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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

I've been working on trying out different genres.
This is my attempt at writing the start of a horror story.
Enjoy, please leave comments and tips.



It’s dark as Leta’s eyes flickered open. She coughed as she took in a gasp of musk and dust. Disorientated she looked around her, her eyes adjusting to the dark. Leta’s heart sank as she realized she was in a hospital ward. It was an abandoned hospital ward. The bed she was laying on was damp, brown and it smelt stale. There were holes in the ceiling, the other beds were all straight and where they should be but just as old as hers. Leta checked herself over, she was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, her favourite black leather jacket, and her boots.

Was I kidnapped? She thought to herself, she didn’t have her phone, wallet or keys.

Leta got off the bed and walked towards the windows on her side of the room. Moving the moth-eaten curtains aside she peered outside. It was the dead of night. Outside there was an overgrown garden, weeds, and ivy covering the concrete paths. There was a light outside but she couldn’t see any stars or a moon of any sorts.

Turning she looked again around the rotting room. Directly in front of her on the other side of the room was a door and windows with broken glass in the panes.


Stepping out into the equally musky hospital corridor she saw many doors leading to other rooms, a nurses’ station covered in a thick layer of dust. Jogging over, Leta looked over the desk. Knowing it probably wouldn’t work she tried the phone. Not even a tone. Just silence.

It took Leta a moment but she noticed that all the pieces of paper on the desk had nothing written on them. Not even a name. Folders and folders of what would be patient notes and medical jargon were empty. It dawned even more on Leta that she hadn’t even seen another living thing, not even a spider. Leta went through the drawers, looking for anything that might help her. In one of the drawers, she found scalpels and she grabbed a handful, put them in the inside pocket of her leather jacket.

I’ve got to get out of here.

Leta took deep breaths and walked back into the main corridor. Leta looked left and right to both ends. Both ends had doors, the left had a sickly yellow glow through the windows. The right had a randomly flickering light.

Just pick a direction, Leta.

She chose left.
At the end of the corridor, she slowly pushed one of the double doors open. With one hand holding the door, her other hand found one of the scalpels in her pocket, with her thumb she flicked the cover off. Feeling safer with her weapon, she poked her head out of the door and saw a set of stairs. Choosing to go down, thinking that she could find the exit, she descended them.
She was part way down when she could hear a squeaking sound and then a thump. Rhythmic squealing of wheels then a thump.


Squeak. Thump.Squeak. Thump.
Leta’s bravery left her. She leaned over the banister looking at the landing below.

A man. No, something less than a man. Skin pulled tight over bones, wispy white hair covered a translucent white scalp. She watched him pushed his wheelchair back then forward pounding his head against the wall. Leta could see a brown patch was on the wall every time he pushed away.
Squeak. Thump. Squeak.Thump.
He was muttering. Muttering something but Leta couldn’t hear. She was frozen in place.
Leta gripped the blade in her hand, the metal handle cut into her skin.

She edged towards the stairs. Towards the man.
First step.
Squeak. Thump. Squeak. Thump.
Second step.
Squeak. Thump. Squeak. Thump.
Leta kept one hand on the rail, ready to pull herself up if he moved towards her.
Third step.
Squeak. Thump. Squeak. Thump.
She got to the bottom of the stairs. Her heart beating like a rabbit, she slid past the man.
“Where am I? Thump. Squeak. “Where am I?” Thump. Squeak.
Before Leta started descending the next flight of stairs she never broke her stare. The man’s forehead was flat. Old tracks of brown blood stained his face. He never blinked his milky white eyes. “Where am I?” He muttered as he continued his rhythmic torture.


Adrenaline was coursing through her as she ran down the rest of the stairs. All she could imagine was those milky eyes following her. Getting to the bottom there was a sign on the wall. Leta could read a partial “Reception” although most of the letters had been cracked and broken, the other way said “Gift shop”.
Left or right? This place is like a maze. Leta thought.

She was too scared to use her voice aloud. She had thought she was alone but with the crazy guy upstairs, she didn’t know if there was anyone else around.


Submitted: April 04, 2019

© Copyright 2021 RebekahPovey. All rights reserved.

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