brian's last breath

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if i could change the ending to hatchet, this is how it would be.

Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017



Brian stared at the lake from inside his shelter. The lake was filled with dead fish, killedfrom the storm that had hit weeks ago. When the storm hit, it splashed most of the water onto the soil. The lake itself was nearly dry and the plane that Brian had crashed, for what felt like a million moons ago, was destroyed. Brian knew the lake wouldn’t last any longer.

The lake, that was Brian’s sacred place, was dying along with him.

Brian looked up at the sky. He could see bits of the gray starting to take over. The daylight was disappearing faster as winter crept closer. The leaves on the trees have been changing colors and falling off. Brian assumed it also happened because of the winter weather.

To Brian everything in his life would happen for a reason. Everything meant something. Like when leaves would fall off trees or when the sky would soon gray over until darkness ruled the sky. To a regular person that may not mean something but to Brian it had a deeper meaning. Everything had a end, and he would have to avoid that end by starting to store food for the winter. If he wanted to live.

It had been almost three full months since he had encountered a human being. Three extremely long months since he was trapped in the woods. Three months where he had learned most of his knowledge going through trial and error. It took him three months until he realized that he was going to die.

Brian felt the sickness spreading. He thought that it started because of the mosquito bites. Although he had been feeling kind of woozy ever since he drank the unfiltered water. It really didn’t matter that much to him. All that mattered was the unbearable pain that came along with it. The pain had gotten worse since he ate the raw turtle eggs. Worser when he ate the meat from the foolbirds. He knew somewhere in the back of his mind that he was dying but never thought twice about it since he was grateful for the food and water he got. He couldn’t survive without eating. He needed to have his energy so he could build a fire and get more food.

Pain suddenly sliced through his stomach. Brian tightly clutched his abdomen, trying to subside the pain. He felt as if fire was burning inside of him. As if his body was on fire. This pain was not unusual to Brian. It happened to him every once in awhile when he would move too fast or stay too still but it still shocked him every time it happened.  The burning pain made him realize what life truly was. It was torture. Every inch of his body was covered with unseen embers of fire and he could do nothing  in his power to stop it.  

Brain’s pain didn’t end there. The pain spread throughout his arms and legs until he could barely hold himself up. He knew immediately that this sickness was unlike any pain that he had encountered. He felt his strength slowly start to abate, and in the end he could no longer support his own weight. Brian collapsed to his knees.

“ I will keep myself up, I will live.” he told himself, trying to convince himself to fight through the pain, willing himself to believe it.

“You will struggle to live another day.” his mind complained.

Brian's life was disappearing before his eyes. All the hard work that he did, all the knowledge that he learned was now useless. He could barely think because of the pain searing into his skin. Brian decided to start talking out loud in positive, simple sentences before he could go crazy from the pain.  

“I am Brian Robeson. I am thirteen years old. I am in the woods alone. I have changed and I will live.” He tried to avoid talking negatively but in the end he couldn’t stop himself, “I am Brian Robeson. I am thirteen years old. My parents are divorced and I am dying alone in a pain so hot that it would melt a volcano, let alone a human body. I am hurt inside and out, in more than one way. The Secret has ruined my life. I haven’t seen my parents in what seems like forever. If anybody finds my body bring it to my father. Tell him I’m sorry.”

The Secret.

The Secret

Brian put his head to his hands, moaning about the family he wished he had, thinking about the tragedy that had overcome his family, although it wouldn’t have bothered his mother, he thought darkly.

For the first time Brian cried for the family that he no longer had, for the pain that he was going through, for wanting to see his mother and father one last time before he left the Earth, and for seeing that the only way out of this misery was through death. With all the pride and knowledge he couldn’t bring himself to die at the ends of his hatchet. All he wanted was a quick, easy death.

Brian had learned a lot about life these few past weeks in the woods. He learned that death was one way to be freed from the pain of life. A way to escape pain and enter a new world. Everything had a expiring date and his was coming closer every minute.

After his tears had dried, Brian wanted to go into the lake to cool himself down. He was sweating from the corrosive pain. Sweat was covering him from head to toe. He knew that he could no longer stand, not with the pain shooting up and down his arm and legs. He decided that the only way to get to the lake was to crawl so he lifted his hand gingerly and placed it on the ground to test the pain going up his arm. He grimaced. The pain was bearable he decided, then moving his leg. He swore but kept on moving. Right leg, then left hand, then the left leg, then the right hand. Right leg, left hand, left leg, right hand. One step at a time. That was his new motto.

Eventually, painfully he got to the lake. He gently cupped the water into his hand and sipped it. The world was blurring into mixtures of colors. The frosty wind slapped his cheek. His time had come to leave the pain behind, to leave his parents.

His parents. His parents were the only ones that kept him going, kept him living. It was the memory of his parents that made him fight through the pain. It was his parents that he wanted to see  before he died.

“ Brian.”  yelled a deep voice. He heard the sound coming from deep inside the woods.

“Brian.” a person with a softer voice repeated. Brian was sure this sounded like a woman.

“ Brian.” yelled a boy “ Are you there?” Brian recognized that voice immediately. It was Terry!

Brian tried to yell back at Terry to tell him that he was here, that he was alive, but he could not say a single word because of the burning in the back of his throat. He splashed the water instead to get their attention.

Brian heard the footsteps come closer. They were running towards him. He would finally see Terry again. Terry, his longest friend was here to help him leave the world. Brian hoped Terry could forgive him for dying out on him. For going to Canada without him even though Terry wanted to.

When Terry and two other people ran out of the woods all he could focus on were the two people behind him. He forgot that Terry was ever there. Right in front of him, less than twenty feet away was his mother and father.

They had tears in their eyes as they ran towards him with open arms. Clearly understanding by his state that he couldn’t stand up they crouched in front of him and hugged him tightly, squeezing the air out of him.. His mother had streams of tears running down her face. His father had eyes full of concern.

“ What did you do to yourself, darling?” his mother asked, worried.

Brian knew that if he tried to answer her all that was going to come out was a rasping sound.

“ Sshh.” his father scolded her lightly. “ He’s not in the condition to talk.”

“ Brian,” his mother wailed “ Don’t give up on us just yet. We called the nearest hospital from here. Okay? Honey, could you move his head until it’s resting on my lap.” she asked his dad.

Brian’s dad stared deeply into his eyes, he could understand that Brian needed to let go. That he wasn’t going to survive. Brian’s father leaned down to his ear. “ Your mother and I are getting back together.” he whispered. “ No matter what happens we will always love you.” Then he pulled back.

Brian stared at his parent’s faces as they put his face on his concerned mother’s lap. His  mother and father were here at last. All his worries had disappeared. The agony that Brian had been through was gone. Brian loved his parents very much but he would be the first to admit that life wasn’t worth this much pain. He looked again at their tear streaked faces, memorizing their looks one last time until he closed his eyes and let go of his final breath. He let go of the one thing that made him want to live and let the darkness whisk him away, revealing a brand new world for him to discover.

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