R.O.U.S. : Case File 1

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A mysterious creature lurks in the darkness terrorizing a village in Sumatra. Carnacki and the agents of S.P.E.A.R. must find and stop it before it strikes the village.

Submitted: February 07, 2015

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Submitted: February 07, 2015







Author's note:

I've fixed the errors in here and I would like to point out that this is part of a series of short stories!Enjoy!




Dedicated to: 

ANUNG UN RAMA. Why do you fall a lot?











The story is the amalgamation of sound bites and briefing reports pieced together by S.P.E.A.R.A. Agent and Archivist Franklin Reade III.
















Sepat Engdon Village,Sumatra,1998

The deafening sound of the rotary blades died down as the Chinook that eclipsed the moon grounded itself in the landing site cleared by the villagers yesterday. I stood not far from the cleared ground my short red hair in disarray as the wind from the helicopter swept it. I sighed


Two men came out from it. The first one was a bald Haitian. He was taller than the me. Burly and broad shouldered wearing a brown leather jacket and worn jeans. He smiled at me genially as he waited for his partner. His left bone earring reflected the red glint of the aircraft's dying lights. I identified him as Agent Theo St. Clair,a Dunstan class Agent with a D level sensory ability. Maybe I could ask him tips about being a Dunstan class. I probably should. I smiled at him.


Following him was the pilot. A thin man with hawkish features. He wore a kevlar personal armor and cargo pants. He smelled like gasoline and sweat. He nodded and scratched his thin stubble as they approached me.


"Ya must be the rookie. The names Doyle, first name's Agent." He and St. Clair chuckled at the joke." Agent Conrad Doyle belonged to none of the Agent classes according to the files. It only stated his 'Excellent tracking abilities'. Pretty much a normal guy. Except that his a S.P.E.A.R.A. agent.


"My handsome friend here is Agent St. Clair." He tapped St. Clair's back."And ya are?"


"Agent Cathrynne Carnacki,sir." I shook their hands.


"So, can you brief us Miss Carnacki?" St. Clair said with a heavy accent as we headed down the village.


"Well, reports of missing villagers started a month ago, mainly farmers in and round town . Blood curdling shouts heard in the dead of the night. Unidentifiable tracks leading to -" I said as I read my notes.


"The typical sort then...any fatalities?" Doyle said as he wore a blue baseball cap on.


"Well,No confirmed fatalities only nine missing. But one of the villagers saw a gnawed left foot".


"A what??? Could ya repeat that?" Doyle said his voice wavering a bit.


"One gnawed left foot. Male. Height is estimated at-"I said as turned the last page of my notes.


"Slow down rookie. 'Gnawed' that's not a nice word... what do you think did it?"


"Well, the bite marks shows that it was big, bite strength of about-"


"Stop, how big do you think it is Agent?" St. Clair said.


"As big as an adult retriever." Both men looked at each other.


"How bout the tracks?" Doyle said.


"You could check it tomorrow if you want to?" I said. "I made casts out of the them I also cordoned some."


Agent Doyle took my note pad before I could put it in my jacket pocket and read it. He then gave it to Agent St. Clair. They started arguing about the details of my notes.


We stayed on one of the village elders' house for the night. I showed them the plaster castings I made earlier and both argued if it was a biped or a quadruped. I agreed with Doyle with his assessment. I thought it was a quadruped too.


After four days conducting my own inquiries I was glad I had company now. I knew they'll try to have their own investigation but I already have some suspicions to what has been attacking the villagers. I hope theirs' confirm my own. We finished our dinner and decided to rest.


Our sleep was cut short by the howl of something from the forest east of the village. 'We' decided to take our chance and follow it. I thought it was a bad idea. It could've been something else entirely. After gearing up we met with the native Meno Ilais, a middle age man who tended a tomato farm at the edge of the village. The village elders recommended him as our guide. But I thought the man himself was reluctant to come with us.


The fog crawled over the hectare long plantations like a succubus to its victim. While the moon hid behind the clouds,not even a single star in the horizon to lit our way. Beams of light from our flashlight sliced the thick darkness of our path. And the trek to get to the edge of the forest was long and cold. We crossed four kilometers of tomato plantation and began to see a clearer view of the forest and the near perfect cone of mount Kadong. We were walking along a dirt path when our guide halted.


"What's wrong?" St. Clair said in one of the Sumatran dialects . It didn't surprise me. A S.P.E.A.R. cooperative should know at least three language and a number of foreign dialects.


