join her.” The master unsheathed his sword and held it above his head. As if time had gone to slow motion, Lucifer heard the sword slowly whistle in the air as it came down. His hands became covered in flames and he quickly grabbed the blade in mid air. Lucifer’s hand burned brighter and the steel blade melted in front of the master and the master’s eyes looked at Lucifer’s as fear took over. Lucifer wickedly smiled and wrapped the wings around the master. With every piece of rage and every ounce of anger, the wings heated up and Lucifer saw the master turn to ash before his eyes. When the master was gone and was nothing but a pile of remains, Lucifer knelt next to Erika again and lifted her from the ground and carried her out of the room. He lifted into the air with her in his arms and flew to the top of the castle where he looked at her for the last time before turning her into ash and letting them fall to the castle. He took it as a sign that her soul would forever walk in the halls of the castle, never to forget her as her ghost would reveal itself to him when it came across him.


Throughout the many centuries that Lucifer became ruler of the Underworld, the Temple of Amaranth was destroyed and the Orb of Eternal Fire remained a small object that was embedded in a fiery gold chained necklace that lies around his neck. Sometimes he wondered to himself if Dawn was ever real or just some hallucination that he saw so long ago. He would never know and he eventually forgot about her. Through the many halls of the castle, he always saw his love, Erika, appear in the halls with a smile on her face waiting for the day the two of them would be together hand in hand, and he knew on that day, he would be next to her smiling the way she smiled at him now. He knew it to be true because when he looked down at the necklace, the Orb of Eternal Fire told him so.


There are a total of 3,288 words that were used to make this story. Thank you for reading.

© Copyright 2020 Reaper. All rights reserved.

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