The Magical Glow

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This is a story inspired by my wife and her wonders.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



The Magical Glow


A short story by:


Scott R. Carver


Dedicated to my love Elizabeth “Mooky” Carver

For it is you with the magic glow.























In this world we live in for many generations now there have been forces that life forms generate from. One force is the force of light that gentle, loving, spirits grow and give off a magical glow that light up the darkest of nights. Heals the toughest most damaged of hearts. Brings love and joy to all those around it, if they are willing to accept the magic. This force is few and far between but does occur in some of the most unlikely places and to the most unlikely families known.

Where there is the good light there must be at least two forces of darkness. These forces are very powerful and dangerous and their purpose in life is to drown out the magical glow until it no longer exists as a magic glow but as darkness as well. These dark forces occur more often than the magical glow and seem to smother anything joy filled in its presence.

One instance of this phenomenon is centered on a magical glow that was born of one part magic and two parts darkness. The father, Mr. Bigheart was a small but courageous man who worked hard to keep the darkest of forces from poisoning the world in which he wanted to build a family in. His intentions were of the best and he wanted a wonderful life. The one mistake he made was when he met a temptress who hid the qualities of darkness she possessed very cleverly.

This queen of darkness put a spell over him and showed only wonderful intentions and characteristics in the beginning. Her name was Broomhellga. She was carved from the darkest of soles and sucked the magical glow from everything around her with pleasure in her evil laugh. Her appearance was camouflaged with beauty and a fire in her eyes hypnotized her prey with a love that would brain wash them till the entire magical glow was drained from their lifeless bodies.

This relationship made two daughters. The first daughter was the joy in Mr. Bighearts smiles that in the beginning of the marriage came very easy. She was blessed like all to be born with the magical glow like her father. You see all life forms are born with this magical glow but only a few are blessed to hang onto it as this child will. The second daughter’s magical glow seemed to fade quickly with time like the light from a burning out candle flickering weakly till it is just gone. The first daughter was named Miss Elizabeth by her loving father as her mother seemed to cringe at the thought of something so beautiful coming into her life. The second daughter was named lady Drama by her evil mother Broomhellga as the mother felt the early development of the darkness in her.

Slowly as life began and drifted on Broomhellga sucked the magical glow from Mr. Bigheart and attempted daily to turn Miss Elizabeth closer to the dark side without much success which infuriated Broomhellga. She would beat young Miss Elizabeth doing horrible injustices to her in the hope of damaging her magical glow. No matter how hard Broomhellga would try the glow would never leave her lovely little daughter so she enlisted the services of her other daughter Lady Drama to help. Lady Drama mistreated her sister with verbal and physical blows that would drop someone of normal stature but merely dimmed Miss Elizabeth’s glow for a short time but it always came back just as bright as before.

Meanwhile Mr. Bighearts glow dimmed slowly but surely as he struggled to hang onto it. Broomhellgas cloak of darkness had a spell on his heart that had blinders on him so he couldn’t recognize the madness that was before his very eyes. This pained miss Elizabeth but she still kept moving forward in life through all the struggles and obstacles placed in her way by the evil mother and daughter in her life. All the Pain, struggle, names, beatings, and other horrible incidents she had to endure didn’t halt her. All the outside forces summonsed by Broomhellga and Lady Drama such as evil spirited neighbor children, health issues, poverty, and isolation had very little effect on the magic glow but it made her very lonely at times.

This is where the evil mother enlists help from more forces of darkness. If Broomhellga can’t affect her magic glow then she will have to damage her delicate heart with the one force that can kill all, LOVE. The first of four demons is summonsed to inflict their damage on Miss Elizabeth’s heart.

His name was Crustipher and he was as fake as a gas station Rolex but his evil cloak disguised him as a well natured, good ole boy that loves her so dearly. This was a value she longed for and fell right into his lair. He introduced her to evil cocktails that would take her mind and spirit far away from her magical glow and leave her vulnerable to anything bad. He isolated her from others who wanted good for her and kept her surrounded by those who was as dark as Broomhellga.

One young man in particular seemed to rub Crustipher raw very often when it came to Miss Elizabeth. This young man stayed in the shadows and watched out for Miss Elizabeth, unknowing to her at the time. He was trying to be a protector but do to the dark forces trying take the glow away from his life he was unsuccessful. In time Miss Elizabeth grew weary of Crustiphers hold and the magic glow showed through so bright that it drove him away for good.

Next a young man called Sir Fancybritched took his turn. He was just a little darker than Crustipher but disguised as a pretty boy with wealth and privileged backing him all the way. He distracted Miss Elizabeth with his good looks, money, and bright shiny gifts that he gave to her often. He dressed her the way a hoyty toyty presence would dress and taught her to value shinny expensive things and yo overlook the true beauty of the world, her magic glow.

Broomhellga was filled with joy as she felt victory over the much hated magical glow coming soon. She danced around the room like leaves on a windy fall day. In her own evil way she was celebrating but much to her surprise the magic glow glimmered through the darkness once again. Miss Elizabeth began to see that what was glittering was not real and the darkness in Sir Fancybritchs clouded over one warm summer night at a party when he was intoxicated on a poisonous brew that the dark forces enjoy and call it nectar for the soul.

Broomhellga was furious and took her frustration out on Miss Elizabeth most heinously. Miss Elizabeth was frightened and seeked comfort and security. She believed she could find it best away from the only home she had known, so she snuck away in the night and found what was believed to be her answer. He was a shade older than she was and he promised her the moon and stars. He was a very convincing man, leading her to believe he would be her protector, provider, and her love for always. He swept her off her feet and they ran to a town, a big little town known as Capitol City. There they would build a life, a family, a love, so she was led to believe.

