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An old relic awakens in a long lost world and slowly comes to grips with reality.

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016





Deep in the ruins of the Oldak sector, a titan warrior, a mighty armoured combination of flesh and machine awoke after being in restoration hibernation for millennia’s. He…it rose out of a crater and looked around, surrounding him was the ancient ruins of Armachine, a once populous Imperial city now turned into a apocalyptic playground after the Magazine War. The warrior looked at his bulky metal hands and slowly flexed his rusty fingers. They groaned as they moved again after lying still for an unimaginably long amount of time.


The warrior fiddled around with buttons and switches on its helmet and tapped into its core database, first it checked the date. It was the 96th of Hawksworn 19245647484, which meant that an octillion ago he had fallen here during a violent extermination of the civilian population. And a vigintillion ago he was forged in the fires of the Mechanium. A gigantic mass production factory of war, hidden deep in the poisoned landscapes of Vraktilli, an ions old planet which was light years away.


The warrior slowly walked around the ruins hoping to find a fellow automaton or perhaps a life form. He searched for two months before reaching the eastern edge of the Oldak sector which meant he was close to the centre of Armachine. But as he progressed the ruins grew more and more until a path to the centre was now no where to be found. The warrior groaned and he turned his head to look around again but noticed something rather close to him. He walked over to it and felt a buzz in his fleshy-computerised brain as he looked at it. It was a massive pit, filled the skeletal remains of possibly sextillion humans. The bones were no longer white but they were grey, the flesh of the skeletons had withered away into nothing ages ago leaving perfect skeletal structures of men, women and children.


The warrior wondered why there were no animal remains but then recalled that all animals had been exterminated billions of years ago. Then as the warrior was about to turn away he noticed a scroll strangely being held up by a skeletons arm. The warrior cautiously stepped into the pit to retrieve it, ancient bones simply eroded away into dust as the warriors immortal armour came crashing onto it. The warrior soon found itself almost swimming in a sea of dust before it managed to grab the note.


The warrior carefully moved his fingers gently to grab the delicate note. His fingers had the potential to crush a human being so he was careful and patient. He saw his big bulky finger nib the note and he pulled it back and gently clutched it in his hands. He then stepped out the deathly pit and began to read the note.


His electrode retinas enhanced as he read the old words…





My name is Isaac Dvar and I am a citizen of the city of Armachine, I just wanted to write this in hope that I will be remembered, I know it sounds weird but I don’t want to fade away into the void of time and be forgotten. My life will soon be taken from me, they are coming and so I write with quickened pace. For many years I wondered what my existence meant and I still do not know the answer but what I know is life is strange and it can be glorious and cruel. But I must say, through all my 14 years of life I have enjoyed living with my fellow kinsmen. Perhaps this is not the end however, perhaps a googolplex away I shall be anew or perhaps I will ascend into another world or perhaps I will fade away into nothingness.


Nonetheless I must say before I die, I envy the Titan Warriors, if you don’t know they are a combination of man and machine and they can live forever…. While the rest of us fade away they stand as beacons of remembrance. I know there original purpose, I know they were built to kill but I see them as the last embers of reality.


Now one last thing, a girl, a beautiful girl who I’m surprised hasn’t been recognised as an angel, was my friend for a long time. She was amazing and it was a pity I never got a chance to spend my life with her. I can only hope that I see her in the afterlife, but if there is no such thing…I hope that my skeleton tumbles into hers and we fade way together so our ash and stardust wrap around each other as they slowly decompose into nothing.

That’s all I have to write, and so I now say goodbye who ever is reading this…I hope you live a joyful life and have many good memories.)

If the titan warrior could cry it would have there, but unfortunately its tear ducts were ripped out and replaced with visual codex lenses. The titan warrior then watched as the beautiful letter slowly crumbled away into nothing.


The titan looked into the pit, “Goodbye…. Issac” it managed to say with the last bits of power in its vocal index. It then walked away back into the dense ruins in search of the unknown.

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