Darkened light Of Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Got quite lazy so instead of making it a novel I made it a short story... so here you go you guys can deside if I should Keep it a book or a novel.

I sat there staring into the darkness, looking into the deserted area. My pain and suffering was getting worse. After my parents died I set off and tried to forget about them but everything reminded me of them. I looked at the darkened sun and sighed. I got the aura of someone strong. I turned around to see two black eyes."Who-Who are you?" I stuttered backing up.

"I am your savior." He said stepping forward. I took out my sword and sent my aura into it. "Come with me please. Would you like to be with people?" I quickly dropped my sword and said, "You can take me somewhere save?"

I thought about cutting him in half but if there was a safe place i wanted to know about it. "Yes of course there is a safe place. With soul breathers like you and me and many others like angels and damens."

He grabbed my arm and walked me forward as he said this.

"Come with me." I followed him to a broken down high school 50miles from where i was. As we walked in it looked like it was fully functional.People were roaming the area and going into little rooms. One person went in and when he came out a group was with him and they were all holding weapons. "This is our training academe for the gifted."

The man said being me forward more. The group that I saw ran passed us and went through the door. "Gifted what do you mean by that?" I said stealing my hand away from him.

"Soul breathers, angels, damens, and vampires. The powerful types. This is a ninja's group for the powerful types to sum it all up." He opened his arms as he said this, signaling to the whole place. I saw a girl playing with a sword and I recognized her from somewhere. "Star?" I said stepping in front of her. She looked up and her eyes lit up. "Zela? Zela is that you?" She stood up and looked at me closer.

"It is you Zela!!!" She said hugging me. "Man Star I missed you."I said trying to get out of the squeeze. Star let go and looked at me in the eyes. Her eyes were completely blue even the white part. Well most of it was if she looked at the side of her you could see a little bit of white. The man who led me in looked at us. "You two will be room mates." He said smiling. Star looked annoyed.

"Zach what about Eter? I don't want a boy in my dorm." Zach smiled. "Sadly that is the only place he can go, so deal with it." Zach turned around and said, "Get her ready and used to our ways. She must be ready before sundown because thats when most of the demons and such come out." He walked through the door and disappeared.

"So who's Eter?" I said turning towards Star. "Later, for now we need to get you a better weapon." She brought me to a dark room where there were a lot of flashing lights. She turned on the light and there were swords and guns everywhere. "What is this place." I said backing up a bit.

"This is the weapon room." Star said picking up a gun and aiming it at the wall. She put it down and walked over to the sword section. "Choosing a soul breather sword is like choosing a wand in Harry Potter. The sword chooses you." Star said walking into the soul breather room. All these swords were everywhere. On the wall, near the floor, and on the tables.

"If you notice a sword that you like pick it up." Star pushed me into the room and stood by the door. A sparkly sword caught my and I walked towards it. Star wasn't paying attention until I grabbed it. A light pulsed through my hands and I felt a great power come over me.

"I will take this one." I said trying to calm my aura. "Well now that you have chosen a weapon you are-" The door opening stopped Star from talking. "Hey Star." A voice said. "Zach wants and he..." A guy with black spiky was looking at me. "Who is this?" He said looking at Star. "This is Zela she is new. Zela this is...Eter." Star looked down when she said that. Eter looked at the sword I was holding. "Well now you are a real member of our group. Once you chose a sword you are in." Eter said lifting up his arms. "I am...in?"

Submitted: November 11, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Red Ghost. All rights reserved.

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Lynn The Rainbow

Oh, this makes it interesting with Zach in it ;) lol jk, make it a novel, it's too exciting for it to be just a short (short) story. I mean, you might need to explain what's happening in the beginning, but it's really good. You might been to fix some errors too I saw.
Amazing :)

Mon, November 14th, 2011 12:59am


It is not the Zach you are thinking of

Sun, November 13th, 2011 6:24pm

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