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This is a poem that is based on my life.

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



My mind envisions these memories everyday

-There isnt a day that goes by where my mind isnt hammered with these unwanted memories

I remember so much that it hurts

- i can feel my heart getting tighter and tighter

My body is stuck

Stuck like a patient at a hospital

- Im strapped to the bed with no way of escape

So i scream

- I scream so loud that it hurts

No matter how loud i scream: nobody will ever hear me

- Im trapped

I wanna cry so bad because i know i have alot bottled up that its killing me inside

- So i close my eyes: and try so hard to cry

No matter how long i try: my body wont shred a tear

So i act out in anger: because thats the only emotion my body is capable of

- Some people think so poorly of me because im not as social as they want me to be

Im like a statue

- I may look good from a distance

But up close: im as dead as can be

I dont feel emotions

It feels like somebody stole my heart and locked it up somewhere far away

- I know its gone; i just have nothing left in me to go after it

Ive been beaten so bad that ill be forever scared for

So i stair at this paper

- Hoping someone is able to rescue me from this nightmaire

My mind envisions these memories everyday

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