The Haze

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In an attempt of a mini-vacation, five friends end up stuck in an island owned by a middle-aged "friendly" man and his "normal" family.

Submitted: April 05, 2009

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Submitted: April 05, 2009



..."Well at least I wasn't the one that drove us into a bunch of rocks!" screamed Olivia.
"How is it my fault that the whole place went all foggy!" snapped Harrison back at Olivia.
"Yo, guys! Calm down, if we're ever getting outta here, we have to calm down." Cesar said in a smooth tone.
"Calm down?! How can I calm down! I'm here, miles away from home in some… crappy island in the middle of nowhere and...."
"Hey, this is my crappy island you’re talking about"was the sound that came from a silhouette far away. As the figure got closer the friends realized it was just a man. "Yeah, this is my island alright. Hey Lina!" he shouted. "Get Lynne, there's no bomb here, just a boat and a bunch of kids!"
"We're not kids!" Scott replied angrily, who was checking on the boat at the time. "I'm twenty-one!" he said with a grin.
"Well, you sure behave like kids, crashing into rocks... and what not." As he finished talking two other figures came to his sides. "I'd like you to meet my wife, Paulina, and my daughter, Selene.”
“Hello.” the two women said in unison.
"I'm Nathan, nice to meet you all. Welcome to Marce Island.”
"Umm... I'm Cesar Gallego, that's Scott Stine all the way back in the boat. There's Olivia and Seth Fuller, they're brother and sister. And umm... that's Harrison Franklin." he said as he pointed at each one respectively. "We were just in a failed attempt of a mini vacation when our boat crashed." He smiled in shame.
As they became more familiar with each other, they began talking how it all began. They were all at Olivia's house waiting for Seth to be done packing when, as usual; his sister began nagging about how nothing was going as they planned.
"God, sometimes I wonder how we can be related." Olivia screamed from far away.
"Calm down! I'm coming!" Seth yelled.
"Holy cow it's so hot!Let's go."
"Let's calm down" Cesar said, trying to appease Olivia.
"C'mon, we're gonna be late!" she said.
As the argument went on, Seth came out with a leather suitcase in one hand and a big red bag of clothes in the other. He put them in the car's trunk and closed it with a loud slam, trying to release his anger that had been built up from so much yelling.
"Is everyone ready?" Harrison said with a big sigh.
"Yes, now drive!" Olivia replied quickly.
They drove for about two hours and luckily Olivia was in a good mood during most of the trip. They arrived at the shore and they all saw the magnificent sunrise. Even though they all admired it inside, they attempted not to show any sign of "weakness" by not commenting on it, except for Cesar.
"Wooooow... that looks amazing." He said in an almost mellifluous yet masculine way.
There was silence, then the only one that answered was Olivia with a smile, but that was good enough for Cesar: to know that his personality had been acknowledged. They got off the car into the cold and wet sand and walked a couple of yards to the boat. All of them but Scott who had to carry all the bags.
"Wait up" he said. Then, as a joke, Harrison moved the boat a couple of feet to make as if he was leaving without him. "Very funny, Harrison." Scott said sarcastically as he got on.
They departed for real after a couple of minutes making sure that the boat was ready. They were good for about thirty minutes swinging around the fluctuating waves until a fog set in very densely making it hard to see 10 feet ahead of them. Although Harrison had set the boat going in the direction of the island they were aiming for, thanks to the compass, they could only hope for the best and that there was nothing on the way.
"Hey, this necklace I found is supposed to be a charm in case of bad conditions." said Olivia hysterically. Then she grabbed onto her necklace and started whispering in a different language that no one could understand. But just as she began, a loud bang was heard and they were all shook around inside the boat by the crash and bruised by the different objects inside the room. The worst was Seth whose arm was broken.
"So, it was the fog that brought you here?" Nathan interrupted.
"Yeah, we weren't able to see anything at all." Harrison said.
"Well you're welcome to stay at our house."
"Ohh... we couldn't possibly..."
"Ohh, but you must!" reassured Nathan, “we have enough room, besides, we’re very far from… well… anywhere else.”
“Are you guys okay with it?”
“Yes” they begged.
“OK then, I guess we’re staying” Harrison smiled.
As the Rupinska’s left the room to get food and medicine for the wounds, Selene winked at Cesar in a creepy but to beautiful way to be ignored. He just smiled back at her.
That night as Cesar went to get some air and meditate about all of the day’s events when Selene walked out of the main door. Very seductively, she walked around and sat next to Cesar on the front steps and put her arm around him.
