Diamond Angle

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A romantic but sad piece of poetry. Written in a night, modified over several days. Describes some feelings I often get about love, dream girls, and life. (one of the better things I've ever written.)

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013




Diamond Angel

I see her standing lightly, almost floating in the air

She is surrounded by starry lights, but not quite hidden by their glare

She is a glittering, diamond angel; her skin is like soft and cool

Her touch is peace, her smile calm, and her eyes are like deep pools

There was a time when every night I’d look up at the stars

I would stand there in the dark and feel, reopening, old scars

The stars were where I had to go to escape this place where I’m entombed

Reality; my prison, and without stars I would be doomed

Doomed to forever stay in a world that I’m not of

And so I waited for the day when I could touch those stars above

But when I look in her eyes I don’t need those lights away so far

When I am with her, I can escape; she became my stars

I touch her face, and she my hand, and thus I fall into her gaze

We close our eyes as time slows down, my surroundings but a haze 

We lean close, she seems so still, and just before we kiss

I feel her cheek fade from my hand, and at once my insides twist

I keep shut my eyes, I already know, she was never really there

Still, I remember things about her, like the softness of her hair

Haunted by memories that are not real; a ghost that speaks no words

She just smiles as I try to touch her, but the visage only blurs

Who she is I cannot say and, in truth, it does not matter

She was my life, my diamond angel, and without her my life is shattered

And so I wait until the day when I, her ethereal beauty, find

And reach for the ghost of my diamond angel, who will vanish every time.

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