The Voices- Part 3 (final part)

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Please forgive me- but I've finally got the last part to this series. Well, Agnes has just agreed with Dr Lewis, and has decided to help out in his investigations of the handsome, but apparently horrid, Dr Joyce.

What will become of him, and more importantly, HER?

Submitted: October 13, 2007

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Submitted: October 13, 2007



The clock ticked on- it's little hands moving with what seemed to be a defeaning sound.

To Agnes, anyway.

For a while now, she had been awake, lying in bed, staring at the clock. She was waiting. Waiting till 2am, when she would follow her instincts and find the room.

She had a feeling she knew what door these voices wanted her to open. It was the door guarding Dr Joyce's private study. Asleep earlier, the voices came- stronger than ever before. Their piercing shrieks had caused Agnes to jump up in frustration, awakening to the pain of a pounding head. It seemed they were urging Agnes to hurry up and find that door. But what was behind it? And how did it relate to her?

Agnes shuddered as she thought of what could happen. Even more chilling was that empty feeling in her guts. It was like a piece of her soul had been ripped clean from it's fleshy hinges. She didn't want to believe Dr Joyce to be a murderer, but she knew she had to. What Dr Lewis had told her was enough to make anyone cry out in pain...after all, had she not loved him for so long now?

'Love!', she thought. 'Can one feel such an emotion when one is unable to feel at all?'


Nerves were collected in beads of sweat rolling down her pale fore-head. It was nearly time. Agnes hastened to retrieve everything she planned to take with her. They all had their purpose, no matter how small. She slipped the butter knife out from under her pillow and stuffed it in her dressing-gown pocket. The compact mirror fitted neatly into the other pocket. Tying up her hair quickly, she glanced at the clock. Yes, it was now 2. Time to go. Agnes reminded herself of the plan before leaving her room.

Her feet thumped the floor-boards softly as she made her way over to Dr Joyce's room. She knocked gently and eventually, the door opened, revealing a tired Dr Joyce in pyjama pants and without a shirt. Murderer or not, the doctor did have a very well-defined set of abs.

"Doctor", she began, softly.

"What is it, Agnes?", he asked, rubbing his eyes.

"I...I...well, I think I should tell you...I just can't stop thinking about it..."

"Thinking about what, Agnes?!"


Dr Joyce stared at her for a while before smiling.

Agnes slowly pulled her dressing gown down to flash her shoulders and neck. The doctor raised his eyebrows and smiled even more. Grabbing her by her thin shoulders, he pulled her into his room. In under a minute, they were on his bed, him, laying partly over her. Agnes' dressing gown lay on the floor beside them. She wore a short, black chemise night-gown that accentuated the natural curves of her body. The doctor, unable to resist, kissed her passionately on the neck and continued on that spot for some time.

As he kissed her, he slid a hand under Agnes' night-gown.

'Pig', she thought to herself.

At the same time, she was fearful. Perhaps it was too late already. Perhaps she wouldn't be able to escape him. Avoiding this mind-set, she went over the plan Dr Lewis had set in her head. It was edgy, difficult, even near impossible. It required so much from Agnes that she worried she wouldn't be able to succeed. Seducing him was just the first part. That alone was heart-stopping.

How much time passed then, Agnes didn't know, but she didn't think too long, as the doctor was only beginning to kiss her chest. He held her like a lover, kissed her like a lover, but even so, Agnes could not be swayed. She was waiting for that one chance- if it didn't work her way, then the plan was basically foiled.

Just as she thought this, the doctor pulled his head back.

"No- I can't do this.", he said.

Agnes held back a smile. It had worked.

"What do you mean?", she questioned, stroking his face.

Dr Joyce shook his head and got off the bed. He stood there for a moment, just watching her. As he did, the all-too-familiar voices returned. Agnes struggled to remain calm and acted as if nothing was happening. She was scared, but she did not let it show.

"Listen, Agnes, give me a moment, will you? I'll just be in my office- out in five or ten...", said the doctor, moving towards his room. Agnes nodded and waited till he closed the door behind him. Then she grabbed her dressing gown, pulled out the butter knife and darted towards the private study. She jammed the knife into the lock and after some hassle, unlocked the door. It opened smoothly and Agnes gasped at the sight before her.

She wanted to keep her eyes on the large window at the end of the narrow room. Impossible.


That's what it was.

Smeared over the walls.


Agnes wanted to scream. But she knew she couldn't. It would alert....

Agnes brought out her mirror, opened it, and held it so she could see behind her. The voices were growing louder again. There was nothing behind her. Agnes sighed and looked away. She didn't dare look at those blood-spattered walls again. Agnes walked quickly...the window seemed so far away...

Walking even faster, Agnes tripped on her gown, the mirror sliding out of her grasp and falling to the floor. Staring into it, she could see him behind her, fist raised...

Agnes flung around, the butter knife in her hand ripping into the skin of his arm.

Dr Joyce screamed and dropped to the floor. Out of his grasp fell a music box, the same music box Agnes had seen around the household for ages. It was emitting squeals....voices....the voices Agnes had been hearing!

She rushed out of the room and raced to a telephone, dialling Dr Lewis' number....



"You did it, Agnes!", cheered Dr Lewis as they watched the police cars leaving. "I'm very proud of you!"

Agnes didn't speak.

She was still in too much shock.

The man she once loved....a murderer.

Thankfully, it was all over now. And it was somewhat satisfying to taste, hear, smell, feel- SUCCESS.



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