The Scarlet Story Book

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What if Alice is actually the Queen of Hearts - the Red Queen - and the ruler of all four storybook kingdoms? What if she ruled over all with an iron fist and had a particular hatred of animal-human hybrids called witch-children? What if these witch-children were hunted down and treated as lesser beings? All of this is true, and now the witch-children have had enough. It is time for the final battle. The witch-children, led by to unexpected leaders - Chess Shire and Robin Grey-Hood (The Cheshire Cat and the Big Bad Wolf) - have taken up weapons for one final battle at the palace stairs. Together with the help of their allies Aladdin, king of thieves, his wife Jasmine, Captain Oliver Hook, and his lover Ariel, Chess and Robin must kill the queen and recover the looking glass, where the real king of wonderland is trapped.

Submitted: March 31, 2016

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Submitted: March 31, 2016



For hundreds of years, the humans have ruled over the witch-children with an iron fist of disgust and horror.  For hundreds of years, the witch-children have hidden their tails, ears, scales, and feathers under the guise of hats, scarves, gloves, and shoes.  For hundreds of years, the humans have hunted the witch-children down like monsters or game, and the opposite party has been forced to run and hide deep in forbidden forests.  That all ends, though, when a young wolf witch-child named Robin Grey-Hood meets a mischievous cat witch-child named Chess Shire.

Soon after, the two start up a revolution against the ruler of the Northern kingdom, Queen Alice Hatter.  She is renowned throughout the four kingdoms as having all the other rulers under her thumb.  She is the head of the serpent that keeps the witch-children from being recognized as living, intelligent beings, the same as humans.

The claws, teeth, wings, scales, and tails have come out, and the final battle between witch-children and Alice Hatter begins at the steps of the Palace of Hearts with one, loud, sarcastic comment, “Man, I’ve missed being trampled underfoot.” Chess calls up to the queen, standing regally on her balcony with hatred burning in her blue eyes.  The guard holding Chess’ arms behind her back gives her a well aimed punch to the jaw and the cat-human hybrid spits out the blood onto the manicured grass beside them.

“This isn’t exactly the way I planned this.” Robin whines to the plum-haired female beside him.  Chess’ big, gold green eyes land on him, her pupils narrowing to slits in alarm.

“You had a plan?!” She cries in dismay, never having been informed of this plan before.  The wolf-man grins ear to ear in embarrassment.  He swings his leg forward, sweeping his sword that had been laying in front of them into the air.  At the same time, Chess throws herself into the guard holding Robin captive, her unexpected strength pulling both guards off balance.  Robin pulls free and grabs for the sword handle, snatching it easily and spinning around just in time to block a blow from a knight.

Chess stumbles back, free of her guard.  He pulls out his sword, sweeping for her stomach.  She jumps back just as he rushes in for a jab.  She jumps into the air lightly, planting the soft sole of her leather boot onto his helmet and pushing off, doing a front flip and landing elegantly on her feet.  She is just in time to duck under another slash from another guard and dig her claws into his exposed eyes.

“Now!” Robin screams from beside her, fending off two knights at once.  Robin and Chess are back to back with the guards closing in.  Then there are loud cries from the surrounding forest as a huge mass of witch-children of all different kinds leap from the trees, with Robin’s number one bear witch-child, Big John, in the lead.

The queen slams her fist onto the balcony, “A Cheshire Cat, a Big Bad Wolf, and a group of animals better not defeat me!” She screams to her head guard, storming back into her room.  The guard nods once before directing his men into battle.

As the battle begins and metal grates against metal, Robin gives Chess a firm shove, “Go Chess! Now is your chance to get the looking glass!” He commands her sternly.  Chess looks around concernedly at her fighting allies, “We’ll be fine! Take Alice out and this will all be over.” He reassures her.  Chess nods once and dashes towards the castle, dodging swords, arrows, and bodies as they fall and swing around her.

“Big John, sword!” She cries out.  The large man’s brown bear ears pick up on her cry and he pulls her sword from his belt and tosses it to her outstretched hand.  The girl catches it and slides it neatly into the leather sheath on her side so both hands free.

She ducks quickly under a slash, sliding up to the ivy climbing over the castle wall, “Rapunzel Rapunzel,” She hisses, grabbing on and pulling herself up with no effort, “Let down your golden hair.” The cat finishes as she leaps from the ivy to the balcony railing and uses her arms to hoist herself over.

