Airforce Brat

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As an Air Force brat, moving was nothing new in my life, but moving to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific changed my life.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Air Force Brat

Guam, the tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the tiny island away from everything I have ever known, the tiny island I used to call home. 

When I was 14 years old, I got the news that I was moving to Guam.  Moving to Guam was an extreme change for me.  I remember how much I hated to leave, how I finally changed my mind, and how grateful I was for the experience when it was over.

I can remember the day I was told I was being shipped half way around the world.  I can remember getting out of church just like any other Sunday in my life.  As I played with my brother and sisters in the arcade room at the officer’s base, I heard my mom’s voice call over our playful sounds, and we all lined up to hear what she had to say.  I knew that they were excited to tell us some big news today and had been waiting all morning to finally hear it. Would we be going on a great vacation?  I loved our many road trips.  “We are moving to the base on Guam, exciting huh?” my mom said with enthusiasm. I was in a daze, Guam?  Where was that?  What was there in Guam? Horror and grief crashed into me like a tidal wave.  Tears pricked my eyes and heat flooded my face.  I was no longer hungry and no longer wanted to talk about this horrible subject they had thrown on me.  It could not be true.  What about all my friends that I would have to leave behind?  I have moved so many times and finally was getting adjusted to this place.  I was just entering into my second year of high school where I was finally adapting.  I cried and blamed my parents for making me suffer such a tragedy.  

I stayed in a daze all through the 13 hour trip over the ocean to Guam.  It was unbelievable that they had to move me again, but this time was half way around the world.  The minute we stepped off the plane, I felt like I had my breath knocked out of me as I was hit with a brick wall of humidity.  We left the small airport and got into the rusted ugly car that my parents had bought to get through the two years we would be stationed on the island.  I gazed around to what was to be my new home.  The buildings were cracked with age and stained with weather.  Trash sprinkled the fields like snow.  The cars had rust from the salt in the air from the ocean.  The jungles were thick and dense making you wonder what was in the dark shadows.  I was to live here? How could they bring me here? 

I stayed in a foul mood for the rest of the day thinking that my parents were the worst in the world.  We got to the house that we would stay in.  It was a square concrete box with big shutters.  Every house on the block looked identical.  How could they do this to me? I felt like my life was over.

My dad announced that he wanted to take us to the beach.  Great, I thought to myself, what will I find now?  We packed up and headed out in our old rusted car with holes in the floor. 

The drive down to the ocean was about 5 minutes from our house.  As we drove down the road with lots of jungle surrounding it, we finally got to this big rock wall that formed on the side of the road hiding the view behind it.  The rock then opened up and there it was; the other side of Guam.  It was the most breathtaking beauty I have ever seen.  The water was the same color as the beautiful blue sky above it, and it went on as far as the eye could see. As we walked up to the ocean, the water looked like a beautiful swimming pool.  You could see everything.  It was so pure and clean.  There was thousands of beautiful bright colored fish swimming all around you.  Every color you could imagine was in that water.  My dad, smiling at my sudden mood change, tempted me to go into that water.  I put my toes in expecting cold and chilly like the ocean in California.  I was shocked that the water was comfortable, warm, and welcoming almost like bath water.  Okay, so maybe I was starting to like this place.

I went to the beach almost every day in those two years.  I never tired of it.  I was able to get scuba certified on Guam and go and explore so many more things that the beautiful ocean had to offer.  The jungles soon became our maze as we went on many expeditions through the jungles to find secluded beaches and interesting caves.  Guam became a diamond in the rough for me with many new experiences. 

When we moved away from Guam, I was shocked by how much I missed it.  The warm air that took away the need for heavy clothes, the quick trips to the ocean, and the amazing experiences that I had, such as living through a class 5 typhoon and seeing the eye of the storm.  Sometimes I sit and daydream about my time there.  Who would I be if I had not been forced to move to Guam so many years ago?

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