The Dog and The Thing in the Laboratory

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A two in one short story:

The "Dog"-about an abhuman's journey through the Other plane and back and some hints about the imp's master.

The "Thing" in the Laboratory-about Carnacki and Reade's prototype invention and the "compelling creature in the Laboratory.

All of which happened after R.O.U.S.

Submitted: February 10, 2015

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Submitted: February 10, 2015





I wanted to connect things and introduce stuff in between my stories so I wrote these "very" short ones.

This stories happened "after" R.O.U.S. Enjoy!


I. The "Dog"

(Somewhere in the Outside plane, or the place otherwise called Hell)

In between planes, specifically in the roiling mass of chaos matter a purple mist struggled to put out the fire that slowly engulfed his whole being. He had to move fast. The gap between planes was like a train track. Stay long enough and your bound to be smashed to bits. The turbulent waves made by the Others were making it more difficult for the purple smudge. Their shrieking and whining didn't help either.

Blasted that woman with the fiery hair, the mist thought. She did this, insolent filth that she was! The burning essence of the Arbutus flower lingered as the fire within him died down. Burned bits flowed away from him like wisps as he entered the Outside plane.

Leviathans passed and ignored him. The lumbering giants lazily swam in the ectoplasm filled realm like they owned everything. Pompous elitist scums. Their gargantuan bodies were segmented much like that of a centipede. Sightless they travelled using their olfactory slits. Imagine them rampaging in the mortal plane. Imagine the destruction of the places the humans called "cities."

"It would be a sight to behold." the mist said. The overpowering smell of sulfur in the atmosphere soothe his aches. It scanned the foul plane and smiled or it thought it did because mists can't smile. It was good to be back home, it thought.

Staying with the filthy humans taxed him. If only he could stay here for another eternity. Ifs and Onlys. He  feared the taint of humanity would stick with him forever if he kept on staying there. He sighed and he actually did because mists can sigh.

The idea of coming back in the mortal plane irked him. How he wished the 'master' would forget about him. But as they say when bad luck comes it's often there to stay.

Thousands upon thousands of Othersiders bustled in the line that snaked outside the First Gate. Narrow, it only allowed one soul at a time. Like a dying snake in the middle of a desert road the spirit procession seem to not move.

People always get it wrong when they describe this place. Torture doesn't exclusively happen "inside." Nope. It actually starts long before you enter the place. The dread and the uncertainty as you wait are the most effective tools of torture ever utilised. The mist admired its efficiency at work. People have this kind of torture on the mortal plane too they called it "Traffic".

The plane's inhabitants busied themselves welcoming the new arrivals. Sequestered and grouped according to sin they brought them to the various regions of the plane. The mist remembered it when he used to haul those atrocious whining souls. Far simpler compared now. How he wish he could bring back time.

He watched the red yellow horizon burning bright like molten magma. Beautiful. The mist spat. Hell and Beauty didn't go well together.

The mist flew as high as he could in the horizon. He ignored everything and enjoyed the sights for what they are. It has been quite awhile since he'd been back, he thought.

Without premonition,sign or any forewarning the mist fell like a rock. He could've shouted as he fell but the abruptness of his downward trajectory kept him from doing something as embarrassing as that. And the fact that he didn't have a mouth because he's a MIST didn't aide him as well.

Like an inkblot from a lecherous monk's quill he splatted in the ground.

"Who art  thee?" A voice spoke as the mist struggled to reform.

The mist recomposed himself and bowed down, careful not to displeasure the figure in front of him.

"i am no one, oh Lord of Sloth, Prince of Gluttony, Duke of Terrene, lowest of low."

The hideous bufanoid beast ignored the mist as it returned to its skull throne and sat. His toga of human skin flapped as the winds of hell blew.

"Thou must have known that he is off the boundaries." Belphegor the Duke motioned his hands.

The mist followed the webbed hands of the Duke. The plateaus, canyons, and "unusual" rock formation famously as Terrene jarred his memory. The Terrene was no place for a Bound Hellion like him.

"mercy oh Duke, for this peasant is ignorant." The mist cursed. How stupid to forget his place in hell.

"Ignorant? Perhaps not. Perhaps you are spying, looking for weakness to report to your master. Samael would do something like this. Yes-Yes, he would."

"no Lord, I am telling the truth." The mist almost smacked his head with his own hand. Truth? What was he thinking?

"Truth? Ah then you must be lying. For now I shall hold thee as thine torturers come."

A cage made of Empyreal fire covered the mist. The Others crowded at his cage mocking him. Tortured, this well be like the usual,the mist thought.

