Part 4: Anyone but you

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Cont.: Anyone but you

Submitted: August 11, 2009

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Submitted: August 11, 2009



Chapter 8


I hitchhiked back to Long Cane with tearstains on my cheeks and my hair all over the place. But what did I care. I had bigger problems ahead. Problems that I knew were too much for me to handle alone. But to whom could I turn. My grandmother was out of the question, Neal was out of the question and Michael now fell under the same category. I held my stomach and cried. I was going to kill a baby. It was something that I’d always sworn never to do. And there I was.


My grandmother got to the door before I had a chance to get out of bed. The noise had startled me so that my heartbeat was uncontrollable. I didn’t remember when sleep had finally closed over me. But I knew that I had dreamt of Michael. I could hear my grandmother speaking in a low voice to the intruder, so I relaxed, for it could only be Neal, although it was very unusual for him to stop by unannounced, at such a late hour. The door was opened to admit the person and then Grandma’s head showed up at my door.

‘Sorry Ma,’ I said, ‘go back an’ sleep.’

She looked like she wanted to say something, changed her mind and left. The blood drained from my face when I saw whom it was. ‘No.’

The rims of his liquid blue eyes were dark in the dim light that the single bulb in the room provided. He looked, in the true sense of the phrase, pissed off.

‘No?’ he repeated cocking his head. ‘Oh, you were expecting him.’

I remained silent.

‘He’s left his girlfriend, then.’

I still said nothing.

‘Don’t tell me you’ve settled for second place. Not you.’

My eyes stung at the corners. I had never been happier and more scared of seeing a person before.  I had to blink away the tears.

Michael sat on the edge of the bed and studied the floor.

I said, ‘Mr. Walker…’

He chuckled dryly, stopped and chuckled some more. ‘So I’m Mr. Walker again.’ He smoothed his hand over the plaster on his palm. ‘Good.’ He whispered. ‘Speak.’

‘You wonder why I was in your house today.’

‘That was yesterday and yes I am wondering why you decided to show up after disappearing for almost two months.’

‘I’m pregnant,’ I blurted.

He looked over at me. ‘You’re pregnant?’

I bit my lower lip and nodded.

‘And you…you’d like to have your job back.’

I thought of the speech, but instead of saying it, I cried and simply nodded.

He stood to leave and I hurried after him. When I touched him Michael held me by the arm and pushed me so hard against the wall that I felt my head split. ‘Don’t you ever, fucking touch me again,’ he growled. ‘Your job belongs to you, but leave my person be. You’re Ms. John and I am Mr. Walker.’ He swallowed, his nostrils flared and he tried to blink back his tears but one escaped his attempt and fell down on my arm.

‘I’m sorry,’ I said weakly. ‘I’m sorry.’

He sucked his lower lip, swiped quickly at his cheek and shook his head. ‘You can find a new job after you’ve given birth to the baby.’

‘You won’t let me keep it.’

He frowned and his eyes widened in understanding. ‘It’s…is it my baby?’

I nodded, ‘that’s what I came to tell you. I made an appointment with the doctor to have an abortion but I don’t know if you want a child.’

His face had gone from shock to disbelief and then to shock. ‘First off how are you so sure that it’s my baby?’

I shrugged.

He shook me.

‘The doctor said that the foetus is seven weeks old and I started to sleep with Neal five weeks ago. So it mus’ be yours.’

His nostrils flared. ‘And you’ve made an appointment to have an abortion?’

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘I don’t have money to take care of a baby.’

‘Are you sure that it’s mine?’

‘Yes,’ I swallowed.

He smiled.

The blood immediately drained out of my face.

Michael sat back down on the bed. ‘So, you’re carrying my baby.’

I remained glued to the wall because the man was surely having a mental break. I thought he would have gone berserk.

‘Lisa,’ he looked over at me, ‘the person who said that each man is the architect of his own fate, lied. You’ve perhaps never heard of Johann Friedrich von Schiller but he got it better.  There is no such thing as chance; and what seems to us merest accidents, springs from the deepest source of destiny.’

I pursed my lips, wishing that I understood what he meant. He made me crave intelligence. When Neal used obscenity it never hurt me like when Michael did. Because while Neal used it to fill the blanks in his vocabulary, Michael used it to hurt and it was effective.

‘Come here,’ he said.

I went ad he held my hands, pulled me into him and pressed his face into my stomach. ‘I don’t know why I believe you, but I do.’ He lifted my shirt and kissed my navel as he used to do my lips. The sight of the act was so nerve wracking that I was confused, uncertain of whether I should slip my fingers through his hair, go down to meet his lips or to simply draw in closer.

‘Do you want to know a truth?’

I nodded and though he couldn’t see me. He said. ‘You’ve driven me out of my mind.’ He pulled me down, kissed me and there on the floor he took back what was his.


