The Prince and The Thief

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Just a beginning of a story I tried to work on a while back, enjoy.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



"Catch her!" Three men on horseback were in hot pursuit of a young girl running as fast as she could, sending stalls flying behind her and people cursing at her. The sun blazed down, lighting her way through the cobbled streets. Her brown hair cascaded behind her, her hazel eyes quick and calculating her next turn or dive. She gripped her bundle of fresh bread and meat closer to her body. She couldn't stop now, she dived down an alley to her left behind a gossiping group of men. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched the three guards take the right. She smiled to herself and righted her jade green skirt and white gyspy top.

"Cutting it kinda close aren't you, Arise?" A tall boy stepped out from the shadows of the alley. He grinned and swapped his trademark toothpick for a half smoked cigerette.
"Its all about the fun of the chase," Arise grinned back. "Oh for Ashmak's sake, Crisson, I thought you were quitting!"
"I am," Crisson's deeply tanned face looked at her offended, his dark green eyes glittered with mischief. "Look I had saved half from earlier, making them last,"
Arise sighed and looked at him with disbelief. "Oh come on," She pushed by him with jestful ignorance. "You couldn't quit even if your life depended on it,"
"Oh yeah?" He came dangerously close to her face, lips touching by a hair line.
"Yeah," She knew this game far too well, always trying to seduce her when she was angry with him. "You stubborn son of a mule!"
He just blew smoke in her face and laughed. "Well if you say so, anyway haven't we got to get that back to the den?"
"Oh yeah," Arise suddenly remembered the bread and meat in her hands. "I forgot,"
Crisson took the meat packages from her and started to lead her down the alley. "Arise, how do you steal so much?" He took a deep drag and blew the smoke through his nose, like a dragon the little ones had so described him. Up ahead they were coming to a crack in the wall covered by a brown makeshift curtain, made by potato sacks.
"I just do," She shrugged, moving beside the curtain and stepped into a spacious room. "Don't ask when Ashmak sends luck your way,"

"Arise!" Four grubby little boys and a just as grubby little girl ran up to Crisson and Arise. "Arise, have you brought dinner?" They all asked at once sending echos round the large space.
"She always does, don't she?" Crisson smiled as he lit a fire and placed a cooking pot hanging over it. "Kazka, fetch some water," The little girl ran off outside with a tin bucket clanking off her legs. Crisson went over to his sleeping bag and searched for something for a moment. He then stood up and towered over the remaining children. "Carlos, Bezzel, Karis and Jovial you best tell me where you've put my knife!"
"He had it last!" They chorused together. "No you had it! Stop lying!"
"I don't care who had it last just give it to me!"
"Here's the water and sorry I borrowed your knife," Kazka came back in half dragging the bucket of water. "I needed it earlier to cut some rope," She dragged the bucket over to the cooking pot and handed the knife, hilt first.
"Thank you,"
"What were you cutting the rope for?" Arise took out her own knife, selected a bright green apple from a basket and began slicing bit off to eat.
"To make a drawstring for the curtain," For a 10 year old, Kazka had her head screwed on straight. She was as mature as Arise who was 17 years old. Crisson was 19, Jovial was the youngest of them being merely seven years old. All of them orphans, children of gypsies that were murdered for being gypsies. Crisson had found Arise wandering around Vertburn when she was only 6 years old.
"For the window curtains," She said plainly. Kazka demonstrated what she meant by tying the makeshift curtains back letting in floods of light into the room. "So we don't use so many candles,"
"Even though you make the most wonderful of candles," Jovial grinned.
"I'm thinking of selling them," Kazka shrugged, she went over to her sleeping bag next to Arise to check on a wooden bath. She lifted a tray and an assortment of 15 coloured candles hung by their wicks. "I think 5 silver coins would be enough for each one, i can always steal more candles or ask for some from the priestess' runner boy,"
The room filled with scent of meat being cooked. "I love it when you get the good pieces of meat, Arise," Crisson smiled trying a bit of the soup he was making.

Later on that evening, Arise was staring up at the night sky outside the den by the well. She heard a wolf howl in the distance, full of loneliness and feeling. She was suddenly filled with the urge to get out, to get away. Arise loved the family she had made here in Vertburn but she felt it getting stale on her now.
"Ouch!" A voice made Arise jump out of skin. A boy about her age had tripped over his own cloak.
"Who are you?" Arise demanded, quickly recovering herself and unsheathing her dagger.
"I'm Pri-," The boy started but seemed to bite his tongue. "I'm Princeep, who are you?"
"I'm Arise," Slowly she sheathed the dagger and sat back down, relaxed he wasn't going to do anything. "You seem as clumsy as a babe, where are you from?"
"I am not a baby!" Princeep was indiginant and sat himself next to Arise. She saw that he was wearing shoes with gold stitching but kept quiet. "I'm a local,"
"Oh really?" Arise grinned teasingly. "Do you know where you are right now?"
"Next to you?" He replied smoothly and she couldn't help but giggle.
"Ok, smarty pants," Arise chuckled. "Well here's a knife if you haven't got one, with shoes like that I wouldn't go about unarmed,"
"How did you know i was unarmed?"
"Because you didn't even attempt to defend yourself when I pulled my weapon out," Arise stepped inside the safety of the curtain. "Farewell and Good Night Princeep."

"Where's the prince?" The entire palace was in a state of panic. The young curious prince had once again sneaked out and was nowhere to be found. Usually they found him deep in the exotic garden climbing the trees to pick the delicate fruit or swimming in the perfect blue lake. The royal guards and his nanny had had a stressful time trying to keep him under wraps. If they didn't find him then the King would have their heads on silver platters for the Ormr.
"Oh for Ashmak's sake!" His nanny threw herself in a chair by a grand fireplace, carved out of marble. Lions roared, their teeth reflecting the warm orange glow. "I want to know where that boy goes to,"
"I haven't a clue on earth," The head of the guards sat down in the other chair. He ran a hand through his greying hair. "Marinda, we have men at every crook and cranny and he still gets out,"

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