Trying to Forget The past

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Danielle finds out that her boyfriend isn't as perfect as he seems, what will she do when she finds out her boyfriend deepest secret, and what will he do to keep Danielle to stay with him, because what he says is he can't live without her, and nothing can bring them apart, what will happen to these two couples, read and find out. :)

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Chapter 1

Danielle Prov:

\" Why, Why d-did you it\" I whispered sadly trying to push him away from me, I didn't want to be near him at all, all he did was hurt me, from the very beginning.

\" I did it for you babe, for us, dont you understand that we belong together, I love you and you love me, remember when we always used to say we belong together and we would grow up together and get married and have kids of our own, remember honey\" he was smiling and it made me sick to my stomach, yes I remembered that, but that was before I knew the real him, the other side of him that he had always somehow hid from me, he lied to me, about everything.

I tried to push him away again but he just held on to me tighter, squishing me to his hard chest, causing me to smell him, he smelled of nature, like the smell of fresh grass and dirt.

\" Yes, but that was before everything Colten, before you showed me the real you, and before the accident \" I knew if I said anymore I would break down, it was to hard to think about, everything was to hard now.

I felt his body go stiff and I look up to see he was angry and guilty, his jaw was clenched and he was glaring at the wall ahead of us, his eyes held anger, guilt, pain, regret, and loss, but also love, and I knew the last one was for me, and I hate it.

\" Please don't hate me danny, I love you and what is it going to take for you to forget that, I told you to forget it because you know how I get when I'm angry, please Danielle I love you with every part of my body, I would take a bullet for you, I would die for you, just please forgive me, I don't want to lose you when I lost everything \" he looked into my eye's and I knew I couldn't stay mad at him forever because once he was my love and he is my first love. I just I don't think I can forgive him for what he's done, I mean its hard to forget.

\"I Don't know Cole, I need time to think just please give me time \" I looked down not having the strength to look into his eye's.

It was minute later before he spoke but when he did I was relieved.

\" Yeah I guess but Ima give you three days top because I can't stand being away from you love\" he said sadly while grabbing my face gently and making me look into his eye's which held sadness, desperation, love, and worry

\" But promise me one thing Danielle love\" he whispered very quietly that I barley heard.

I nodded my head not trusting my voice.

He leaned forward so his mouth was right next to my ear.

\" If I do this, leave you alone\" he paused for a second as if thinking of what to say next \" Promise me that you won't try to leave me love, don't try to run away it will just make things worse, and where ever you go I'll find you, you know that \" I shivered feeling his warm breath on my neck while he spoke.

I nodded again not trusting my voice.

\" I want to hear you say it love, it means alot more with you saying it\" he whispered while giving my neck a soft kiss up to my cheek then to giving my lips a kiss that made my knees go weak, I hate that he made me feel this way, him of all men.

\"Please\" he whispered leaning back alittle so He could look me in the eyes but still have me against him so I wouldn't run.

I shook my head so I could clear it and think better.

\"I promise I won't leave in those three days \" I said alittle bit louder then I wanted to. making me look down not wanting to see the look on his face.

\" Look at me \" when I didn't he gently put his hand on my face and move it so I could look at him, I seen that he was smiling, for what I have no clue.

\" I'll leave but not far so I can still see that your ok but, I'll be back in three day, that should be more then enough time, I'll go now \" he pulled me closer if that where possible and gave me a kiss on the cheek and turned around and started leaving, once he was by the door he turn around and looked back one more time, this time his face held sadness, his eye's were watery as if he were going to cry and he wore a frown that made him look vulnerable, it made me almost think twice about the three day thing but I decided I needed time, to clear my head, and maybe try and forgive him or try and figure a way to escape him if he let me, but it was far from possible.

\" I love you \" his eye's held sadness when he said it, I know he wanted me to say it back, but its hard to when he did all those things, he hurted me way to much

I just nodded wishing he would just go before I changed my mind.

His frown deepen but not even a second later he turn around and stormed out of the house slamming the door behind him, I knew he was mad.


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