Below, Robin has just finished another guard, but he can quickly see his forces being overwhelmed by the new guards pouring out of the gates.  A worried frown creases over his handsome face, crinkling the skin around his silver eyes.  If his partner doesn’t hurry up, this battle might be over rather quickly.

Chess has just rolled, quite literally, into the old room of the palace.  It’s filled with dusty clutter and furniture, like a storage space.  Cautiously, the cat steps forward, staying on her toes and quietly withdrawing the thin sword from her hip for easy use.  There is eerie silence in the room, only filled with the battle noises from outside.  Chess’ purple cat ears are twitching, and her long, thin tail swishes back and forth noiselessly.  She is waiting patiently for any sign of movement among the roused dust.

Below her, Robin falls to one knee, blocking a slice from the head guard appearing about twice his size and weight.  His arms are straining from the effort, but the blades are slowly approaching his nose, no matter how much effort he puts behind his block.  If he isn’t able to deflect the sword to the side soon, he might lose an eye.  Suddenly there is a glint of steel and the guard screams, dropping his sword and clutching his right eye, where a dagger had sliced over it seconds before.  Now new screams are filling the battle field as allies rush forward.

The wolf feels a strong arm around his shoulder, helping him onto his feet once more.  Standing there, with an eye patch over one eye and scruffy black hair and beard of matching color is Aladdin, king of thieves, “You came!” Robin exclaims in relief and admiration.

The king grins at him, shoving him forward a bit playfully, “The wife wasn’t too keen on me standing by.” He chuckles, wrapping his arm around the waist of his lusciously curvy tiger witch-child wife, Jasmine, “Besides,” The older man sighs, “I had some outside influence from an odd pirate and a mermaid.” Robin’s silver eyes widen even more with surprise, inspecting the field to see Captain Oliver Hook and his lover, a fish witch-child, Ariel, battling beside Big John.  They came.  They all came.

Chess ducks under some cobwebs, making sure that none get caught on her twitching ears.  That is all she needs: to be distracted by something and then have Alice leap from the shadows to stab her in the back.  Her footsteps are silent against the wood as she rounds a corner and freezes in stunned awe.  There before her, coated in a layer of dust, is the looking glass, and trapped behind the clear glass is the young king, love of her life, Madius Hatter.  He freezes at the sight of her as well, tears welling up in his mismatched eyes of emerald and crystal, his palms pressed against the other side until they are visibly white.

Abandoning all caution, Chess rushes to the mirror, slamming into it with hot tears flowing from her own eyes, pressing her cheek against the glass, “You’re alive.” She whispers, her hot breath fogging the glass.  So many years she’d spent, believing that Alice had killed him.  She’s been waiting for so long to see his face again.

Regaining her composure, Chess Shire leans back from the mirror, studying its rim hard in an attempt to find some way of breaking the spell and releasing him.  On the other side, Madius desperately tries to help her, his gold curls bouncing up and down, even though his side of the mirror is much plainer; only a little rectangle of clear glass in an otherwise black abyss.  The woman can’t read the runes engraved around the edges, and she has no talent for sorcery.

Suddenly, the trapped man freezes, his eyes widening in alarm as he bangs against the glass and screams, not audible in any way, trying to get the cat’s attention.  She notices from the corner of her eye and turns just in time to pull out her sword and block the blow coming down towards what would have been the back of her head.  Above her looms the thin, pale figure of Alice, “I figured you’d come looking for it eventually.” The taller woman growls.  Chess pushes hard to the right, managing to let the other blade slide off of her own and glance against the stone floor.

The witch-child can’t help the small huff of annoyance that escapes her lips, “It took me long enough.”  She mutters to herself.  Alice’s blade strikes downward again, but Chess knocks it aside easily.  The queen isn’t very strong at fighting.  Chess could kill her easily, but she can’t until she understands how to release Madius.  Chess brings her blade across lightly, leaving a light gash in Alice’s right shoulder.  The woman clutches it with a cry of pain, her blade slackening in her other hand, “Now, tell me.” The cat hisses out a command, raising her blade to strike again.

Alice slashes forward wildly, forcing Chess to step back further into the depths of the junk scattered around them.  She pauses and takes her stance once more by a long rope tied to the ground.  If the woman takes her eyes off of the queen for even a second, she could run back for the mirror.