Michael opened his eyes and started to find the old lady observing them. ‘Good morning,’ he mouthed. She smiled, gap-toothed at him and whispered in her rusty old voice, ‘I make fresh coffee. Lisaa tell me you like coffee. It ready.’

He smiled and nodded, looking over at Lisa. It made him light headed to know that she’d discussed him with her grand mother.  The old woman closed the door behind her and Michael, who had never before slept on the floor, was about to go back to sleep when he heard the shrilling voice of an infuriated woman. He immediately sat up, but Lisa didn’t flinch. He opened the small window just in time to see one woman attack the other. And then the scene, which had commenced with two people, was soon crowded so that he could barely see the two women anymore. They fell to the ground someone let out a string of curse words. And laughter filled the streets when the one on top pulled at the others panties so hard that the thin strings burst, exposing all her privates and evoking more laughter from the audience. Michael jumped away from the window, ashamed of what he’d just seen.

He hurried over to Lisa and shook her, as if she would be able to put in order what was going wrong outside.

‘What?’ She groaned.

‘Honey, there are two women fighting in the streets.’

She glared at him. ‘Somebody die?’

‘No, but…’

‘Then leave me alone.’



The months went by and I won't pretend that I was quickly becoming an expert in the area of Lisa John, in fact, I was still able to be so baffled by the things she claimed to have happened to her that my mouth would drop open and I’d have to shake my head every single time the though returned to mind. We were out and the harbour restaurant one Sunday, when a pair of lesbians happened upon us. Lisa smiled and I frowned. But I wanted to know the reason behind her secret smile and she knew it. So she said nothing for a moment, well, until the wrong moment. That is at the point where my mouth was preoccupied with the task of testing my wine. She looked into her glass of water and said. 'I was a lesbian when I was little, rubbing feels just as good as, know.'

My mouth almost immediately fell open in shock, but I remembered to swallow just as the wine began to slide down my chin. The waitress came over because Lisa, having noticed the near mishap, had burst into laughter. The waitress handed me a towel to wipe away the wine that I had already partly wiped off, using the back of my palm.

'Is everything alright, Mr. Walker?'

'Yes,' I nodded. '...Sorry for the disturbance.'

The young woman smiled at Lisa's stomach and asked. 'How far along are we?'

Lisa shrugged. 'The doctor say...' she scratched the side of her right nostril--a sign of her uncertainty. 'Five months.'

'Five,' the woman repeat as if Lisa's response was incredible.

The smile disappeared from the face of my—I was still unclear what she was to me. I called her sweet names when we were on good terms and in such moments I liked to think that we had something. But then she would piss me off and I would call her by the very first obscene pronouns that came to mind and she would retaliate just as evilly if not worst—well she looked now at the woman and I heard the unspoken question and said, in an attempt to prevent a scene or any form of discomfort, 'would you please get us another bottle of water.'

The waitress smiled at me 'right away,' she said and reluctantly left with her wish to touch Lisa’s huge stomach.


'Calm down,' I said to Lisa when the waitress was far enough away. 'She was not calling you fat and the doctor did say that your stomach seemed more like that of one in her final month.'

She said nothing to that, her head bowed to look into her plate and just when I was about to ask her what was wrong, I noticed a tear drop into the platter. That was one of the scary moments and they were the ones most unpredictable—my number one reason for detesting this fucking pregnancy. Wasn't it the mummies, who were supposed to feel miserable? Why then, did I feel like I was carrying half of the kid myself?


'Lisa, honey what did I say? Did I say something wrong?'

She got up. 'I want to go home.'

That's how she's come to call my house.

'No,' I said, looking into my Plata of almost untouched food. 'Sit down and tell me about yourself as a little lesbian.'

'You not funny,' she said and started for the door. I rolled my eyes. Dropped a hundred dollar bill onto the table and followed her out.


That was one of my least embarrassing moments with her. Everything else topped that including that Sunday when she invited my family over to dinner. I warned her before she made the suggestion to my mom that, she should either hire someone to help her out with the preparation or ask Tina our hired help to work on Sunday. She of course did none of the above, hoping that I would in fact help her out. She thought it was a waste of money to hire someone just to help her cook or to ask Tina to kick in on her off day. She said this to me while I was still half asleep. I remained in bed till ten, for it was Sunday, a day that I did absolutely nothing and then I showered got dressed and left her alone.


When I returned at about six thirty with two friends, guessing that she would have cooked enough for twenty, the kitchen was in shambles and Lisa was nowhere to be found. I went into her room and she was not there, neither were most of her clothes. Those that she hadn’t taken with her had been thrown vengefully about the room.

Chris London laughed, but his wife, like me, found the situation everything but funny.

‘London,’ I said to my friend and co-worker. ‘Make April something to drink, if you can safely find your way to the bar.’

