Witches Covenant

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The Imaginarium

This book is a collaboration between Hullabaloo22 and I. I hope you guys enjoy the book.

Table of Contents


In the year of 1612 in Britain, the first witch to walk the Earth discovered the power within her. Over time she has been in search of ... Read Chapter

A Touch of Death

1612, Britain Maria   The sky was black as the stars lit the landscape that lied above nine year old Maria a... Read Chapter


This chapter was written by Hullabaloo22. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.
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The Witch of Salem

1693, Salem, Massachusetts Abigail   Abigail woke from her bed in the little cabin that sat in Salem. It was two month... Read Chapter

Evading Capture

1700, Scotland Bess   It had never been ideal, but a case of making the best of an opportunity to escape. Would they hav... Read Chapter

The Samurai's Witch

1734, Japan Taka   The twenty-three year old Japanese woman stood on the porch of her little home in a small village i... Read Chapter

Flickering Flame

France 1750 Isabelle   Isabelle had not really shown a lot of interest in the horses until the new groom arrived at the ... Read Chapter

Welcome to the Witches Covenant

Ella Levringh 1888, Whitechapel, London   There was darkness in the sky as night took control over the city of... Read Chapter