The Place We Stood

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He woke up, embracing the loud beep of his alarm. Today was earlier than usual, and sleep struggled to fade from his eyes. With a drowsy head, he dressed and entered the living room. Then there was a knock at the door, as expected. 

"Big day for you Dr Freddy!" His colleague patted him on the shoulder as soon as the door slid open.

Indeed, Doctor Fredrickson thought. So he answered, "Yes, Doctor Marris. For all of us." He kept that thought as he put on his coat and walked out to the corridor; a big day for all of humanity perhaps, even for those who had ventured to the furthest reaches of the Universe. 

They caught an early ride on the inertia lifts to the 51st floor of the Iaenus Orbital Station. Through the glass panels, the morning light of Alpha Hydri bathed their skins in a blue glow. As he sat, his eyes drifted towards the distant stars in the background of endless blackness. What has mankind thought, hundreds of years ago, as they stood on their little blue planet, and looked up to the vast oceans of space? 

The large hall was already full of people; scientists, engineers and reporters. He could feel a surge of excitement radiating through him, like the feeling of a lonesome traveller who had somehow wondered home.

"Status?" He asked the mission coordinator.

"The Singularity probe has entered the star system. Solar System, as they had called it. The FTL drive has cut off and it will now sling itself towards our target using the gravity field of the outer planets," Fredrickson received an answer and nodded in satisfaction.

"Good, start the count down," He turned his head towards the technicians and said. 

And so the large screen flickered to life. In the crowded room, there was suddenly fell silence as static on the probe's camera feed faded away and a scene formed before their eyes. It was a Star, like all the others they had seen about a million times. But this one was different, its outer shell had expanded to become a super nova. In its dying blaze, it still shimmered with bright orange light as a show of its last strand of majesty before its orbiting planets. 

"The Sun," Marris pointed out in a soft voice and Freddy had noticed him standing on a podium at the front. 

Still yet to be swallowed by the gargantuan flames of the Sun, there pressed a dark circle against the bright orange which the probe dived further towards. As the faint blue light came to shine at the planet's horizon, Doctor Marris continued.

"After two centuries of searching, we have found it. And the Singularity has arrived at its destination. The place where fish climbed out of its oceans and evolved into apes, then into man. The world which we stood on before our civilisation shot for the stars, and expanded into the Universe. And today, a part of us will be back on Earth. Humanity has come home." His speech voiced over the imagery that was broadcasted to the crowded cities in Andromeda and to the scattered colonies in EGS-zs8-1.

The probe moved further, above the swirling white clouds that was now visible. Freddy held his gaze as the camera lens zoomed, revealing the land beneath the atmosphere. In the last patches of greenery that hid from the burning rays of the Sun, he saw the sea of trees wave in the wind. And amongst it stuck out blocks of concrete. Ruins of their city that were withered to lumps of rock. The speckles of concrete were where humans had placed themselves when the world was still small to them and the blocks of buildings were large to them, large enough to take in all their problems they had in their fleeting lives. All things they had in life; Freddy awed at that thought as he stared into the screen. 

Above the Earth, mankind that stood amongst the stars watched their planet. As the blinding sunlight raised over the edge for the coming of the planet's new day, the probe's thrusters fired. It fired until it went into a dive. A dive through the atmosphere and into the clouds and then exploded upon impact with the land. Its metal debris rested on the surface, as a final reminder of humanity to accompany Mother Earth in her final days.


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