Where the Muskidine Grows

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Just a simple poem I wrote last Spring about making the most of today, being content with what you have and where you are. After longing for the goodness of the past, I realized that I loved right where I was.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



I want to go where the Muskidine Grows

Where the branches hang low, where I call home

Where the sun shines brightly and never a cloud

Dares cover the dear light in gloomy shroud


I want to go back to seasons long past

or forward to make new seasons last

I want to dance and laugh, sing and cry

At what fair sights there meets my eye


Muskidine vines cover tall green trees

where warmth stands, winter's on its knees

when the breeze whistles a happy tune

And your eyes shine brighter than any old moon


I want to be when the muskidine grows

When flip-flops spread between my toes

When no busywork gets in the way

and we are left to enjoy the perfect day


But I wonder yet, could there be more?

is there more to the story than what I see in store?

Is the muskidine grove where I need to be?

Could something else be meant for me?


Where the muskidine grows, it gets very hot

You get bored and you sweat a lot

And the bugs are always  out, don't you forget

And don't you get tired of getting wet?


Where I am now, no muskidine grows

No flip-flops grace between my toes

and if you go to the vines, I would beware

This season no muskidines grow there


Its spring now, when new life begins

We laugh and smile, spending time with friends

Leaves burst forth, buds break through

I want to stay here a while with you


I want to stay where the flowers grow

Where I tend the garden with spade and hoe

I want to walk where the daffodils nod

where I work my full heart to the glory of God


I want to stay where afternoons bring rain

And smile when the sun comes out again

I want to inspect a world sprinkled with dew

I want to stay where  life is made new


I want to stay where my heart is heard

When the music plays and I feel every word

my soul stirs up at each new line

my dreams meet real life, and I shimmer and shine


I don't need to go where the muskidines grow

This sweet life is all i need know

It may not be perfect but today's all I got

I'm ready to live, God, willing to be taught


Teach me how to love this life I live

I'll be content and offer all I have to give

No matter what high heights or low lows

I want to stay where real love grows



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