Castaway Islands and Forgotten Gods (#1 in the 'Trials of the Gods' series)

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*This is a spin on the Greek gods. The beginning story of how the world came to be is not the same but all the gods, titans and monsters still exist. Basically in my story there were 6 starting elements and they helped to create the world. firstly starting with Chaos and Order. I have used the idea from Percy Jackson of a support place for demi-gods*

My friends and I were always known for epically screwing things up. But I don't think we ever screwed up as much as we did this time. We had pissed off gods and monsters but this time we had set lose the powers that created the world. You know, those 6 guys you hear about in the myths. Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Death and Life. Well we set them free from their eternal prisons. They actually were beings with unstoppable power and they were ready to get revenge.

Of course the 4 of us got in lots of trouble, nearly died a few times, discovered who our parents were and saved the world

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Evil Swords with Bad Pasts

Submitted: April 11, 2016

*Charlotte's POV* "Okay so recap again what you want us to do" "I want us to sneak into the museum and steal the whacky thingy th... Read Chapter