He nodded, ‘Where will you be?’

I raised my brows at him for the stupid question.


I called Mom and Allison on the way, for the last time Lisa had pulled that stupid card, she had ended up at the gallery, where Allison now worked full time. This time, however, the little sweetheart was not there. I drove to her grandma’s and  there were two cars parked out side and a young woman with long, pretty, curly hair was in tears, yelling at the top of her lungs. I realized that the little village consisted of my angry persons, for every time I went there someone was angrily having it out with another. What I didn’t know was that Lisa was lying inside on the couch afraid to move because the angry woman with long, pretty curly, hair was Neal’s girlfriend. She had followed Neal over to Lisa’s grandmother, assumed that she had finally caught the person he was being unfaithful with. She had purposely attacked Lisa with the intention to kill the baby. Only she would have her, current fiancé’s children.


I passed her carefully, still angry as hell as Lisa, promising that I was going to kill her. I knocked and Neal opened the door. My brows immediately rose. I lost my ability to talk and was so angry that I just pushed past him, causing his shoulder to slam against the threshold. However, the scene before me was not at all what I’d expected. ‘She do’ want to go to the hospital.’ Neal said from behind me.

I was immediately dumfounded. There was so much fear on Lisa’s face, but her eyes lit when she saw me. She called my name as if I were her saviour.

‘Don’t let dem move me.’


And she couldn’t explain. She just burst into tears. ‘What the bloody fuck happened here.’

‘Da girl out side push her, she fall on her bam-bam,’ the grandma offered. ‘She ‘fink’ Lisa pregnant for Neal.’

Neal came to stand where he could see Lisa, but far enough away from me.

I forgot about my motive for being here. I went gently to her. ‘Honey,’ I’ve got to take you to the hospital.’

She shook her head and began to cry. ‘Michael…no, my baby.’

More petrified than she was, I kissed her forehead. Her legs were crossed stiffly as if trying to prevent the loss of the baby. Lisa was making a mess of me. By god she was, because the sight of her like that brought tears to my eyes. I tried to hold them back but a few escaped. And angry with myself for having left her alone I stood, gathered her in my arms and carried her out to the car despite her desperate protests. They were desperate. She cried that we all wanted to kill her baby. That she hated me. But she didn’t struggle because she was afraid to open her legs.


I was so happy to see Mark and the others that I fell in his arms and we hugged like we hadn’t done since we were little. I felt like his little brother. I didn’t want to be strong now that I could probably loose such an important part of me.

‘How is she,’ Mom asked.

‘Hysterical,’ I said moving away from Mark. ‘I’m going to fucking kill her, when this is over,’ I wiped at my red-rimmed eyes.

‘There comes the doctor,’ Allison hurried foreword.

‘Is she…?’

He nodded before Ally could conclude the question, and I felt relief rush over me like a shower of cold water. ‘They’re fine but we need to keep them over night, just to be on the safe side.’

‘Can I go to her?’

The doctor smiled. ‘Are you Michael?’ I nodded and he said: ‘you should hurry to her.’


I glared at her from the doorway. ‘What am I gonna do with you Lisa?’

She actually shrugged. ‘…Kiss me?’

I went to her. ‘Darling…’ I started, kissed her cheek, and then her lips. ‘…I meant after I’ve kissed you.’

She hugged me so forcefully to her that another lump quickly formed in my throat but by go, I was not going to cry again. The tears and the entire situation for that matter were beginning to get on my nerves. The others took in the scene and I think they all, my mother included, understood it in that moment, although I didn’t.


In her final days, she transformed into a monster and as any normal being would behave, I kept my distance from her. I just wanted to know where she was at every single point of the day so that I would have to threaten someone like I had done Neal’s girlfriend. I sat now in my office, trying to concentrate on ending the project that I was working on, so that Chris could do the editing. But my mind kept straying to the little witch, who was lurking about somewhere in the house. We now had two maids upon my insistence, because the doctor had asked Lisa to rest and because I needed someone to watch her. The Obstetrician’s advice was registered and saved in my mind and I forced Lisa to follow it every opportunity I got. However, if it were up to the annoying superwoman, she would take a jog around the block every hour, although she cared nothing for physical exercise when she hadn’t been with child.


She hated my person right now, claiming that she had no space to breath because I was there, wherever she looked. I simply ignored her words. And that’s what I was thinking about when she walked into my office and went to sit on the couch. I looked over at her beneath my lids and then returned to my work. Now, surprisingly, I became fully focused and worked three hours without intermission, while she slept in a rather uncomfortable position.


After another hour of work, I gave into the urge to go over and feel her stomach, which I secretly loved, for it’s enormity fascinated me. Her lids opened slowly, she sighed and then she seemed to have stopped breathing. ‘Wouldn’t you rather lie down a moment?’

