The Face Behind The Window

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This short story is one I wrote in school, I think that it is still worth putting it on booksie ;)

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



The Face Behind the Window

Thoroughly I searched through my box of old belongings looking for something to make my new house feel more homely. Suddenly I heard a faint moaning sound coming from behind me...

Abruptly I stood up and put my aching back againt the wall. I searched around the room looking for any sign of movement, though all I could see was an empty room with a lifless scenery through the translucent window. Hours later I was asleep on my rigid mattress which like me , lazily lay down. I am awake; I am still and silent. Looking out the windowand at the flickering lightbulb, it makes my eyelids feel heavy. Before I could close my sleepy eyes and dream, I saw a faint glowing fugure, staring straight at me through the dusty window. It was outlined with a mesmerizing turqoiuse fog.

I was too shcoked to move. So all I did was stare back at its face with sunken eyes, and somber features, waiting for its next move. Slowly I sat down still with my back against the rough wallpaper. I couldn`t help but think, amI going to die today? WouldI let that even happen? Without out answering my own question, I pulled the knitted covers over my head and closed my eyes .

After a long day of hard work around the new house, I had completely forgotten about the incident that night. Why though! Why did that night have to repeat itself? I have still been asking myself that same question for years now. So unfortunately,( yet again) the faint glowing figure was glaring at me.

What happened next are not for yor ears. I guess I will have to keep my secret forever...

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