"Danger sir. I well not go further sir I'm sorry." Meno whispered,his face pale like the Sheridan ghost. He looked at St. Clair his hands clasped together.


"But we need your help." St. Clair said. He dropped his duffle bag down. Meno mumbled something I didn't understand.


"I am sorry sir, but death awaits us in the forest. Here sir take this map." Meno handed a rough sketch of the area on a piece of paper. Doyle took and examined it carefully.


"Then we'll continue without you. Stay on the track and please tell your friends that if we don't return they should contact S.P.E.A.R."St. Clair said. Meno thanked all of us and went back half sprinting.


"What wus that all about?" Doyle said. "What scared the poor guy?"He looked at me.


I answered him by telling them about the story I heard from the villagers two days ago. The village people believe that the forest and mount Kadong was once the abode of the demon Tikus seitan and his sons and daughters.


And like most of its kind Tikus seitan dined on human flesh and drank blood. The enslaving of humanity and the rulership of the whole world came next to his priorities. Some elders said that he was once worship in this region by cults. Giving offerings to appease his hunger.They called him Lord of Pestilence and Rot. Some of the village elder's description of the demon varied. Some said it was a dog while others said it was a wild boar. I even came across a Tobacco dealer that lived across the mountain that said it was a giant rat with a human body.Both man made no comment about the story.


"Agent Carnacki if I may asked, how many cases have ya got under your belt?" Doyle asked as he went on to lead our way.


"If you count the Sheridan Haunting well this would be the fourth,why?" I only heard his chuckle as he continued on.


"Don't mind him miss Carnacki. He's just fascinated by the efforts you made." St. Clair said. "That and the fact that he doesn't like research work. It is alien to him."


"Yeah, well what am I supposed to do just wait for you and do nothing for four days?"


After half an hour of searching Doyle found partial tracks and disturbed vegetation at the edge of the forest. The forest itself consists mainly of giant tropical trees with vines and shin high vegetation. The shrubbery was thick in some places. It was an ancient forest. We followed the tracks as it wound around the place in circles. I could sensed that Doyle was getting agitated.


"Whats wrong sir?"


"The tracks-" He pointed at the vegetation. The grass was partially uprooted and the rocks freshly disturbed. I couldn't see if there was a pattern to it but he saw it.


"Why? did you lost it?"


He looked more annoyed at my comment."Um...Nah it's actually the opposite."


Agent St. Clair threw a crumpled bill and Doyle caught it."I guess you're right." St Clair said.


"Just an educated guess... brother." Agent Doyle said as he pocketed the money.


"What's that all about?" I asked.


"Earlier after reading your notes we argued about the number of our mysterious entity." Agent St. Clair said.




"And base on our recent findings-" Doyle pointed at the disturbed vegetation. "We're dealing with a pack." He emphasize the word pack. Sh*t.


A mixture of gladness and horror filled me. Glad that my notes and my suspicions were right and that it helped, but a pack of blood hungry ab-human cryptids?


"We have to warn the villagers." Doyle must have realised the look on my face when he said:


"Don't do anything stupid rookie." He opened his duffle bag and rummaged for something. "We still need identification and visual confirmation so don't go anywhere."


"What?" I croaked. "We should warn the village."


"We follow the tracks first-" He pointed at the vegetation with his flashlight. "-and see what this is all about."


We decided to stop. Spread ten feet away from each other we prepared ourselves before continuing the journey.


"If I may asked, what kind of Agent Classification do you belong miss Carnacki?" St. Clair said to me.


"Dunstan, like you, why?"


"Ah tooold ya Theo, I guess ya owe me another hundred." Doyle said. "He actually said you were a Rowan class like yar's truly." He covered his head with his palm and shook his head."Oopsy shouldn't' have said that."


So a Rowan class. Interesting. Why make it a secret though? Probably important or dangerous. I bit my lip at the thought.


"You thought I was a Rowan? Didn't you read my file." I said. Please don't tell me you didn't. Please.


"Why? Did ya read ours?" Doyle said raising his eyebrow.


Theo paused, his attention on the bushes ten yards away. His eyes seemed to pierce right through the greenery.


"Yeah, that's supposed to be protocol right?"


"Ha PROTOCOL. Ya sound like Director Trent." Doyle's eyes narrowed. "Are you Director Trent?" He paused and laughed at his own joke.


St. Clair's attention shifted from the bush to us. He took a box out from his duffle bag and opened it.