She simply stared at me and when I thought she wasn’t going to respond, she touched my cheek and traced her fingers along my lower lip. I sent some more prayers to heaven, so that she would give birth as soon as possible, because of moments like this when I wanted to be nowhere else but inside her. I sighed and rested my head on her stomach. She took my hand and placed it on her full breasts and my heart did a double take. ‘Do you believe me, then?’

She nodded.

‘Why, did you read it yourself?’

She shook her head. I laughed. ‘What you trust me?’

Lisa bit her lower lip and nodded. ‘I don’t know w’er you see that information, but I think you like the baby enough.’

Finally. I had been trying to have coitus with her since her stomach began to show, but she was convinced that we would hurt the baby and that I wouldn’t like the look of her naked, pregnant body. Lisa had held her theory despite all logical arguments, until now. I kissed her stomach and stood. I was going to do it, but I wanted to ease her mind. I downloaded a short report from the American Pregnancy Association and we read it together. Lisa was the one who started it all after she’d read the final line. She said thank you and leaned slightly over and kissed my forehead. No woman besides my mom had ever felt the urge to kiss my forehead. I liked the feel of her lips. ‘Come,’ I took her hand and led her to my room, which was across the hall. I thought about the steps she’d climbed to get up here and laughed. ‘You must really be desperate,’ I stopped her before my door and kissed her.

She was offended. ‘I’m not desperate.’

I raised a brow at her and allowed my hand to hike up her dress. ‘No?’ I asked and felt her centre. Her mouth opened but no words came. She was mine, all right, and the idea made me proud. I pulled her into the room and that’s where our trouble began. Lisa wouldn’t allow me to take off her clothes.

‘I’m not making love to you with your clothes on,’ I mumbled thickly at her side. But I was weak and distracted and I think she knew that I would. However, I was able to think clearer after my first release and by god she would take off her clothes if I had to reap it off her body. I didn’t have to. I only had to press my lips against her to drive her out of her mind. After her first orgasm Lisa would have given me the world and if she’d asked me I would have given her. I took off her dress and saw for the first time the changes her body had undergone. She tried to cover her breasts but her hand seized in a cross about her chest as I shook my head. ‘Lisa…I’l…honey you’re beautiful. Don’t, don’t hide….’

She still had the power to smile, while I felt so light headed with emotion. There’s so much I wanted to say.


She was at the gallery with my mom when the baby decided to greet the world. And I was in Curve Island, because Hope was not due, according to the doctor, for another three days. When my mom called I was in the midst of an interview with the famous rape victim, Don Link. My heart immediately stopped. Allison and Mark were yelling at each other and one of the girls were singing in the back that Lisa was going to have a baby.

‘We’re taking her to the hospital,’ Mom said. ‘Your father has driven over to the house to get her bag. He’s going to meet us there. Don’t worry honey, they’ll be fine,’ she said and hanged up. I couldn’t believe that I was missing the most important moment of my life over a fucking interview. ‘Our baby is coming,’ I heard myself say to Don, ‘and I’m not there, please excuse me. I…’


Three hours later, I was at the hospital. I never thought the sight of me could make someone as happy as it made Lisa, considering the circumstances. She cringed and said. ‘dey killin’ me…I thought you wouldn’t come.’

‘What and miss the opportunity to see you in so much pain? Never.’ I realized, as I took her hand, how much I hated to see her suffer and was, therefore, unable to resist glaring at the doctor, who was taking it all so lightly. Lisa screamed and bit down on her bottom lip. ‘Michael,’ she said. ‘Dey killin’ me.’

‘Fuck,’ I responded, catching the medical team’s attention. ‘Can’t you help her. It can’t be normal for…’

‘Mr. Walker,’ The Obstetrician started, ‘I guarantee you that this is normal and your disgraceful language won’t help the situation either.’

‘Why can’t she push, now?’

‘She hasn’t reached ten centimetres.’ The nurse said to

Lisa’s forehead was so ferociously creased. ‘Well, when the hell is she going to reach ten centimetres?’

Everyone ignored me, so I turned to whisper to the angel who was about to give birth to my baby. ‘You’ll be alright,’ I said, hoping to god that I was right.

Hope finally came out at quarter to three in the morning, making me the happiest man alive. I knew in that moment that it would be impossible to feel for anyone else, what I now felt for the miracle worker on the bed, so I took her hand, and with tears running down my cheek, I asked her to marry me.

Lisa smiled through her tears and responded. ‘I fink you would never ask.’

‘Thought…’ I corrected with a chuckle, provoking one of her rude reaction.

She sucked her teeth.

I leaned over and kissed her. ‘Was that a yes?’

She only nodded.

© Copyright 2020 Red Melody. All rights reserved.

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