The mist could've struggled, fought back against the cage or even maligned his captors but extinguishing the fire of the wretched flower took its toll on him. Weary, he curled his particulates in to a sphere. It's best to rest than think, he thought. Before he could start his hibernation something tugged him from the inside. Gradually it strengthened.

Someone in the mortal plane was calling him by his true name. The mist contorted. The tugging became painful like being torn apart by giant hands bit by bit. He'd been called a thousand times but he'll never get use to it. Excruciating pain flowed through his body like bolts of lightning. If mists had hairs he would've torn his whole scalp off just to stop the sensation.

Blasted. The master's mood must be so good right now.  White light enveloped the sphere scattering the Others away from him. Then there was darkness. The darkness felt like an ocean swell,cold and ready to drown his very existence.

The mist coalesced above the summoning circle. He sighed with relief that was a close one. Before taking his solid form he scanned the place. The realm they called "office" was scarce of humans. Transparent glass called it windows surrounded the realm. It was one of man's peculiarities,giving names to everything they see. To everything they think they own.

The room was tidy than most of the place were humans inhabit. Recirculated stale air replace the sulfuric atmosphere he enjoyed earlier. Four human forms sat around the long wooden table at the center of the office.

He would've attacked them if he didn't know their true nature. The four would've looked pleasant if real humans saw them or even interacted with them. He smiled, he liked the idea of this kind of deception. He didn't disturbed them as they discussed their schemes.

" -yes Lord, it will cause a recession." The brunette woman said. "Then the rest well collapse as well. It will take with it other nations in Europe first. Slowly it will spread like cancer and affect the rest of the world. My calculations tell me that by the nine months it will be in effect. No one will see it coming."

"Very good, Mammon. " The voice came from the the fourth person in the room. The one seated at the black leather chair his face cloaked by the shadow and the 'wretched' ivory cane in his hand. "And how about the you?"

The lady with the bleached blond hair smiled and answered."So far so good my Liege. We've synthesized the submicroscopic agent and were currently testing it in one of our test site in Africa. It will be adaptable enough and be three steps ahead of the vaccines that they could make. It will constantly mutate once introduce to our chosen patient zero. We estimate thousands dying in just the first week alone. It'll be worse than the bubonic plague or the smallpox combined."

"Brilliant as ever Beelzebub. I like it." The master shifted. "Ah now, how's your progress Azazel?"

The man with the chiseled chin cringed; his voice wavered,"He still has my key mi lord." He looked away. "But I already ruined him. He will either be what he hates the most or he will spill the key's location."

"Tut-tut-tut. Make your move now my lieutenant or I will recall your avatar in this plane. I don't want to waste precious energy to maintain a freeloader." The leather chair turned towards the window. "Your brothers will be willing to take your place."

"But mi lord I still need- I'm sorry mi lord. I will see to it myself that the thief is crushed." Azazel said. "And the key recovered as soon as possible. He knows he can't ran and forever I'll will get to him. No one can protect him. No will stop me."

"Do you need help brother?" Belzebub said. Azazel scowled at the blonde. He crumpled the piece of document in his hand.

"Let him deal with it alone. He knows what is to be done to humans who interfere with the affairs of the gods." The master said. "And how about you Caleb?“

The mist was jolted into his solid form. His tail,wings and cloven feet formed first. Head,body, and clawed hands followed. From purple his hue turned to red. Thorns began to pop all over him making him look like a cross between a red primate and a porcupine. "master and lords an honor-"

"Silence!" The master said. "Why were you away from the site answer me?"

"a human master. A woman with fiery red hair ambushed me. tried to torture me but poor Caleb escape with hiiis life." Caleb the Imp said.

"Ah, and you killed her and disposed of her body?"

"no- no lord the filth had company with her. strong company." Caleb lied. "insolent and filthy, ignorant foolsss."


"My servants will investigate this matters my Liege." Belzebub said."-if you wish." The "master" ignored him

"Find those humans and deal with them imp." The chair turned."I shall not have my plans aborted because of your foolishness. And one more thing… do not LIE in my face again dog."

Lightning crackled and a bolt from the cane struck the imp in the chest. He crashed in the wall denting the logo of a fist with rays coming from it.

He collected himself and flew out the open window.

"alas, there is no rest for the wicked." The imp sighed. "now,where are you woman?".

*****THE END*****

II. The "Thing in the Laboratory"


(Two weeks after the Sumatran Rat incident.)

"I'm here in the hangar right now. What is it?Okay-okay. Wait I'll be there in a minute." Cathrynne hung the phone up as she entered the elevator hangar. Agent Selina stood inside.