"Your file didn't mention that your a Rowan class." I said to Doyle as I opened my own bag.


"You better ask the boss himself cause I'm not tellin'." He took a modified gun out his bag. A sawed off double barreled Winchester rifle? He loaded and cocked it.I didn't want to pry so I didn't pursue the questioning. 


I glanced at St. Clair's direction. He took out three bone rings similar to his earring. Then he took a rifle with a scope and shouldered it.


"Hey, aren't ya taking out your own relic?" Doyle said. "They did issue you a relic right?"


I shook my head. "No not yet. I'm actually still a probationary agent. They only issued me this." I showed him the Glock I had. He shook his head.


"Take this then." He threw a revolver at me. I almost didn't catch it,it was heavy, a Smith & Wesson Magnum .400 engraved on its side. And guessing from the little experience I had with guns it was not as effective as the Glock. I tucked it on my back. I later found out how wrong I was.


When I glanced at St. Clair's direction he was gone. I tried to point it out but I was interrupted by Doyle.


"Just keep talkin'." He whispered. "We have company."


After a few minutes I heard St. Clair approached. Then I saw the man himself hauling something from the darkness. I pointed my flashlight on it. Something red and smoking-


"Well look at what ya got there." Doyle said as he pointed the flash light towards St. Clair. It wasn't something. It was---


"An imp," St. Clair said.


A juvenile one. About two feet tall, tail and wings aside. Its skin was red and thorny. It struggled as St. Clair held its neck. It hissed and growled when it saw us.


"Whoah." St. Clair said as the imp's tail lashed like a whip.


Then it started speaking in tongues and it had a girl's voice. Goosebumps stood at the back of my neck,it was f*cking creepy. I only understand some bits of what it said. Most of it Aramaic and some maybe Greek? It spoke about death or dying or something like that. It turned its gaze towards me. Its piercing unearthly yellow eyes glowed.


It began speaking again and Doyle tried to translate it. He was even kind enough to mimic its childlike voice. Mocking the abhuman entity seemed foolish for me.


St. Clair gripped its neck harder. His bone rings glowed green forming tendrils that snaked through the imp's body. The imp's thrashing subsided, it was frozen like a corpse. Hmmm. A relic that enables you to restrain a Specter class entity,neat.


"the master well not be pleased with you."


"Master?!" Both St. Clair and me chorused.


"must go back to guarding the hole." The imp made itself smaller."-or the master will use his wretched cane. free me at once humans or suffer like I have." it said, disgust clear in his tone.


"You're the one to demand." I said.


"Tell him I'll let him go if he leads us to his master-" St. Clair said.


"Or to the place his guarding."I added.


The imp agreed or so Doyle said. We walked along a narrow trail that led to the foot of mount Kadong. The place was an abandoned mining site. We agreed to let Doyle scout it first for any traps. You could never trust an imp.


After five minutes Doyle signaled us to come. Two Backhoe, a pair of excavators, a truck,shovels,cables and wooden crates littered the place. Two muddy path wind through the site,one led towards a hut crudely built the other towards the gaping mouth of a tunnel at the side of the mountain.


Things went grim all of a sudden as we went on to the site. Bodies,scattered around the mining site. Seven of them in total. Their skin gray and leathery like their essence were sucked dry. I glanced at the imp as it smiled bearing all its tiny sharp teeth. Was it proud of what idid?


"Are they the villagers?" St. Clair asked.


"No." I said as I turned one of the bodies. One of them wore a mud slicked shirt with a logo, a fist with rays of light coming from it. "Thunstone Corp.,professional miners." I took the dead guy's wallet. In it was an I.D. and a piture of the dead guy when he was alive with his family. I shook my head and cursed. "Michael Herman Mignola,American,married." I handed the I.D. to Doyle and sighed.


I went towards St. Clair. My hand shook a little as I clicked the safety off and leveled the Glock's barrel to the imp's head. I could feel the blood draining from my face. I was angry even though I didn't know them. "Who sent you here? Speak, dammit!"I was struggling to hold the gun. "Someone sent you to kill them right? Who?"


The piece of sh*t just sniggered. I smacked it in the face. I knew it wouldn't do it any harm but I was tired and angry. St. Clair didn't react. He didn't even move. Was I overreacting?


"Back off rookie." Doyle said. He took a bunch of dried flowers from the pocket of his cargo pants.


"This is Arbutus." The imp cringed at its sight. "This'll do to ya what ya did to those folks over there."


