The Epic Acheron

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There are various entities all around us and elsewhere in the universe.

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



The Epic Acheron - Reality

Deep in the depth of life, there's a hole people in mortality do not know about.
A place where good and evil enitities thrive. Mortals...humans, the most closest upon the creation from these entities have lived for so long.

They call this hole Heaven or Paradise or else what but it is different. It is a place where immortals exist, but they must not see us.....yet.

Humans or mankind has been an intelligent creature for eras, they thrive on other mortal beings to survive and also stand beside them. But after so long mankind has destroyed their own fame with arrogance and ignorance.

Now mankind is known for their evil they have let overtake them and for the benefit of the malevolent has consciously kept that way.

There are divine beings among mankind, spreading the light upon their souls to enlighten the way for mankind to unleash their sovereignty to the next level.

There are also fiendish beings polluting mankind with the most downbeat deeds. These beings have a lust for power and will do anything to keep it.

And as for now like then, they are surely winning.

Mankind is a naive creature, still young and virgin from the rest of knowledge from what they know. But as the evildoers corrupt them, they believe other entities aren't existant.

They have heard of the good and the evil, but for most of us, we are just mere thoughts, imaginations. And Mankind is so naive they cannot withstand the reality.

Most have thought of the good as gods and goddesses, spirits and guardians, and angels or holy spirits. The evil as demons and devils.

Some of us are even thought to be higher beings from other planets in the universe they refer as extraterrestrials. That is so we sometimes do bask ourselves on many planets but we are actually from The Abyss and range through stars and other uranological cosmos.

We speak through other mortal beings and visualizations but mankind has proved much to mellow to believe we exist.

So we tell them through their technology, and some still refuse to accept our kind by an influence.

Some of mankind has already unleashed their power and have spoken with us. But as the evildoers continue to corrupt them, they are forced to keep quiet and accept that they are easy pickings for the parasitic power-mongers.

All causes lead to us. Good and evil.

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