“I’m very sorry about you and your friends.” Selene said in a soft but mature voice. “I hope you all get better soon.”
“Thanks for the support but isn’t it too cold for such a delicate and fine girl like you to be out here?” Cesar said now happily.
“Nah, it gets colder in this island,” she answered. “I’m very used to it.”
“I can see why you look so pale. But that’s a good thing. It goes well with your… you.”
Selene just giggled. “C’mon, I know a place where we can talk in private.”
After saying that, she abruptly dragged him deeper into some palm tree forest. They sat down in the middle of a circular figure engraved into the ground, surrounded by familiar sculptures.
“Hey, don’t those … things … look like Olivia’s necklace?” Cesar asked waiting for an explanation.
“Umm… I guess…” she said awkwardly. “Umm... I don’t remember what her necklace looks like.” she finished in relief.
“Oh well, what do you wanna do?
“I don’t know… how about… truth, you wanna play truth?” Selene said trying to look cute.
“Okay. You first, ask me something.”
“Umm… do you… like Olivia?”
“I use too… but then I realized I like her more as a friend.” he said uneasily. “Well, who do you like?’
“Well,” she stopped for a second, “there is this one guy. He’s very good looking,” she smiled, “and he has the dreamiest hazel eyes I’ve ever seen” she said as she started fixing her hair.
Realizing what she meant Cesar said “Ohh… well,” he also stopped for a second. “There’s this one girl I think I kinda like, she has sparkly blue eyes.”
As they reached for each other’s lips, a scream was heard from far away. Although Cesar tried to stop and check, Selene pulled him against her, and kissed him almost violently but very passionate. For a moment he fell for it and played along but then he came back to reality and stopped. Selene was left hanging for a second.
“What was that?” he said fixing his shirt.
Then she said playfully. “What was what?”
“That scream”, now Cesar was getting scared. “It’s coming from the house.”
“What are you talking….” she was interrupted by him leaving.
Cesar wandered around the woods for a couple of minutes for the fact that he didn’t know exactly how he got there. Then he came out into the front of the house only to step into a puddle of what seemed to be blood. He looked up and saw Seth; only he was bleeding from the neck and fell down the steps as if he was a rag doll. Behind him, was the massive Paulina masked by a layer of the scarlet fluid and licking around her mouth cleaning it off with her tongue. For a moment, Cesar was as pale as the moon shining on him, but then his face turned red with anger and sadness simultaneously. He rammed Mrs. Rupinska with all his strength into the table that had been left with the leftovers of what they had eaten that afternoon. He took a last glance at Seth and intelligently went into the kitchen deciding that there was nothing that could be done. In the kitchen there was Olivia and Harrison grasping for air next to the door and Scott was struggling with Nathan who had a look in his eyes as if he was possessed.
“Run!” Scott said looking at Harrison whom Olivia was firmly holding on to. “You too!” he yelled at Cesar.
Olivia and Harrison went out the kitchen door and Cesar went into the living room with his adrenaline at a very high level. Right at that moment Selene came through the other door in the same room and looked as if nothing had happened.
“What the hell is going on?” Cesar said desperately.
Selene then said innocently. “What are you talking about?”
“Are you out of your mind!? One of my friends is dead!” Cesar said breathing heavily.
“It’s not our fault you and your friends are sooooo irresistible.” Selene said touching her lip. Now her eyes were white.
Disgusted he said “Wha….”
Suddenly, Selene assaulted him. She pushed him against the wall and bit his neck strongly. Before he could react to the attack, his body reflexively grabbed her by her red blouse and threw her across the room. He was now bleeding and in excruciating pain. She got up and with an angry look ran into him again, only this time he had blocked the bite with his arm. He screamed and tried to get her off but it was all in vain. As he became weaker and weaker he slowly reached for the glass vase on the end table next to him and destroyed it on her head. She fell to the floor because of the impact, and him because of the lack of strength. Then he looked at Selene’s unconscious but gorgeous face and in an emotional impulse, he almost admitted that he regretted what he had done, as if he had murdered an angel.
After recovering for a few minutes he ran outside and looked for Olivia and Harrison. Confused, he rambled around the island without a trace of them. Finally, almost running out of hope, he saw them and ran to them like a kid runs to his new pet. But the joy was gone as he got closer because he saw that Olivia and Harrison were fighting like cats and dogs.
