My freind.

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The person had a dolphin friend, and it dies from the oil spill.

Submitted: December 20, 2010

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Submitted: December 20, 2010



The smell of the sea filled the air,

I knew my freind was close, and there.

He was a dolphin, A blue one too!

I was his freind, we played peek-a-boo!

Many people thought i was crazy,

going out on the boat daily,

just to see you, my freind.

Henry the dolphin,

our freindship can never end!

The waves hit against the boat as i rubbed your fin,

the wind as a fan,

the sun as a light,

me and you never had a fight!

As the oil sunk in that harmful time,

the sound of your calls,

in a high pitch chime!

I knew you needed to help,

but i couldn't,

they didn't let me in.

When it was cleaned up,

I knew you'd be there,

running to my boat just to see you, as the waves hit the boat, not as clean as before,

I waited hours and hours for your prensence.

When you didn't come i started to cry,

knowing the dang oil killed you, you have had to die!

I sat there and sat,

intill I was told to leave,

I swam back to shore,

and sat on my knees.

I left my boat there just for you,

with a note,

that had wrote,

My dear little freind,

we'd been freinds till the end,

waiting for the prences that once was there,

now the boat with all my care,

we spent so much together right here,

taking a deep breath

i love you my dear!

-your freind. 

So a couple years later,

 the boat was ruined,

rotten, smashed,

flattend, and sinking,

with all my heart,

hopping for you to be thinking of.

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