The battle sounds outside have died down.  Robin stands, panting, over his freshly slain enemy with sweat, blood, and smut smudged on his handsome face and dirtying his dark hair, making the silver ends almost invisible.  His sword is slack in his hand.  His friends have all but eliminated Alice’s palace forces and Oliver and his pirates are just cleaning up a couple of stragglers.

His head turns to the left and freezes in position, his eyes widening with pleasure and fear at the sight of a familiar scarlet hood and intricately engraved ruby scythe.  The wolf straightens and sucks in his breath, trying to steady his rapid heartbeat in preparation for the fight, “I was wondering when you’d show up for me, Ruby.” He calls out to the short, thin girl slowly approaching him across the blood soaked and body laden ground.  Her dark hair is tucked neatly out of sight, but the burning hatred in her dark eyes is all the wolf can see.  He’s been waiting for this moment for almost an entire year.

“As soon as I heard the witch-children were uprising at the red queen’s palace, I knew you’d be here.  I just never knew you were the leader type.” She states coldly, stepping over a corpse and glancing around curiously at the others with a small smirk.

Robin turns to face her fully, his grip tightening around the leather handle of his sword, “You never stopped to ask before you tried to cut my head off.” He growls.

She doesn’t respond, but continues in her path for him, stopping at a safe distance.  Finally, she speaks up one final time, “I knew I should have checked to make sure you were dead at the bottom of that cliff.”

Robin’s once intense face curves up into a toothy grin as he extends his arms as an invitation, “There’s still a chance.” He taunts her, his dark eyebrows twitching up slightly as his eyes flash with new excitement.

“Tell me!” Chess screams at the top of her lungs, losing her patience entirely.  Alice’s grin spreads all the way over her face.  She glances to her right before bringing the sword right down on the rope.  The cat stands in stunned silence, confused at why the queen missed.  Then she sees the arrow fire from somewhere in the clutter and her eyes widen in terror.

The arrow slams into the glass just as she reaches it and the shards slice open her exposed face and extended hand.  She hadn’t noticed she’d been screaming, but now that she does, her voice fades out and she lands on her knees with a crunch of glass.  Alice turns to her with a satisfied look, “You really think I wouldn’t have precautions?” The woman laughs.  The cat picks up a shard of the glass in her hands, feeling the sharp edge imbed itself into her skin as tears collect on the shimmering surface.

She looks back at Alice, the tears still resting on her cheeks.  The queen is still laughing from her success, her back mostly facing the cat.  Chess’ brilliant eyes land on her reflection in the large shard.  She sees the anger suddenly surge through them as she observes the point on the end.  Slowly, she rises to her feet and turns quietly towards the queen, “Guess the jokes on you.” The cat croaks, spinning around and charging the woman.  Alice turns with a questioning look, but it quickly snaps to stunned horror as she feels Chess’ mirror shard pierce her heart, “Now you can be coated in your favorite color.” Chess chuckles cruelly, pushing the shard in deep, even as she feels the other raw edge dig into the skin of her hand.

The queen falls to the ground when the cat finally yanks out the shard, blood staining the white of her royal dress, no response able to escape her paling lips.  After another moment, her ragged breath ceases and the Queen of Hearts goes cold as her own heart stops beating, with the Cheshire Cat standing over her with a disgusted look.  The shard slips from the cat’s hand after another moment, making a light ting as it hits the stones.  Then she hears the footsteps from the balcony as Robin rushes in to aid.  Upon seeing the queen, his panic fades for a moment until he sees the shattered mirror.

His eyes soften slightly as he delicately approaches Chess, who is still frozen next to Alice’s body, “You know,” He starts out quietly, stepping up beside her, leaning over slightly to get a good look at her dulled face, “if we put the mirror back together, we might still be able to save him.”  Upon hearing this, a small light glimmers in Chess’ eyes and her head turns slightly so their eyes meet.

Finally, she manages to say, “Then I’ll keep trying, I suppose.” She sighs, her joking manner returning somewhat as she throws her head back to sigh loudly.

“But we both won.” He tells her with a grin.

Her eyes flick back to him and her Cheshire grin shines over her features once more, “Yes,” Her eyes flash with new joy, “We won.”

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