Soon after the vows were said, this man, Boliver Shaggnasty as he was known, began to mistreat Miss Elizabeth. He didn’t provide her with the love, security, warmth, and security he promised. He talked belligerently to her and drank the nectar for the soul till he was unmanageable. He beat Miss Elizabeth, lied to her, and laid with many other maidens, dishonoring her to a point that she was the saddest she has ever been.

It took Miss Elizabeth seeing Boliver Shaggnastys darkness growing more and more dangerous before she went to Mr. Bigheart for assistance. Her father banished Boliver with a swift kick to the bahooky and he was never seen or heard from again. This incident would summons Broomhellga to tighten the clamps on Mr. Bigheart to the point of pain but he never regretted the loving help he gave to Miss Elizabeth. He would do it again a hundred times over even if it meant his life.

Then Miss Elizabeth met a man who she felt was it when it came to love. She was swept off her feet and began a life with a man known as JR. JR was a very persuasive man who seemed to have a good heart and a love for Miss Elizabeth. They married and planned a family and a bright future. Around the same time Lady Drama met a young man named the Matster and made a beautiful child they named Rayferd. It seems although Matster had the magic glow the darkness of Lady Drama and Broomhellga scared him away. Soon after Lady Drama left Rayferd with Broomhellga and Mr. Bigheart to be raised while she seeked out drama and darkness elsewhere. Out of fear for Rayferds magic glow being extinguished by Broomhellga, Mr. Bigheart snuck Rayferd away to Miss Elizabeth and JR for safety.

Miss Elizabeth and JR welcomed young Rayferd with open loving arms and started down a joyful road of life with her. Miss Elizabeth gave her so much love and joy that they both lit up the world around them, they were unseperatable and Rayferd became Miss Elizabeth’s first child. A few years later came Miss Emster of the highlands and a few years later came a boy named Spunky. All the children were filled with joy, love, and best of all, the magic glow.

This all made Broomhellga furious and she devised a plan to destroy the happy family and the dreaded magic glow once and for all. Broomhellga took all her magic, nastiness, darkness, and summonsed the leader of darkness for a spell that would accomplish her evil goal. Slowly a series of events unfolded that shook the foundation of this family’s joy. JR was under a dark spell that filled the family with extreme sadness. The pressure built up till Miss Elizabeth and JR couldn’t hold on any longer and their fortress of solitude broke apart.

After all the sadness Miss Elizabeth, Rayferd, Miss Emster of the Highlands, and little Spunky went to live in Mr. Bighearts castle as he was ill and needed the magic glow of his lovely’s. Miss Elizabeth was upset and went to seek answers from God in his house. She angrily shouted to God, “Why did you give me this magic glow if you’re taking away my joy! Why are you leaving me and taking all the goodness with you! Answer me Dammit!” No answer came that day in Gods house. That night while Miss Elizabeth was sleeping she was awakened by a beautiful bright light, a light guitar rhythm, and a gentle warm voice saying Elizabeth. She saw a man with long hair and a beard wearing old tore up Levis and an Alabama T-shirt. She was afraid as the man came closer and she shuttered some.

“Don’t be afraid my child, “the scruffy man said. Miss Elizabeth felt an inner piece as her body glowed magically. She said “Who are you, are you,” the man said, “yes I am He.” Miss Elizabeth started to cry as the man said, “Why do you cry my child.” Miss Elizabeth said, “I don’t know if these are the sad tears or the joyful ones anymore, so much has happened lately.” “The joys in your life are Rayferd, Miss Emster, Spunky, and the fact that your father is coming home with me soon. He has had a long road of pain and suffering. By coming home with me soon he will not have his magic glow fully extinguished by the dark force in his life, “said the man. “What shall I do to save my children from the dark forces in our lives? How will I save them? “Elizabeth cried. Stay till Mr. Bigheart has left with me then leave here never to return, love these children always, train them in my words and ways, and the rest is up to them. Do this and I will deliver you a great surprise as soon as you need it my child,” said the man. Slowly the light faded and Miss Elizabeth ran after the man and yelled, “I know you, your God, I love you!”

Miss Elizabeth awoke to the brightest loveliest sunshiny day and went to her father’s room. She said to her father who fading fast with a loving smile on her face, “I love you daddy, I understand what happened now and I love you for all you have done for us.” “I love you to Elizabeth,” Mr. Bigheart said as the brightest light ever seen took him home to god.

Miss Elizabeth, Rayferd, Miss Emster of the Highlands, and Spunky spent many awesome and loving days together away from Broomhellga and others from the dark forces, and enjoyed life. A few years later the y found a broken man at a church struggling to retrieve his magic glow. They wrapped their arms around him, built him up, made him part of their family, and gave him so much love he dang near exploded. Much to Miss Elizabeth’s surprise she discovered that this man who she fell so in love with was actually the young man that made Crustipher uneasy, Made Sir Fancybritches darkness show, was Mr. Bighearts strength to make Boliver Shagnasty disappear, and now soften the blow of JR being lost.

Now they all Mr. Scott, Miss Elizabeth, Rayferd, Miss Emily of the Highlands, and little Spunky have the magic glow of LOVE surrounding them everywhere they go in this world. Oh and by the way she is now known as Mrs. Elizabeth!



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