had a bad day

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this short story is about my personal experiences at jr. high, and i had a bad day. read it to find out if my bad day stays bad.

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



nothing was going right. everything it seemed was just tumbling down on me. everything just ruined. i kept telling myself it was just a bad day, tomorrow would be better. i hoped. when i woke up, my hair wouldn't do what i wanted it to. my dream i had last night messed with my mind. i kept on stressing about that paper i was supposed to do for homework. i was too tired. my stomach was constantly grumbling at me, wanting me to eat. i felt like i was going to die. i finally gave up on my appearance, settling for a "whatever" look with jeans, shoes, t-shirt, and my hair in a bun. no breakfast, just toothpaste and a toothbrush. i felt sick. i grabbed my back pack and got inside the car.on my way to school i thought about my over due papers. my friends. who were my real ones? who would stand beside me through everything? who would just ditch me for someone more exciting? i know I'm not exactly a dare devil or the class clown. I'm the quiet boring kid who occasionally speaks up just enough so i wont get picked on or bullied. i usually just sit back and shut up, but once Ive had enough, i stand up for myself. i hate going to school. not because of the homework, but because i just don't fit in. and i feel easily intimidated by some of the people. i wondered if there would be any drama today.we pull up to the school. i say my routine goodbye and walk into the school. wondering if people would whisper about me. i get some looks, i bump into a bunch of people. i feel like a sardine swimming through a strong current of other sardines. fighting my way to my locker. i check the time. 7:56 am. only four minutes until class. i finally reach my locker. i forget my combination. is it 5-10-16? no that was 6th grade. maybe its 5-20-12? no. that was 7th grade. i try again. i struggle with the lock a little more, i get frustrated and punch the locker. hard. my knuckles feel numb after the pain hits. finally it unlatches and lets me in. i grab the blue binder, and stuff my back pack inside, slam the door closed and walk fast paced to my algebra class. now i only have 3 minutes. i remember that i need a pencil. i was just passing by the library. i turn around and bump into a student. they say something about watch where I'm walking. i mumble an apology, but it doesn't matter, they already took off down the hall. i make a quick retreat to my locker, not struggling with the lock, i open the door, get a pencil and slam it closed. now i have 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I walk again past the library and this time i don't remember anything. i get almost down past the guidance office, the teacher tells me to slow down and walk. i feel like a turtle now. ill never make it. i walk until I'm out of sight, then i pick up the pace again. another student is also running to class. we collide and i lose my balance. he says sorry over his shoulder. i want to yell. i pick up my binder, and i spend another minute searching for my pencil. there. under the table. i grab it and start walking again, because i see a teacher. the bell eventually rings. I'm late. again. lovely.i walk to the office with my head down. feeling like a failure. they don't ask me for my name. they already know. i take the pink slip and walk to class sulking. i sulk all hour, not bothering to take notes. i just doodle, my mind is elsewhere. dreamland. paradise. everyone's voice is blocked from my eardrums by my imagination. i feel happy. i imagine walking on a beach, no homework, just a surf board. and some huge waves. i draw a princes being tormented by a dragon that breathes fire. I'm that princess, school is my dragon. and i cant find my prince. i have to slay the dragon myself. no worries. i dream about rocking out on stage with an awesome guitar. getting roses thrown at my feet. my fans loving my music. then I'm singing. and i become famous. everyone wants to be me. i dream about being an awesome gymnast. doing flips and tricks and amazing people. making them envy me. i imagine myself trying out for sports, being the most gorgeous girl in school. i think about that cute guy in history and Spanish. how i wish he would talk to me. ask me out. i doodle a zombie, and the hour is almost up. ding goes the bell. i leave for history.I feel like I'm drowning in the boring words from the text book. sinking like a ship. i don't understand the assignment, but i don't want to ask for help. i wasn't listening when the teacher gave the directions. i looked around the room. trying to find a place to dream again. i look at the cute boy. he has nice dirty blonde hair. it looks soft. i want to pet it, but that would be weird right? totally weird. people would think I'm a creeper. just another insult to add to the long list of names Ive been called. i want him to look at me, just so i can see those pretty blue eyes. they're so easy to get lost in. so mesmerizing. i take out my note book and doodle some more until the bell rings. i quickly grab my stuff and practically run to my favorite class of the day. we read romeo and Juliet. I think of Taylor swift. then i think of the silly goof who calls me that almost all the time. he cant remember my name i guess. or maybe he is one of those people who have a nickname for everyone. i don't know. maybe he thought he was complimenting me. Taylor swift is pretty. and i do admire her a lot. i have two of her albums. shes amazingly talented and i wish i could sing/be like her. i get bored, then i take out my phone to text. no one replies. i decide to talk to one of my friends. shes too engrossed in the book we're supposed to be reading. i read it last night. before i know it, I'm already walking to 4th hour. I'm hungry and my stomach growls as i pass the lunch room. i really want to skip class to just pig out. i reconsider it, then decide to just tough it out until after 4th hour.the rest of the day passes by in a blur after lunch is over. after 4th hour, i eat. after i eat i go to science, then Spanish. after Spanish i leave. i run to my locker and grab everything i need for homework. I'm way behind in algebra. after i grab the necessities, i go swimming like a sardine again through the crammed hallways. someones binder cuts my arm. it burns a little, but it didn't bleed that much. i wait outside on the small, round, blue, table. sunlight shines down on me. i lay my face down in my arms. i sleep until she comes to get me. i get in the loud noisy car with music turned up. i get funny looks from the preps. and other kids waiting under the extended roof, used to shield against rain and excessive sunlight. something is wrong, i can feel the tension in the air. she begins to express her outrage. i messed up. no surprise there. i cant seem to do anything right. i pretend I'm listening, but i don't want to listen to the lecture today. i want to soak in the brilliant sunshine, and feel the wind run its imaginary fingers through my hair, teasing it. i don't want to think about my screw ups. i just want to dream. my imagination fills my mind up with happiness. my soul dances inside me with the music. i tap the beat out with my foot in the floor board, and i don't pay attention to the lecture. i can taste the small feeling of freedom on my tongue as the wind plays with my hair. for the first time today. i realize i made it through the day. and i don't need to tell myself that tomorrow will be better. i smile, and a little bubble of happiness burst into laughter.

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