St. Clair raised the imp higher. The green glow from his rings dimming a bit. Then the imp started whispering his child like voice faint and eerie.


Doyle and I moved closer to hear its voice. The closer we got the fainter his voice became. The imp was looking pass at me. Then I recognize the words and recoiled from it.


"What did it-." Doyle's question was cut abruptly by the imp's shout.




As I turned towards Doyle I saw two dog size creature covered in black and gray fur. One rammed him in the midsection. The impact hurled him to the wooden crates,a couple of meters away from us splintering the wood and spilling its haul. Leaving the Arbutus behind.


"Look out!" St. Clair shouted.


I tried to turn again raising the gun towards the opposite direction but failed. St. Clair shoved me down the muddy ground. Another leaping beast missed me by a couple of inches as it tried to do to me what its friend did to Doyle.


I aimed my gun at it as it followed the other two. Lying prone, I exhaled and squeezed the trigger. I fired five shots. The first one struck the creature near its tail. The econd one missed. The third one hit its right hind leg. It didn't even pause to consider. The other three missed the mark. DAMN RECOIL.


St. Clair began shouting as the imp started attacking him. Oh sh*t! His bone rings were not glowing anymore. A punch from him here and there made no effect. Snapping its teeth filled jaw the imp finally struck home. St. Clair cried in agony as the imp's teeth penetrated his forearm. Pain crossed the man's faced as he grew pale. 


I struggled to my feet and snatched the Arbutus. It turned its thorny bald head. I shoved whats left of the crumbling flowers on the imp's open jaw. It swallowed all of it whole and began running blindly. I could've laugh at it and maybe I did. 'It' deserved the pain after what he did to those seven folks. Mouth smoking like a chimney, it crashed on one of the vehicle's side. With a loud bang the imp collapsed into a thick purple mist and disappeared.


I turned to see Doyle's situation. The creatures hauled the unconscious agent by his left leg towards the dark mouth of the tunnel. I looked back at St. Clair as he tried to stand but his arm was bleeding like a faucet.


"Go...go follow them!" He croaked."He needs you more Agent! I promise I'll follow you."


I ran but hesitated when I saw the spilt contents of the crates. I pocketed some of the contents and bolted towards the tunnel flashlight and gun in my hands. Whether it was by luck or better judgement I was glad I did it.


I entered it and began to jog. The damn things were fast. I pointed the light to the floor and saw the blood trail left by the one I shot. I descended as I followed the fresh trail careful not to slip down the damp tunnel.


The oppressing darkness in the shaft made my efforts that much harder. The blood led me to a hole of crumbling stone at the tunnel's wall. I entered it and pressed on. I paused a couple of times to correct my bearings as the blood trails began fading in the crisscrossing stalagmites that were sharp enough to draw blood. Did the f*cker heal that fast? I hope not.


"Doyle!" I shouted and my voice wavered. I heard scratching sounds beyond the reach of my light. Oops, bad idea. It was one of them. The beam from my flashlight created misshapen shadows that danced inside the cavern's wall. My parched throat began to itch as my cold and clammy han gripped the gun harder. I raised the gun as the creature moved and shifted in the darkness.


It was smart, trying to catch me off guard are you? I calmed myself down. Don't panic Cath. Don't you get killed. I gulped enough air to fill my lungs and slowly exhaled. I pointed the light on the source of the sound, I sighed. It was just a small boulder.


I walk over the boulder but halted midstride. Very smart, it wasn't a boulder but a mass of fine gray and black fur and it took advantage of my moment's pause to attack. Sh*t. The wily predator leaped at me. Its taloned paw struck my flashlight. I began shooting at the final direction where I thought it was. Fright overwhelmed my body; I fell and landed with a thud on the ground. One, two, three, four. I kept squeezing the trigger and lost count. Click,the Glock was empty.The flashlight landed three feet away from me. Its light swung from left to right like a searchlight in the night. From darkness to light, from the boulders and back to my face, again and again it swung.


The light halted its swing right in front of the bleeding creature. Its head impaled in one of the sharp stalagmite. Its narrow body riddled with bullet holes and it smelled like a sewer during summer. I crawled away from it as it heaved its final dying breath.


Why am I doing this? I asked myself. I could just wait for St. Clair.