"Hey, didn't know you arrived." Selina said. Her black hair tied into pony tail. It complemented her faded Black Sabbath shirt.

"Yeah, three hours ago."

"How was the mission?"

Cathrynne pressed the button. "A lot stressful than I expected." She sighed.

"Hmm, you'll get used to it." Selena said."Don't worry."

Cathrynne nodded."Heard the news an hour ago." She paused. "That was crazy."

"Hmm… yeah kinda. Almost didn't made. Anselm had to drag me out." She tucked her sleeve to show the bruise. "They were practically spreading like fungus when we arrive. Felt really weird like being hypnotised. We had to burn the whole place down."

"Well, I'm glad you all came out okay."

"If it weren't for Anselm I would've-" Selena cut herself off.

"Don't say that."

"Guess luck was on our side. Hey Doyle's very impress, couldn't stop talking about you." Selena said. "Did all of his story happened while you were at Sumatra?"

"Doyle's just exaggerating."

"Yeah," She smiled. "he wouldn't be Doyle if he didn't. But I think he wouldn't lie too so stop selling yourself short." The elevator doors opened. "Hey, I guess this is my stop." Selena said as she went outside. "Talk to you later Agent."

"Bye." Cathrynne said her cheeks red. Its been two weeks since the promotion but she still wasn't used to it.

The elevator halted and its doors sprung open to the final floor. The light seemed to spread to where Carnacki stood. The R and D department of the S.P.E.A.R.A. facility had the second largest room area in the whole facility. From the ceiling down to the tiled floor everything was white and bright like a temple to a germophobic God.

She stood and looked around. They didn't spare a can of white paint in here, she thought. She glanced at the glass windows along the hallway. People in lab coats were busy with their individual work.

Whether it be testing a new "equipment" or studying the prolonged exposure of human tissues with different ectoplasmic materials. Cathrynne continued the search for the boy and ignored the curiosities of the laboratory rooms.

She hesitated then continued walking in the pristine hallway when he saw the boy in a white lab coat. He stood at the end of the hallway holding a door behind him. He waved frantically. Face full of excitement. She smiled at the boy.

"Ah. Heard about the exploits of Cathrynne Carnacki from Doyle didn't know the Heroine herself would visit me." Frank said as he adjusted his glasses. Cathrynne shook her head in annoyance.

"Seriously, you too?"

"I've been hearing a lot of talk lately."

"What talk?"

"With you showing so much potential and them issuing you a relic." He smiled.

"God. It really gets annoying you know." Cathrynne said. "It's not even official yet. Tell me if it is official,okay?" She said annoyance clear in her tone.

"What? Don't worry I'll talk to Director Trent he'll sort this out." Frankie said as a smile began to form in his face.

"Ah. Are you going to tease me to death? You could've just did it when you called you know." Cathrynne craned her head as she looked around. " What are you going to show me anyway?"

"I took a look at the designs you gave me. Most of them won't work. I only salvaged two of your designs. I tweaked it a bit and made a prototype of one of them."


"Yeah I did." Frankie said. "Come inside." Frankie opened the metallic door of his laboratory. The room was filled with shelves full of beckers and vials of all sizes, a computer in the corner blinked as it calculated numbers and algorithms. Franklin led her to the two way mirror overlooking a dark room. Carnacki leaned and cupped hear hands to see whats inside of the test room.

"What's that? Do you feel it? I kinda feel jumpy." Carnacki said. She turned, her brow raised.


"Light it up."

Franklin walked over the edge of the  two way mirror and clicked a button. The rooms white light blinded Carnacki as it lit the room. She had to blink a couple of times to see straight and when she did she had to double back.

"Sh*t. Frank what the frag are you doing here!" Carnacki's face turned pale. "What in the seven hell's of Samaa is that?

"Don't worry, I got the Director's go-signal." He smiled. "You know if this work a Dunstan like you won't ever need any help from a Sigismund class."

"We'll always need help Frankie. Is that thing alive?"

"Yes and no."

"What do you mean?" Carnacki said; her full attention on the creature in the center of the room propped in a table.

Half of the creature was recognisably human; a torso, an arm and a foot while the other half was writhing tentacles and sharp talons. Black aether danced around the tentacled part of the creature. A length of chain and cold iron harness held it to the table.

"The subject is an Eldritch class parasite taken by Selena's team earlier. You must've heard the news already."

"Yeah, I kinda talked to Selena about it."

A howl from the "subject" reverberated inside the test room. Its piercing sound penetrated the double sided window wit surprising ease. Carnacki's ear began ringing. Franklin reached for an ear bud muffler and tossed it to Carnacki as the sound grew stronger.

