Red, the light dragons Guardian

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This is just a summarized back-story of a character named Red and the world she lives in.

Submitted: September 19, 2012

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Submitted: September 19, 2012



This is more a the plot of the world and its past as a whole~

So, in the beginning when God created earth, he put four great dragons on the earth to keep balance, these dragons each represent and control one element, fire, earth, air, and water .Each of these dragons were given a guardian to awaken and put them to sleep during the changes of the cycles. because they are so powerful, only one can be awake at a time, Also there guardians aren't put to sleep because the cycles last for thousands of years. Many years past when humans were finally put on the earth. At first, everything was in balance and the people were thriving, until they started to rebel. They became greedy, selfish, hateful, and angry. They started to pity themselves and their life, go against their faith, and kill each other for pleasure and revenge. Soon there many sins introduced them to Evil. This Evil grew more powerful every day, eventually taking a solid form, the Dark Dragon. The balance was then put into a deep pit creating a world of hatred. The four dragons saw what was happening and prayed to God to restore the peace that the Earth once had, so he created the light Dragon(controller of all elements and anything Good) As soon as this new act of savior was put on the earth, a fierce battle was started between the six powerful dragons, and there guardians. On earth, the humans who created the Evil tried to help the dark dragon while the few good humans created guilds to fight the sinful. The battle became so fierce between the dragons, guilds and humans, that a group of seven angels had to help out the guilds with the humans and stop the destruction of the earth. After many centuries of war, the light dragon prevailed and put the dark dragon into an internal sleep. Centuries later some people who remembered the dark past took pity on the dark dragon and agreed with his view of the world. They soon began to adopt and practice his ancient art of dark magic. Now, a disruption is occurring because the vain act to bring back and resume the reign of the Dark Dragon, causing the guardians to forget who they are. Currently, guilds that were formed to help the light dragon “police" the people, are Trying to find out more about their dark past, but they are unaware about the terror soon to come.

Reds Back story~

In the beginning of Reds life, she was put on earth to help the elemental dragons win the great war. She was fierce in battle, and so was her master. Soon they one the war, and the world was again at peace. Everything was fine, until the people began to Sin once again, and all the great empires fell. Slowly the guardians were forgotten by the people, and soon, they had forgotten themselves. Without the knowledge of who their true selves, they were then easily corrupted by the humans many sins, making their holy powers weaken by the minute. The great dragons saw what was happening and thought that maybe if they "re-birthed" the guardians from the elements, with a fresh child-like mind and put them into a holy society, that maybe, they would be able to continue their original duties. But of course, they were wrong.

As a Child, Red waited to be found in a cold dark forest. Everyday she was threatened by the many dangers of living alone in the wild,without any kind of human contact. Because of this, she was basically an animal. But without any kind of natural instincts or adaptations to the environment, she waited, barely surviving, until she was finally found by an old man one day after she was brutally injured when attacked by a group of hunters. But to the old mans surprise, she defeated them all. Because the first contact with a human was violent, she instantly gained a boiling hatred for the awful creatures, knowing that the only pure things in life was the peaceful nature around her, and the animals that she loved. The old man had a very hard time getting Red to stay with him, but eventually she succumbed to the delicious food and warm home. The old man then took her in, raised her with old traditions and cultures of the dragon ways, and taught her the powers she was given with. One day when she was helping some of the other villagers, a kind lady walked up to her and asked her what her name was. Red just looked at her with a blank expression, realizing that she didn't’t have a name, unlike everyone else. Red became a little embarrassed by this, so she looked down at the ground. On the ground there was a puddle that reflected her scarred face, and her seemingly glowing red eyes. Red then looked up and simple said "Red". The woman then looked at her with a puzzled expression and then answered, "How about Scarlet? its a much better name for a young lady like you." Red then glared at the lady for a moment then repeated herself in a more assertive voice. Red hated being called a girl, it made her feel weak. All of her friends were boys, and she absolutely couldn't stand any of the girls, mainly because they thought that "Ladies" weren't’t supposed to be involved in such aggressive behavior, that is a man's privilege. She hated doing the tasks the females were always stuck with, and she loved to fight. She was even the strongest child in her village. She was more like a boy then a girl in practically every way, so she preferred the masculine name. There was really nothing particularly wrong with the name, it just didn't’t feel right to Red. After Red insisted her name be Red, The lady then smiled and ruffed up her hair while saying "Well then Red, how about you take a break and go play with the boys over there for a little bit. Red then ran in the direction the woman was pointing with a very excited look on her face. After she finally had a name, and her guardian could finally begin to train her in the martial arts, Red became very happy in her current position. But, of course, like all great hero's lives, the happy beginning, didn't’t last very long. One day, as her guardian was walking home with a gift for Red(the dragon pendant) he was attacked and killed in a ambush. During this time Red was Running errands in the town, when she found his cold body laying in a pool of blood, and in his hand was the necklace(the necklace helps her control her powers, by concentrating the energy, Without this necklace, Red would constantly torch and demolish the things around her) As Red went to pick it up, she was knocked out and taken by the people who ambushed her. Red was taken to their home and erased of all her memories. She was tortured everyday until she finally escaped into reality with no real experience or knowledge of the real world, so she soon joined a rebellion. Later, she was arrested for a petty crime and was sent to the jail. Once she came out of jail, she was immediately sent to an orphanage. The owner was a cruel and twisted old lady who hated anyone who was different. Red of course, was the least favorite of the children. Red became extremely miserable until a new person was brought in, their name, or as Red new, their real name, was Jack. Because of their similar hardships and indifference's they quickly became friends. They finally got the upper hand between the kids, but they were soon adopted to separate families, knowing they would probably never see each other again. When Red was brought home to her new family, She soon found they were very a controlling family with an abusive father and a brainwashed mother. The father forced her to practice the musical arts so she would seem like a normal child. Everyday the father reminded Red(or scarlet, the name given to Red by the foster home) to never go into his study(the place where he and his friends always went). One day after the father had beaten the mother to death Red ran into the basement and locked the door, when she turned around she saw many tortured dead bodies hanging from the ceiling by their throat. Red then grabbed a knife from a table sitting by a bloody white chair and killed the father. Red ran away and soon found herself living on the streets again, now doing various jobs throughout the kingdom.

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