"Yes, I could outside." I whispered as I rested my back on a boulder. He'd probably knew what to do. I don't have to do this. I could stop. Turn back and go home. Leave this whole mess behind me. Then idea struck me, dead. The creature was dead. It can't heal itself. It can die-they can die. I could kill them. I felt energized by what I discovered so I snatched the flashlight and pointed it at the creature from its narrow snout down to its fur covered tail. Huh, it basically was an overgrown rat. Just a rat. Big, but a rat nonetheless, I tried to convince my self. Just a rat- a dog sized rat. I noted that it was'nt even the one I shot outside. I tried to follow the trail but ultimately lost it, dammit. The dark cave smelled like piss and dried blood. I waited a bit ,straining to hear any sound or any sign of the creatures. Then I heard a sound getting louder by the minute, the f*ck is that? I followed it like a rat following the pied piper. It led me to an opening nine or ten yards away. The cavern turned nest greeted me with welcoming arms.


The next view caught me off guard. Agent Doyle his face drenched in sweat stood at the edge of a seven foot precipice his left foot bleeding. The rats were scrambling to get at him,rats,plural. A hundred of them bustled and nipped at each other. He was emptying his gun at them. Spraying lead at the unearthly creatures. Keeping their nasty fangs and serrated claws away for a little while. Just for a little while. Then he was out of bullets. Time slowed down like fluid and I thought he was a goner.


The horde sensed it too as they doubled their efforts to get him. Every creature for itself. Selfish and greedy. The swarm used each other like a pyramid climbing at each others back to get their prey. Some even biting their own kin to get the price. But Doyle had other plans. His hand glowed red hot as he mouthed something. I couldn't hear it because of the scrambling vermin below him.I tried to li read "Inf---." I realised it before everything caught fire. 'Infyrnus'!


The white-blue blaze swirled like a whirlpool its epicenter the thin bleeding man himself. He seemed fire proof, a good thing to have If you had a flamethrower for a hand. The fire consumed the rats. I had to back away and cover my face as the Fyr spell heated the air. Even a distance away I still perspired from the scorching heat of the flame. The squealing rodents caught fire and ran around the pit below us. Thank God there were no methane deposits in this tunnel or I would probably be roasted with the rats.The blue fire dimmed and stopped like a snuffed candle. Darkness shrouded the tunnel again as Doyle collapsed in the hard surface of the crag. I took a look below him. 


"Give me a f*cking break!" The charred rats crumbled to pieces as their living pack members began the next wave of attack. The rabid rodents got closer to edge of the precipice. "Think Cath. Think." Doyle was prone and helpless. Still breathing but dead tired after the spell. Seconds passed like minutes. I couldn't think of a plan. "Come on, think." I tucked the flash light between my temple and shoulder and checked my pockets it came out with four dynamite sticks. The things I nabbed from the crates earlier.Then I remembered the gun Doyle gave me. I scanned the precipice as the rats tried to leap at Doyle's hanging legs. A narrow path way hugging the wall about three feet wide connected my perch to his and I formed a plan.


The Glock had two shots left in it. I tied the flashlight to it with my shoe string and held both guns. The magnum's weight reassured me as I stood out of the opening.Success meant that me and Doyle get to live another day and failure meant Doyle becomes the appetizer and me the main course. Not really a tough call to make. With all the strength I had left in me I shouted and sprinted to Doyle's location through the path way. It got the creatures attention some of them split away from the living mound of fur to attack me instead. Good, I threw the first stick and stopped. It landed at the base of the pathway were a pack was headed.


I aimed and shot it with the Glock. I missed the first but scored with the second shot. Before the explosion I already got my back against it, running towards Doyle. The debris and choking smoke covered the place. The deafening boom disoriented me a bit, and I stumbled and fell in front of Doyle. I took him by the shoulder and dragged him back from were I came. But the explosion collapsed a portion of the path making it easy for the rats to leap and cut our way back."Idiot." I said to myself. The plan sounded decent in my head. I didn't expected 'this' to happen.


I aimed with my Magnum and shot a couple of them. The intense recoil surprised me. The shots took three of the rats that hampered our way. Whoa, I'm starting to like this gun. I shot again taking two this time. We crossed the collapsed path and paused. I smiled weakly.At the opening stood a man with a rifle, St. Clair. He shot with the efficiency of a sniper. Almost mechanical and almost instinctive, taking rats one after another. His bandaged arm giving him no visible problem.


