Enter The Creature

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A mysterious creatures finds itself running for what may be it's life through the woods in the middle of night. While trying to elude those tracking it the creature recognizes that it possess knowledge and a sense of self recognition, but has no memory of where it came from or what it is.

This is the first in a broad series of short stories exploring different aspects of the creatures life (the later of which will involve a romantic intrest as the entire creation has it's roots in a "beauty-&-the-beast-esque" relationship, along with variations in the purpose and lifestyle of the main character).

This one is really only G but later stories will likely contain more action/violence.


Introduction as taken from the log of Park Ranger and Field Researcher Albert Ross:


“I have been a Park Ranger in this area for 8 years now.  I’ve been field researcher/biologist for 15+, and I have never heard of or seen anything like the creature we found tonight (Aug. 17th, 20XX).  Therefore I will make as detailed a description of it as I am able at this time, considering the amount of light at this hour and in the holding area.  I will continue to make observations on the creature and it’s habits when it wakes up (likely tomorrow night, as I’m quite sure the animal is nocturnal).


  The creature is large, standing almost 8 feet tall, weighing upwards of 700 lbs. (it took 4 men to move the creature around while it was unconscious and another 3 to lift into the back of the trailer we transported it in).  It is worth noting that it took two tranquilizers (one of which would have dropped a fully grown bull moose) to slow the creature down enough to get a shot at it with another, smaller, tranquilizer.  It has a muscular, humanoid torso and arms, but its legs resemble those of a wolf, only with bulkier muscles and feet, more accommodating for bipedal maneuvering (presumably, as the creature was observed running both upright and on all fours when captured).  The arms are mostly human in structure but for the wrists which are stretched longer, and the fingers that last two of which are longer that on a human, mirroring the first two, and all of which end in a claw.  The claw looks as if it were made of sharpened stone (they are very durable).  The claws do not grow out of the fingertips (such as on most animals), rather the fingertips gradually grow into the tougher material, so as that one can’t tell where the claw starts and the finger ends.  The hands are also proportionately larger.


The head is the hardest to describe, it looks like a mix between a wolf and a lion, but the muzzle is much shorter.  The ears are somewhat wolf like, but with human proportions and placement (i.e. smaller and on the sides of the head rather than the top).  All the fur is black except around the nose and muzzle, which is a pale grey, resembling the pattern of white around a lions nose.


The entire creature is blackish brown, its skin is a deep shade of grey brown, but it has very dark brown fur all over its body except on its chest.  The hair is a uniform length over the body (about 3 inches), but for where it dissipates around the edges of the chest (it gets brighter here), and on its back (it gets blacker here), which is very long, it is also more bristly that the rest of the hair, which is quit soft (though dirtied) elsewhere.


That’s all for now.  I will make notes on the creature’s behavior when it wakes up.


The creature escaped.  I went back to the holding area when I’d completed my notes and found that the creature was already awake.  It then tore out of the holding pen (the one used normally for containing moose and other large animals when necessary) and shoved past me.  I got up and followed, but it was already gone.  Based on my knowledge of great apes (esp. gorillas) and the creature’s immense size I assumed that it would possess incredible strength, but the abilities it displayed, both when it was being hunted and just now, far surpass anything I could have previously expected.


My team and I quickly regrouped to track the creature, but it was already long gone by the time we had gathered.  I can only hope that the creature is reclusive, avoiding people and populated areas.  I don’t know if the creature is dangerous by nature, but a creature of that strength could do very serious damage to persons and property if provoked.  Despite my concerns for people near and in the park, I also hope the creature itself remains safe.  This animal, I am sure, is a previously unknown species, and should be protected.  I fear the creature’s appearance (which is indeed monstrous) and power may result in its demise, and perhaps the extinction of a species.  Only time will tell.  Currently we are hoping that maybe some hikers or the like will spot the creature and we can get an idea where it is and where it’s headed.


This concludes my notes on the subject until further incidents occur.

- Senior Park Ranger Albert Ross, Aug. 18th, 20XX”




  Running.  Trees, darkness, bushes, all rushing by at incredible speeds.  The creature saw.  Running.  Huffing.  The creature, runs, it doesn’t know why, it knows it has to.  The creature stumbled and dropped to all fours for a moment before returning to its bipedal stance.  Can’t stop, must run, must…  Escape?  Can’t think, can’t focus, too much adrenaline, too much darkness, too much speed.  Running too fast to think, but, can’t slow down. Getting tired, No!  Must run!  Don’t stop!


All of a sudden the woods, the darkness, the trees, all vanished and was replaced with bright lights, screeching, noise, stone beneath the feet.  Cars.  A road.  The words are there in the creatures mind, but it can’t remember how it knows.  It quickly dodges a car, then, jumps back dodging another.  It has but a second to bolt forward across the road into the darkness again.  The creature ran a distance, just as confused as ever, unable to hardly remember where it had been just before crossing the road, much less why it needed to keep running.  It noticed an opening in the trees ahead.  The creature burst out of the trees, into a large clearing flying through the air, it’s momentum landing it 20 yards into field, the whole of which dipped down five feet lower the forest that surrounded it, but for on the far side, which was on even ground with the woods.  The creature, landed and rolled, engaging reflexes it didn’t know it had, then jumped up and continued, still never slowing down.  The creature was regaining some control, and began to slow.  It was about halfway across the field when the truck pulled out.  The creature froze, bathed in the bright lights mounted on top of the vehicle.  It heard a noise, a kind of poof, and felt something pierce its chest.  The creature reeled back and ran toward the tree line.  It was almost there when it felt another sharpness in it’s back.


