Hopes and dreams.

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Submitted: June 19, 2010

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Submitted: June 19, 2010




For each and every child there is hopes and dreams,

for some,

in which they do not understand or do not follow.

We follow,

we follow our dreams,

that we are given.

But our hopes,

are not yet dremt of.

Because our hopes,

have not been acquaintanced,

for they have not yet been seen.

In the light or in the dark,

the warm or the bitter cold,

we can not identify guidance,

it is your choice to occupy,

to occupy – motionlessly – your assistance to somebody's life,

apply your knowledge of knowing how.

For maybe some day,

your knowledge may not be aplicable in that day and age,

and that forgotten soul that you amended,

will guide you forwards,

forward, to where you started,

and give you reminders of why you are an angel of the living generations,

because that is what you did that day when she was shredded on the floor,

all tatered in pieces.

Her hopes had not yet been found,

but her dream was to find you,

and your dream,

is to find her,


on the floor.

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