"I don't like this place." He rasped, still shooting at the rats behind us. I nodded,I was too spent to talk. He took Doyle's limp body with his uninjured arm while I placed a stick of dynamite beside the opening. I backed away from it and shot it with Magnum. The explosion collapsed the opening, crushing the following rats.Their breaking bones sounded like snapping twigs.


St. Clair and Doyle led the way back to the morning light outside . Fatigued but satisfied, I lagged behind them. The sun's warmth bathed my exposed skin as I paused on the lip of the tunnel. I checked my self for any wounds. Some scratches and bruises here and there, nothing serious. I could hear the birds in the forest from where I stood. Finally, its over, I told myself .


I smiled at both men as they sat beside on one of the excavators. Doyle,now awake, smiled at me. But his expression changed when something sprung behind me digging its claws deep at my back. I tried to shout in pain but couldn't. My dry throat ached. No,not like this, please don't end it like this.I began to panic and from afar I could see St. Clair aiming the rifle but he didn't have a clear shot. It was all up to me then. I rolled down the muddy slope to dislodge the cryptid from me. I tried to reach it and pull its dangling tail. And as I did it retracted its claw and jumped away. Was it the f*cker I shot? I raised the gun as the giant rat dashed to the crates of dynamite leaving a bloody trail behind him.


"Wrong move F*cker!"I squeezed the trigger and shot the crates. The explosion shook the whole place and everything went dark. I could hear St. Clair, his voice echoing in my ear then there was nothing.





St. Clair dropped one huge boulder using the excavator to cover the tunnel hole trapping them all, entombing them alive in their stone palace. Maybe they'll eat each other up in a weird Darwinian cannibal twist, I hope they do.


"The mining activity probably disturbed their nest."


"That's the most logical explanation I could think of right now." I said.


"What I can't wrap my head around was the imp." He scratched his forehead. "What d'ya think?"


"Well, I think we'll only find out if we follow that-" I pointed at the logo at the side of the excavator. The fist with rays of light coming away from it.


His tone became serious,"Yeah, we'll prolly even meet the master and his 'wretched' cane".

"Yeah." I hope not.


"St. Clair and me decided that we'll recommend ya to Full agent status." He paused. "Ya could've turn back and waited but ya didn't and for me that's bravery right there. I owe you one."


I smiled. "If you give me 'this' then were even."


"Sure." I tucked the pistol in my back. Its cold steel barrel touching my skin.





Rats Of Unusual Size Or The Sumatran Rat


THE END (Not really.)

Stay tune for the next Carnacki Case Files. Please share your comments. Thanks!

















In light of recent events specifically the incident in Sibulga, Indonesia, 2003 the Archivist would like to clarify the conclusion of the team about the cryptids involved. The Sumatran Rats in Sepat Engdon were not released to the surface by Thunstone Mining Corp.'s excavations in the mount Kadong vicinity as Carnacki's team concluded.

After an in deep investigation by Agent Yeann Chu ten years after this case it was discovered that the cryptids themselves dug towards the surface SEE (Sibulga Infestation Case).

Agent Anselm Radcliffe and Agent Cathrynne Carnacki in their own separate reports likewise suggest that the reader peruse the Thunstone incident to understand the red imp's purpose mentioned in the story SEE ( CLASSIFIED-CRIMSON LEVEL CLEARANCE ONLY).

The Archivist would also point out to the reader the increasing sightings of HippoSapien in the Philippines during 1998. SEE ("Tikbalang" case) for it seems that the two incidents are loosely connected with each other.










**S.P.E.A.R.A.= Supernatural Protection Extermination,Acquisition, and Research Agency

**Sumatran Rat- cryptids that resemble giant rodents about two feet tall and three feet in length. Considered to be one of the most aggressive cryptid. They tend to live in packs of ten to fifteen individuals. In some rare cases packs join to form swarms numbering from fifty to eighty.

**Arbutus- flowers used by the Greeks to drive evil spirits away.

**Infyrnus- A Rowan class fyr spell. Effective, but drains its user faster than the 'other' spells.

**Relic- weapons used to fight abhumans.

**Abhuman- supernatural entities.


Agent SENSORY Category

D= Ability to See and Touch abhuman entity without the use of a relic.


AGENT Classification


has the ability to use any relic to kill, maim or capture entities.


has the ability to tap Outside force and cast spells against abhuman entities. Spells are usually elemental in nature.


Abhuman Entity CLASSIFICATION and example


Sumatran Rat,Avanc,and HippoSapien


Apparitions,Stranded spirits,Afritt,Imp, and djinn

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