“What’s wrong with you two?” Cesar said in horror.
“It’s Olivia, she’s possessed. It’s her--ugh--ugh” he was stopped by Olivia as she held on to his neck with force.
“GET OFF!” Cesar said as he while he pulled Olivia away from her victim. “What?” he asked Harrison again while comforting him.
“Cough--cough… it’s her neck--necklace,” Harrison said grasping for air. “She found it on the shore next to the booklet of spells she’s been reading cough--cough.” he said trying to breathe.
Then, Cesar took a glance at Olivia. She had a blank expression and blood on her fingers. Her blue sweater was stretched and ripped in a few places. Before he could make anymore observations she was on him, stabbing him with her sharp nails on the shoulders. She pushed him into a tree and ready to attack him, Harrison pulled her by her hair and pushed her away from Cesar. But he was too strong and pushed her a little past the edge of the cliff. As she was trying to maintain balance Cesar ran to her in an attempt to rescue her. But he was a little too late and was only able to grasp on to her necklace in such a way that she was left hanging and choking. When she was finally out of breath, the necklace vanished, as it didn’t have a live host from whom it could drain life from. When it disintegrated, it let Olivia fall into the abyss that was under her. Cesar just kneeled for a moment to try to put all the pieces together in his mind. Without more hesitation, he got up and told Harrison.
“Oh my God! We have to get Scottie.”
With an expression of surprise Harrison said, “He’s still in the house?”
“Yeah, is the boat okay” Cesar then asked.
“Yeah, I was able to get it off the rocks this afternoon.”
“Good,” Cesar said in relief. “’cause we’re leaving as soon as possible.” he said these words as he started running.
Meanwhile, Scott had managed to survive and was still fighting Nathan. Since he was extremely exhausted and wounded, he saw no other remedy but to run away. He was persecuted around the house a few times by Nathan until he decided to confront him one last time. In this attempt, he was able to push him away into the edge of an old oak table, ending with the assassin’s life. Relieved, he went out the front door and saw Cesar and Harrison about fifty yards away. He took a deep breath and just stood there trying to rest for a minute. They saw him breathing hard and bleeding from many places since he had gotten many bruises fighting Nathan. But no matter how bad he looked, they were all happy to see each other.
Then, as Cesar got closer to Scott in aid, Scott was jumped on the shoulder by Selene and stabbed in the left part of his chest deeply with a kitchen knife. Harrison grabbed Cesar by the shoulder stopping him from going back to the house since there was nothing that could be done to help. Selene repeatedly bit Scott in the neck as his shrieks faded away along with his life and final breath. Then, she dragged his lifeless body inside the house as Cesar cried for him.
Cesar yelled “Nooo….” as tears flowed down his cheeks.
And with watery eyes Harrison said, “C’mon le--lets go before they co--come for us.”
They ran inside the boat with a burst of energy that had come from the ire and depression altogether. Harrison started the boat as fast as he could while Cesar blocked all ways into the boat and locked all doors.
“Cesar,” sobbed Harrison as he wiped off the tears from his face. “Call the c-cops.”
“Right.” Cesar said.
He went back to the boat’s phone and finally was able to dial 9-1-1 after missing the right keys because of so much shaking.
Then, an unknown operator in a careless but high-pitched voice said, “9-1-1, what is the nature of your emergency?”
“Three of ou--our friends are d--dead!” he yelled at the telephone. “We’re at--at, we’re…”
“Sir, Sir, I’m going to need you to calm down and explain me where you are.”
“We’re at Marce Island.” Cesar said wiping off the tears from his face.
“Could you please locate that for me?”
“It’s off the shore of Mannbeestown.”
“I’m looking for it on the map…” a couple of seconds went by. “There’s no such island, sir.” the operator said very confused.
“Sir! calm down. Like I said before there’s no such island between Elise and Mannbeestown.”
“How is this possible?” Cesar said very frightened.
“Sir? … Siiiiiir? ….” said the operator “Ar…e y…ou the…e, Sir….”
“Hello?! Hellooooo?!” Cesar said listening to the static coming thought the phone. His heart stopped for a couple of seconds.
“Frank, The police said there’s no such Marce Island.” he said frenetically.
“Umm… Cesar?” Frank answered scared. “Look….”
He pointed out the windows of the boat to give that worst of all news that Cesar could have heard. There was a dense fog around them and they could not see any farther. The compass had gone wild and Harrison could not do anything to set the boat in motion towards home. A few moments later, a crash was heard and Cesar and Harrison were flung across the room.

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