Word War One

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Sometimes its just hard to express yourself!
One day I wanted to write a poem and was having difficulty... so instead I took the classic path of writing a poem about writing a poem! But it also applies to all times in life when words fail. It's good to find a balance between frustration and laughing at one's self!

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Why is it so hard to say what I feel?

To put to words the thoughts I know are real?

When I thought I had these

great ideas.

But they seem to be pleased

just to stay huddled in my brain.

So here lies my single thought train.


Wow, this is lame!

Boy, does this stink!

 How no one can say

What they really think!


Sometimes it’s bad to have so many great thoughts--

in their eagerness to get out, they trip and get lost.


what a frustrating occupation!

When you want to be inspiring but the words fall flat,

how do you get the inspiration to come back?


Sorry this is bad!

It just can’t be real!

How I cannot say

What I really feel!


We try and try but the words just won’t come

We know what to do but it doesn’t get done.

A wall, the wall--

Our wheels spin in place, the engine stalls.

Where good ideas rot

in stagnate water of murky thought.


It’s a catastrophe!

What a disgrace!

My thoughts just can’t seem

to find their right place!


But sometimes in life, it’s not the words we say—

It’s what we do,

 and in what way.

Sometimes no answer is the best we can give.

Verbally unsure

But watch how we live.

So when you feel speechless, just revert to the truth.

Because no matter what you try to do,

God works best through the honesty of youth.

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