The creature growled angrily, and tried to keep running, but it began to feel foggy.  It slowed some, but still moved toward the trees.  It then felt another sharp jab in it’s back, the creature saw the world began to dissolve, engulfed in black and it fell.  The shadow swallowed all, and the creature blacked out.




Awake.  The creature opened its eyes, and looked up.  It was laying on its back on a dirt floor, inside some kind of small, wooden room.  The creature sat up.  Its adrenaline had faded but was still pumping somewhat.  The creature stood and looked around.  The room was a cube, ten feet high and ten feet long in both directions.  There were two doors, both of which are made of metal and have a small, reinforced window and air vent near the top.  One led out side to some kind of closed off yard, but it was to dark to see more, the other lead to a dimly lit hallway.  The creature’s adrenaline started to pump; it was closed in.  It must escape.  The creature snarled and beat on the door, which quickly began to give.  The creature claws at it then kicks it.  The weakened door flews off its hinges and slammed into the opposite wall.


  The creature was out, into the hallway.  It looked one way (a dead end), then the other (a doorway).  A man had just entered and was standing defensively against the wall.  The creature ran by him, the man was bowled over.  The creature ran through several other halls and out into a large round room filled with various plants and maps.  Some kind of nature center.  The creature could recognize it but didn’t know how.  It saw some doors leading outside and rammed them, breaking the glass and bending the doorframes.  It was outside, in the air.  It looked around, a parking lot, a road, after that the tree line.  The creature ran for the trees near the road.  Its adrenaline slowing, it began to think, to try and remember.  But nothing came of it.  And so it quickly made it’s way across the road into the woods.  It sat there for a moment, in the dark (though it was not dark to the creature, which had acute night vision).  The creature wondered what to do.  It, didn’t know.  The creature, not remembering where it had come from, looked down at itself.  The creature was surprised to feel a sense of unfamiliarity.  This only added to the confusion the creature felt.  It wondered where it was, who it was.  Who.  The creature pondered the word.  It the sensed that the concept of self separated man from beast, or at least the ability to wonder about oneself, and so the creature felt pleased with itself for realizing something about itself.  It was no animal.  In fact the thoughts running through it’s head at that very moment should prove that, as even the most intelligent of animals would not we trying to be able to ask itself who it was or where it came from.  Nor would they have been able to recognize a highway as a highway, or a car as a car.  The sharp pains in the field… Perhaps some kind of tranquilizers darts.  The creature was now quite pleased with itself, it had mastered rational thought, now if only it could communicate.  The creature, had the feeling that at one point it had been able to speak, it was using words in it’s head, which must mean it knew language.  The creature got up and began to stride quickly through the woods, following the highway.  As it walked it tried to think out loud.  But for some reason it could not bring itself to try and speak.  It was almost afraid, it wasn’t sure why.  Maybe the thought of not being able to speak was more terrifying than the silence that surrounded him.  But the silence forced the creature to think about the seriousness of the situation.  He didn’t know who he was (he assumed he was someone), he didn’t know where he was, where came from or where he was going.  But as the creature thought, it began to realize.  Despite being lost in every sense of the word, there was also a certain satisfaction the he could not put is claw on.  An odd comfort in his skin, animalistic skin though it may be.  It was almost as if, though he didn’t remember for sure, this form, where something he’d always wanted.  This was who he really was, not who ever he used to be (still assuming he’ ever been someone else).  And the more the creature thought about it the surer he became.  And the surer he became the more he realized that he didn’t want to know “who he was” or “where he had come from”, so much so, that he finally resolved that he would devote no time to finding out about his past.  This was who he was now, and the more conscious he became of himself, the more satisfied he became with the notion.


The creature, now feeling braver and more confident than before got lost in it’s thought and before it had realized what happened, it spoke the words, “Yes, I am me.”


  The creature stopped walking.  It could have cried with joy, and tried to say something else just to prove to itself that it could really speak.  “I can speak,” it murmured.  It felt the words resonating in its throat.  “I can speak,” it said again, louder.  It listened to its own voice, which was deep and smooth.  “I can speak,” it roared, the words rumbled out of his throat.  This time his deep voice was gravely, being affected by his roar.  The creature, now very happy despite his circumstances, leapt in the air.  It then knelt down and sighed, a sigh of relief but something else as well.  It now had no idea what to do with itself.  It was still lost and alone.  The creature thought for a moment, and then decided it should name itself.  But then thought better of it.  A name was a hard think of, especially when it was yours, so it tried to think of something else to think about.  It then realized, though everything that mattered was obscured by fur, the creature was technically naked.  That wouldn’t do for his sort of beast, dignified and thinking as he was, so the creature made finding something to wear his next priority. 


The creature realized it was quite tired.  Nor did it have any idea how long it had been running earlier that night, or what time it was.  The smallest rays of sun were just visible through the trees and the creature decided it would be a good idea to rest.  The creature moved back into the woods, far enough away so as not to be seen by any passing drivers, but clos enough to hear them.  He lay down against a tree and stretched out his long, wolfish legs.  “Tomorrow I will find pants and a name,” he thought to himself and (though the creature didn’t consciously know it) smiled, before falling asleep.


The creature woke.  From the placement of the sun, the creature guessed it was sometime around noon.  “Though,” thought the creature, “I could be far north where the sun does odd things at odd times.”  Since the creature had no way of knowing either way, he went with the former and assumed he was not in any place like Alaska.


The creature stood up and looked around.  The road sounded quiet so he moved toward it and began to walk along it once again.  The creature knew that in the daytime he would have to work harder to stay unnoticed.  As he walked he tried to think of, firstly, what kind of name he should like to have and, secondly, where on the sweet earth he could find a pair of pants big enough for himself.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Red Raven. All rights reserved.

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