I Am American ( Race Not Real )

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This A Poem About "Race" , Race Not Biologically But People And The Government Use It To Separate Us , this just a rough draft but this how i really feel and alot of this poem facts i just want to stop all the race bullshit

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



I Am American

I Am American Born And Rasied

So Why Do I Have To Call Myself African American When I Aint From Africa ?

They Can't Say Its "Race" Because "Race" Is Biologically Unreal

We All Are Equal And Of One Race The Human Race

I Believe Its A Way To Separate Us

Why Do I Have To Put A Word In Front Of My American ?

Why Cant I Just Be American ?


Dont Call Me Black Thats Nor A Place Or My Skin Color

Dont Call Me Mixed Because I Was Made Just Like YOU

Dont Call Me Anything Other Than Human Just Because I Come From Many Cultures

People Always Trying To Separate Us I Think Its Bullshit

Every Skin Color And Culture Beautiful

And When People Ask  Where I Am From I Say I Am Just American



Yellow Skin , Brown Skin , White Skin , Pale Skin , Purple Skin

All Beautiful Skin

Peace Can Never Be Gain If  We Keep Separating Us

We All Are One Race The Human Race





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