Hairs in their back began standing as the lights in the room dimmed to grey and the sound took a higher level of creepiness. The it stopped. The silence in the room became overwhelming to Carnacki.

"So that must be the 'yes' part?"

"Sorta. The host is actually alive in there. He's just in a state of coma."

"Can you remove it?" Carnacki said.

"Yes but the parasite will kill the host the moment we do that."

"So he'll dream and he'll never be awakened."

Franklin stared away from the creature. "They already tried everything. This is why the Director allowed me to test the prototype on it. He's hoping this may work."

So he's a goner, Carnacki thought. The parasite will only take days to liquefy the man's organs and insides then it'll drink the juice like a smoothie.

Franklin removed his glasses and wiped it. "This may also kill him."

"What's his name?"

"Howard Philips Morgan. Worked as a writer. His wife and daughter died in the fire. His son will be sent to the P.I.T. in Mojave."

"Let's wake him up then. And let's fry some calamaris."

The vacuum tubes around the creature whirred in to life as Franklin dialed codes in the computer. The tubes where separated in to three sections slowly forming a shape or a figure. Carnacki recognised something about them. A pattern?,she thought. The sections locked into one closed shape.

"Sh*t. You made it." Carnacki said. "You made the Electro Magnetic Pentacle!" She looked at Frank, her mouth open. Franklin smiled.

"Well it do what I think it'll do?" She added.

"Cross your fingers cause I don't really know." Franklin said.
"Diverting all power to conductors in One-Two-Three."

Carnacki focused on the creature. As its tentacles began to wrap itself on the vacuum tube like a constrictor coiling itself to its prey. Carnacki realised what it's doing.

"Do it now!“ Carnacki shouted.

"Wait. If anything happens do what I told you to do,okay?"Franklin said. Carnacki nodded and held the remote trigger tighter.

"Initiating Prototype Pentacle." Franklin said as he pressed the enter button.

The pentacle's orange glow seemed to over power the light inside the test room.

"Nothing's happ-" Carnacki's voice was interrupted by the eerie shrill of the the creature.

The creature writhed in its agony. It started to use its tentacle as a whip but to no avail. Orange energy sparked and crackled like a Wytch spell gone wrong. The creature gradually shrank exposing the man within it. Peeling itself away from the man. Its talons receded and its tentacles dried and withered but the progress halted as the glow faded and dimmed.

"No!" Carnacki whispered.

"We're losing power."

"What should I do?" Carnacki said.

"Drop it."

Carnacki stared at the trigger in his hands. He looked at Franklin. She could hear the chains breaking and the whine of the twisted metal.

"This is Lab three N, we have a situation here." Franklin said his voice cracking while his hand trembled with weight of the Comm mic.

A loud cracking sound struck the glass. The parasite phoned it a couple of times and spiderweb cracks began to appear in the reinforced glass. Every strike made Franklin recoiled. Every strike opening the barrier between them and the insidious thing.

Stunned by fright and anxiety Carnacki stood in front of the breaking glass like a terror stricken victim of the Gorgon Medusa herself. A piece of flying glass the size of a quarter struck her cheek. A bead of blood dripped from her cheek to the white tiled floor.

The pain made her flinched it also made her realise what she had in her hands. She pressed it hard with both hands. White light bathe the test room as if someone tossed a flash grenade in to it. Blinding the two of them temporarily.

"Almost doubted you there."


"Nothing. Its dead now. We didn't save him."

"We tried." Carnacki whispered.

"Yeah, we did."

"What was that white light? You didn't told me what the trigger was for."

"Oh its the other thing. The other design you made."

"Didn't remember designing something like that." Carnacki said as she stood closer in front of the cracked glass.  The ash white remains of the parasite crumbled leaving behind the limp human body.

"Ferro Sodium Chloride Grenade." Franklin said as he joined Carnacki. "It took me a week to figure the right mix that would work."

"Well it worked." Carnacki said as she sat on the floor her back on the wall wiping the beads of tears on her face.

*****THE END*****

*The "Dog" story, I came up with this story when I was looking at names and their meaning. Did you know that Caleb is the variation of the Hebrew Kalev/Kelev meaning "Dog".

*The "Thing" in the Laboratory story,I came up with this one after reading one of Lovecraft's story (I ain't telling what it is. You can guess it if you want. Lots of reference in it.)

Again these works are best understood by reading R.O.U.S. so read the D*mn thang!!!

(Did you like it? Please leave your comment.)

*P.I.T. (Paranormal Internment Terminus) a separate S.P.E.A.R. Facility for containing abhuman entities.


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