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Ever wonder what that voice in your head is? Meet the Parasite...

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013






Who am I with again?  Oh right.  Nate.  Usually, his mind is on his studies. 

Tonight, it’s tangled with mine, so intertwined that he cannot tell I’m there.

Hence my brief moment of confusion. 

I am starved…

He is…nineteen.  Experiencing his very first love. 

Total nerd, straight as an arrow. 

Nate was made an ass of in high school.  The butt of all jokes for being shy and awkward.

College, not so much.  Now he has a girlfriend, but his past always leaves him wondering.

It’s ten o’ clock.  The room is dark.  His laptop beeps, reminding him to charge the battery, but he ignores it, listening to me instead.

Thoughts pass through his mind at an amazing speed.  Thoughts I’m placing there…

He sits now, with his head in his hands, fingers digging into his scalp.  That phone call will eventually give me a lovely meal…. 

That is the trouble with humans today.  So petty.  So easily mislead.  My abode is becoming a bore.  Time for a change, I think…

I don’t hate on lovers.  No, far from it.  But there’s no greater pleasure than pain…


A few hours ago.


“Hey babe.”  Mari sang.

“Hey pretty woman.  What time are you coming over?”  Nate asks, smiling to himself.

There was a brief moment of silence, enough for me to let out a few tendrils of uncertainty.

I enjoy the fact that this isn’t the first time she’s backing out of meeting him.

Does she care for him, love him? 

I don’t give a rat’s ass what her reasons are.

I need my food.


“Err, sorry babe.  I can’t make it tonight.  Dad’s in a pretty bad mood and I don’t want to tick him off.  You know how he gets?”

Haha, his first love has an alcoholic parent who loses control easily, but one who was hardly home to begin with. 

His first love is also a bomb shell, blonde, busty and still living with said parent.

Just perfect for me…

‘She’s lying…call a friend in a little while’…I whisper.

“Yeah.  I know how he gets.”  Nate responds with disappointment, but my idea stays with him.

“…So, I’ll see you tomorrow at campus, okay?”

“Tomorrow.”  He sighs, thinking about how far away that felt. 

“I love you.” 

He smiles before answering.  “Love you right back.”


And a little while later, he picks up his phone and turns it around in his hand.

Nate contemplates making that call for over an hour.  He a tough one to crack, but I will…

‘Hide your number’… I suggest.

‘I know…I’ll just hide my number first…’  He tells himself before doing it.  He calls.  There’s music in the background.



People laughing, joking, screaming…

On a weeknight…Party…there’s college tomorrow…

“Helloo.”  The sweet voice of their mutual friend sings songs through the airwaves.

‘Change your voice.’  I let the thought slip easily into his mind.

He’s silent for a moment.  Then he speaks, deeply.

“Hey.  Where’s the party at tonight?  I’m lost.”

“Travis’s.  Corner of Ninth and Petunia.”

“Nate and Marie there yet?”  He asks.

“Mari, probably.  Nate can never make it to anything.  You know those med students…’  Then as if realising she didn’t ask who was calling…’Wait, who’s this?”

Idiot boy hangs up.

I chuckle darkly.  ‘She’s embarrassed to take you out in public.’

He grimaces as the thought crosses his mind.

‘She’s out having a blast with friends.’

Pain laces through him.

‘Her father is still at the pub.  Only nine thirty.’

His big brown eyes flicker to the wall clock and he drops his head in his hands.

I cut into him.  He winces, feeling his heart break.  His mother was the same.  Lying to his father, and eventually leaving him for a younger man.

A way younger man.

Nate’s best friend from high school.

Yeah, I know, it is his secret.  But I live in his mind, remember?

Tears roll down one eye, and then he blinks, and its free flowing down his face.  Nate pushes himself to stand up.  He begins to pace. 


Breathing harder as I make him more miserable.

He pauses, and the young man in the mirror glares back at him.

His brown eyes are rimmed with red.  The cheeks streaked with tears.  His nose is red, dark curly hair mussed up and unruly.

He seethes as I fill his mind with scenarios.  Her dancing, grinding up against other guys. 

Their hands on her body.

Her hands on theirs.  Laughing, enjoying it…

‘Brace face, brace face, brace face!’  I roar with laughter and he crumbles before the mirror, shaking, screaming.

"Shut up!"

Oh no I won’t.

I’m slashing him apart internally, and I like it…Tastes like…pain.  Like defeat…He’s losing it to me.

I suck in a deep breath and let out one last taunt.

You’re worthless…

That’s it.

Nate stalks crazily to his drawer and rummages through it.  Tonight isn’t the first night I’ve led him down this path, but it will be his last. 

I’m hungry now

Really, really hungry.

He cannot reason me into stepping back.

He cannot subside this gnawing pang.

A new body awaits.

Pulling out a little black box from under his tees, he flips it open and with trembling hands, he reaches for the blade.

‘Use it wisely.’ I whisper.

I won’t mute his pain when he glides it across the bulging vein on his wrists, but I do promise him peace.

It’s a lie.  A blatant one.

There is no peace. 

Such a thing does not exist.  Not in a human.

Not in a human mind.

 The first spatter of blood hits the floor, and then it’s dripping steadily, but it doesn’t stop him from giving his other wrist the same attention. 

He panics when he realizes there’s no turning back now.

I love it.

The taste of pain.  Of fear.

He knows he’s too far gone.  With shaking hands, Nate drops the blade.  It lands softly on the carpet, and gets quickly covered by blood.

He cries out aloud and I swallow it up greedily.

He’s hurting.  Both inside and out.

I lap up his feelings like it’s the most divine confection.

To me it is.

He staggers to the phone, but I don’t let him reach it.


I like the abyss he falls into.

A headlong stumble.

And then he’s flailing.

Nothing to grasp.

I laugh, the sound echoing off the recesses in his mind.

His eyes glaze over from blood loss, but mine sparks again with life.

As his breathing slows down, mine becomes faster.

Anticipating that final moment.

His heart falters.

Nice cut, kid.  I glance over at his wrists to see them severely ripped.


I smile proudly.

A sigh leaves his lips.


This is it, my boy.  The end. 

The light dims from his big brown eyes.  Stuttering.  Like a bad connection.

And then it’s out.

He’s out.


I inhale deeply, the electric tendrils of my being slowly rising out of his body like a whisper of steam.

My form is a smoky screen as I float away.

I don’t look back. 

I won’t.

Another soul beckons me.

Calls me to lay claim.


I am what I am.  I feed off emotions.  Emotions that human beings are forced to endure.  I dwell inside of you, just there, long enough to satisfy my cravings.  Love, lust, hurt, anger, angst, hope, doubt, despair, jealousy, fear…but I make them painful; turn them into nightmarish fragments that sustain me.  That’s when it tastes the most delicious of them all.

I am a parasite.  Not seen, not unknown.  But be warned…if I have to meet you, know that your life ends with me.  Because what you’re forced to endure will leave you begging for death…

© Copyright 2018 Recklis. All rights reserved.

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