My Vampire Diaries

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This is a story that I wrote when I was 10 with characters from the vampire diaries series but the story is all mine !

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



My Little Scene From My Own Vampire Diaries

As Damon`s sharp fangs peirced through my pale skin, I could feel my wrist burning like acid. When he finally pulled away from draining my blood ( from what I thought) everyone gathered around me seeing if there was a slight change. Jeremy and Stefan quickly strode to my side. Jeremy was still as cute as ever with his innocent brown, eyes. I now realized what Damon was doing. He was turning me. I heard the muttering from Caroline and Elena.

They were coming from the kitchen with a wet towl and a glass of what I assumed was the gruesome blood that had probably been drained from a poor, innocent animal. Suddenly everything went black, I could feel the sweat dripping off of my hot fore-head. Bonnie was behind the old, wooden chair chanting something quietly to herself. Now I couldn`t see or hear. My life just went to from glamorous to near death. If I would`ve listened to Katherine I would be safe painting her toe-nails whilst she brushes my dark hazelnut hair in my bedroom. Maybe Jon was right, maybe the Salvatore brothers are useless. Katherine and I could stop Klaus ourselves.

Now I just need Damon to turn me and get it all over with. Katherine and I could be a hero together. Elena comes to my side with her comforting optimism but she does not get what I`m feeling right now. What Elena would think is that you have to save everyone by sacrificing yourself. Be a Hero. To me it just sounds stupid , I mean when everyone is trying to keep her safe and all.

Unfortunately Jeremy leaves the crowded room, too scared to see what happens next. Will I faint? Or even worse... die? Wait.... if Damon just put some of his blood into my system that means... There is no way out of this ! If I die i`ll turn.

These are my final moments of being a human. My last minutes of not being a blood-sucking monster. Damon finally say`s " It`s not actually that bad" Everybody including myself looks at Damon in a ` Just please shuttup and help ` sort of look . I can feel myself slowly fading away. My heart beat has slowed way down since I got bitten. Carefully Stefan picks up my shivering hands between his and said " You`re going to be OK ... I promise" Stefan never breaks his promises. He is so loyal,trustworthy and is not a prejudging person.

Truly I am so lucky to have an amazing group of friends. 3 Vampires , 1 Witch , and 2 wonderful living human beings. As the icy cold air finally kicks in, I breath my last gasp of air. I am dead. My body lay limp and lifeless on the dusty, oak chair. All that was left was to wait, wait for me to wake up having my first day of being a monster. Great... If Tommorrow works out well I might turn out not being a murderer.

By : Becky Padington ;) ( Characters from real vampire diaries but story is TRULY mine )

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